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⁰² yoonah c. 6 months ago

@⁰⁴ doyoung k. [ listen! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlpdjOwAW_8 ]

in it's sunset glow and splendid joy that filled her, yoonah's world was colored a lovely rose; truly, it was a rare color and she never wanted it to stop. perhaps it was a selfish thing to do, to want them -him- to be more than this contorted version of friendship but she had long learned to want what her heart did. even it's despicable misery and forlorn longing, she wanted him. so for the day and the remaining of the night, she allowed herself to whimsically wish he was hers- as she was his and that the heavens allowed it to be one day. ah, wishful thoughts.

his quip makes her giggle, an elfish sound that resonated in the mere centimeters between them. she lets him win the flirtatious argument but it's partly because she knew he was right- she was indeed here, bad flirtations and unrequited crush included.

still, he never failed to make her smile brightly to the camera, a billion watt grin that hung off her ears in ecstasy and crinkled at the corners of her eyes. so this was what happiness was like- in the arms of a beloved, with music of bliss in the background and the skies painted the colors of what she defined as pure euphoria. yoonah matches his posing perfectly, throwing up peace signs, grins and winks but as he pressed to her temple, she found herself freezing at the intimate display of affection. it was for just a heartbeat, but in that same one, the butterflies erupted again. sure, they'd always been affectionate privately, especially in the comforts of their beds and so forth but this was entirely new. so with the same butterflies that both caused mayhem and made her tummy permanent residence, she blew a kiss to the camera, the photographer exclaiming expressions of awe for the two.

"why, thank you!" she laughed in response to the photographers's comments, her hand beginning to extend to ask for his phone back. but it fell as fast as lightning with the question posed. her gaze snaps to his handsome visage, searching for an ounce of doubt there. but all she saw, amidst a pool of what normally were dark pools of chocolate but in the last rays of the sun simply were embers that lit her heart on fire, was sincerity and an emotion she could not place.

he wanted a kiss... in front of everyone. yoonah had always had a penchant for boldness and sheer audacity that often got her in trouble but how the tables have turned. the corners of her lips simmered down into a knowing smirk as she took a little step closer to where he stood, almost closing the space between them as she brought her face to his, tip of her nose barely brushing against his. "yes," she murmured, breath honeyed by cotton candy and alcohol fanning his face in waves of reciprocation. what more did she have to lose now?
⁰⁴ doyoung k. [A] 6 months ago
@⁰² yoonah c. (h) In that moment, her back pressed to his chest and the smell of her dominating his senses, button nose pressed against the flesh of his cheek, he could almost fall. Freefall off the surface of the universe, throwing all his caution and years-preserved reservations to the wind. Throw himself into the galaxy of her, plummeting 100% into the darkness which would later explode into flames of purples, pinks, and blues.

Keyword: almost.

Every moment teeters along the lines of perfection, so close to excellence but never enough. It's ephemeral, idyllic. She is stardust—and Doyoung can't help but feel as though, at any given moment, she might dissipate in his hands and fly to the universe, leaving him blown in her wake. In his eyes, she's so far beyond him. He's a university senior who hates his major and works too much for a motley of despicable jobs (which he, in turn, also hates), with a brother in a coma and a sister with facial recognition issues, and a mother who feels more like an incessant tumor than a caretaker. What does she see in him? Wait―he forgot. This arrangement, it was physical. It was spawned from a night of visceral desire, and persisted through their mutual... need for human closeness? Loneliness? Either way, Doyoung knows better than to allow himself to think it's anything more. But god... he really wants to. And most of all, it certainly does feel like more when they're pressed to each other, music in their ears and on their hearts.

As she pulls him to her, he can't help the way his arms naturally seek purchase upon her waist. "Well, clearly not that bad if you're still here," he quips back rather speedily, the words falling off his tongue naturally as they pose. Before the stranger, who Doyoung has thankfully never met before despite his rather broad knowledge of the student body, he feels slightly more at ease with the thought that others would not be distracted by their photo-taking. The stranger takes a motley of photos, and as the camera shutters before them, Doyoung maneuvers through a variety of poses alongside her; for the finale, he presses his lips to her cheek, leaning downward to capture a rather substantial smooch upon her peachy skin.

From his lips pours a small chuckle—she was always so energetic, tossing her coquettish banter his way without a warning sign, and constantly felt as though he were stuck in an eternal game of basketball, jumping from foot to foot so as to keep her maintained. Not that he minded; she was the spark in his life that had been missing for... who knows how long. Gaze flickers from her, to the camera, and back to her. This would be a perfect moment—LED lights casting colors upon their faces, the lull of SZA's voice in the background, and just being with her—for a kiss. How romantic it would be, to capture. But with the stranger here, he has the mind to ask:

"Can I kiss you?"

He would never hesitate, had they been in his or her apartment, cuddled beneath the sheets. Or perhaps, in his car, hidden behind tinted screens. But out here... it feels as though such an act, which came to be commonplace between the two, would carry much heavier weight upon their hearts... Can he?
⁰² yoonah c. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ doyoung k. ― through the lenses of the camera, they look so… she could not find a proper word for the way they reflected on the screen. Perhaps it was a narcissist thing to say that they looked good together but painted in the almost celestial hues of dusk, did they look like matching puzzle pieces. In the glance she took to his face, spying his not so subtle stare at her, she was sure she had hallucinated the expression he’d given her; it had been one she hadn’t seen much in her lifetime and wasn’t even sure she recognized at all. But she committed it to memory nonetheless― he looked too beautiful.

She pressed the camera button, beginning to snap away in order to save what she saw in his phone; maybe, just like she did, he liked looking at them too. Her expressions varied as she snapped away, from cute to derpy and to kisses. They made her laugh, a gentle giggle dripping with affection. They did look good together. She was so enamored by the view in his phone, she hadn't been paying attention to him moving behind her, his arms wrapped around her torso in a cozy nook. Her back met his chest, a sigh of bliss slipping past her tiers as she settled there, watching as SZA sang her heart out on the stage. Still, her cheeks said a different story; his hum in her ears were a lull to nirvana, honeyed melody filled with sunshine and everything good. She hadn’t known he could sing like this, a rival to the most exquisite choir of angels. She’d never been a believer but the church had always been filled with a particular harmony that filled her with peace. And at that very moment, his arms were church…

Likewise, his whisper of a song was a shared secretive prayer, her lips moving as she mouthed the words in turn. Until it all simmered down to a background noise of applause, she basked in it all― her head came to rest on his shoulder when he was done, button nose brushing against his chiseled jaw and If she leaned an inch further, her lips would brush against his and while there was nothing more she would have liked, she stilled herself, wanting to know what he was going to say.

Three words, eight letters; there was nothing more she wanted. But she knew better. Especially when he moved away just moments after, a juxtaposition of a comment overflowing from succulent tiers. The flush in her cheeks deepened and she tsked loudly. “Pfft, you’re such a bad flirt!” she laughed, grabbing his phone from him, shoving it into the hands of a passerby. “And i want to take pictures with you! Other than selfies cuz we both know I look better in them!”

It was a mirthful tease, one where she shot him a little wink before barking quick instructions to their temporary photographer. Her hand made a grab for his, fitting perfectly between the spaces of his larger one as she pulled him close, her free arm sneaking to wrap around his waist. “Cheese!”
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⁰² sihyeon k. 7 months ago
@⁰³ bin m. very fitting for someone with her aesthetic. it's the first she's heard of such a compliment and she can't deny that she likes it, a bit too much to tell you the truth. this only further makes her curious of his own musical tastes, and a fleeting thought passes over her head―maybe this would play at the music festival and . . . they could dance together? it's a foolish thought, she knows, but there's a possibility, right? "i think it'll go well. i like events where you're just really listening to music and dancing, y'know? i know i do that almost everyday in dance club, but that's all choregraphed. for stuff like this, it's all just natural."

"yeah, i'll text you a playlist sometime soon." she glances over to him, a cheeky smile curling her lips just at the sight of his own grin. it's almost haunting, how that simper of his plagues her mind, that she could feel the apples of her cheeks nearly flushing. just as she's told dongmin, she hasn't been on a date (if she could call this a date) in awhile, and she worries it shows.

as they're now parked, she unbuckles her seatbelt, soon peering up at him as his question has an immediate answer crossing over her mind―because he was breath taking. though she's always been an advocate of, 'good looks aren't everything', she could admit that it was his handsomeness that inevitably garnered her interest, but it was his personality that has her now sitting beside him in his car, attending the music festival as his plus one. "i think . . . to me, you looked perfect. oh god wait, i hope that didn't sound creepy," she lets out an uneasy laugh. "usually, i like taking pictures of sceneries and the sunset was nice, but the view of you was nicer, i couldn't resist taking a photo. let me tell you, i was thoroughly embarrassed seeing you walk up to me, i'm still sorry that it was entirely weird. if i could've met you in another way, i would've preferred that."
⁰⁴ taehyung k. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jisoo k. a lump even begins to form in his own throat, the tips of his fingers brushing against the fabric of darkened slacks. it was... overwhelming, to say the least, seeing her stand before him. the last time she was before him like this, she was even smaller, younger. she's grown more since, and it's evident. her hair was longer and she was (admittedly) beautiful as she'd grown into her age. there were so many questions that gathered at the tip of taehyung's tongue, but he couldn't find the strength to voice. "it's okay." he whispers in return whilst raising a hand to nudge his index finger beneath bangs that curtain over his visage.

a cigarette would be nice right now, he finds himself thinking. "uh," his head turns to look over his shoulder and down the stairs. "going to get some fresh air?" the male inquires, tilting head head back up to look at her with his palm now curled around the bar of the staircase. "i had to, too. er, i'll leave you uh, to that." his brows knit, gently nibbling upon his lower lip before stepping around her smaller frame to brush by, flustered.
⁰⁴ jisoo k. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ taehyung k. the painful memories of her past flashes right before her eyes as the man who stood in front of her reminded her of the million tears that she shed, the nights where she questioned her self-worth and her empty soul that continues to linger around earth aimlessly, searching for something to fill the void inside. yet, nothing could've compared to him as everything had always been about him from the very beginning. every relationship, every man that she had been with always somehow linked back to him, kim taehyung, and there was really nothing else she could do about it other than to let her emotions sink in, as well as letting all of them go.

and so, his name continues to haunt her dreams yet, she would've never thought of seeing him again since the day she left to move to another city. as the nightmare continues to unfold, tormenting every one of her thoughts, she breaks away from his gaze immediately to adjust her stance, while clearing from the lump forming inside. "i-i'm okay. sorry for bumping into you." she couldn't help it but feel fragile and weak, as her heart picks up its pace, beating rapidly against her rib cage.
⁰⁴ taehyung k. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jisoo k. out of place.

that's the predominant feeling capturing taehyung's countenance with brows knitted and a jaw gently gritting together. his weight is nudged upon the bar of the stairwell with hues overlooking the way that the girls' arms envelope their lovers neck, or how males caress the smaller figures in comparison from behind, slowly swaying each way with each other. he'd never been the type to rush into things, to search for what wouldn't come naturally, but in moments like this it lingers -- the wish for someone to have by his side, to embrace as they sway together with eyes overlooking the performer before them fondly. he wished he could make these memories, and that he had someone that wanted them just as much as him. in a brief second he's overwhelmed, set to panic over feelings that he'd managed to hide within the depths of his memory.

fresh air is what he needed, he was sure. the pads of his fingertips run over the bar as he finds himself heading up the stairs halfway through the set. the tie around his neck is tighter all of a sudden and he pries at it, loosening it down the pale - half way buttoned down - shirt tucked into the slim dress pants that he'd donned. his lungs had never tasted air so sweet, almost overwhelmingly so as the expanse of his back greets the brick wall of the building. there's an itch for a cigarette, but taehyung forces the thought away. addiction hadn't been easy to overcome, but progress. progress was significant for now.

"," his left hand adjusts the wristwatch as he rides the time and he allows himself back inside and down the staircase step by step. those same hues flee downward eventually to follow his own steps taken, but only briefly as his hands quickly outstretch to catch the weight that'd shoved into his chest. "woah, easy--" the vocabulary he'd grown learning all seemed to dissipate within his mind as his eyes linger over the familiar hues of the woman's own. regardless of how long it's been, he would recognize these pair of eyes anywhere, for they haunted his dreams. kim jisoo, a woman he'd always been fond of and even grew to love. that love, admittedly, was swept beneath a rug to ensure that nothing they had built would crumble, but it seemed to do so on it's own.

the mere sight of her has his heart rapid, /slamming/ into a ribcage that felt so much more fragile against the force of it. "..." the male forces himself to blink out of the trance he'd been set within, swallowing a thick knot as he loosens his grip on her sides, each hand flexing as he rapidly blinks. "i... uh-- are you okay?"
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⁰³ bin m. 7 months ago
@⁰² sihyeon k. bin feels like he's heard this song before but, that was probably with some other girl he's been with. he supposes most innocent type girls enjoyed songs like this, so it wouldn't be that surprising for her to play this song. "it's a nice song, it's very fitting for someone with your aesthetic," he says as he flashes her his most honest smile, looking away from the road for just a second as they were stopped at another sign.

"speaking of the festival, how do you think it's gonna go?" his question was genuine as he really didn't read up on all the details to this event and honestly speaking, he didn't plan on going to it. he only asked sihyeon because she looked like the type to enjoy these events, and he's usually never wrong with his first impressions of the people he's after. "playlists? that sounds like it'll be a fun idea," the grin that spread on his lips caused a bit of him to feel afraid of himeslf, because the thought of ruining a whole playlist of songs for this girl next to him sounded absolutely fantastic.

his head tilts to the side at the thought of asking the female a question, a million different responses going through his mind. his hands cross on the wheel as he turns into the parking lot of the festival, the turning of the car causing him to figure out what kind of reply he wanted. "hmmm, i don't think i have any actual questions besides, why? as in, why did you take a picture of me in the park?" he pulls into the parking space before turning towards her fully, eyes full of curiosity. "not in an offensive way or anything, i'm just genuinely curious why such a pretty girl would be wasting her time taking pictures of someone like me"
⁰² sihyeon k. 7 months ago

@⁰³ bin m. [ now playing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQhgEYJo8Dc ]

it doesn't take long for her to reach for his phone with a mirrored grin, though hers seemingly earnest. "i wasn't. only about five-ish minutes." she's hoping to reassure him with her smile, just slightly worrying that he'd feel bad, as she ponders for a moment. what should she play? "i think this song's nice," she murmurs, allowing it to play with her eyes glancing to him as if to judge his reaction. "fitting for the music festival, haha."

it's the second time he's called her cute and she's surprised that he has yet to comment upon the blush tint that dusts over her cheeks. it makes her wonder―is she swooned this easily? she might say so, though only to someone as sweet as he seems to be. "i think . . once we have the time, we should make each other a playlist. that'd be nice." emitting a chuckle, she then lightly hums along to the tune that plays, the pads of her fingers drumming alongside her thigh idly. "do you have anything you want to ask first, maybe? promise i'll answer with one hundred percent honesty."
⁰³ bin m. 7 months ago
@⁰² sihyeon k. his brow raises at slightly strange vocab that leaves her lips, although he brushes it off as first date jitters. "i hope you weren't waiting too long?" he glances at her with a casual worried glance, one that he's mastered. bin couldn't deny that she looked that good in such casual clothing, but he knew she was a beautiful girl since their first meeting. his eyes turn to the road as he begins to drive the two of them together.

once they hit their first stop sign, he gives her a small glance with a grin. "you can uh, play some music if you want? Maybe some mood music while we start getting to know each other?" with his left hand on the wheel, he hands her his phone with his other hand, his finger already unlocking the screen. "it's bluetooth connected already, so you don't have to worry about it" he makes sure to keep the smile in his voice, with a tone that will eventually lower her guard. "actually, this'll give me a good chance to learn about your music preferences. although i'm sure someone so cute would have a great list of songs to recommend to me"
⁰² sihyeon k. 7 months ago
⁰³ bin m. 1 minute ago Reply
@⁰² sihyeon k. "you look even better" winky wonkys at her and pushed her into car.

[] does this work uwu
⁰² sihyeon k. 7 months ago
@⁰³ bin m. [] yes u're so c

"wow thanks lol," she clicks on her seatbelt even though this rlly actually gives her war flashbacks to her car accident with her older brother, who is now in an indefinite coma. "lets blow this popsicle stand."
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⁰² sihyeon k. 7 months ago
@⁰³ bin m. it's only been a bit over five minutes since she's arrived (and waited), but she can't help but take occasional glances down to her attire. pairing her pink blouse with a black shorts, she wonders―did she somehow underdress? that certainly isn't it, right? it's just a music festival, no need to come with full on dresses. but, since this is considered to be a . . . date (the word makes her feel inevitably giddy), should she have worn something more cute? this thought, it further pursues as she compares her outfit to the multitude of other students and peers that leisurely talk amongst themselves before her, only until a man, in particular, steps forward.

and then, he smiles.

it isn't one she recognizes, she'll admit, but she could just tell it's him. perhaps, it's the aura he emits or the fact that she isn't really expecting anyone other than him. regardless, he's here and from his words, she feels herself relax. "only when a man, that's as handsome as you, comes around." though she says this with ease (above the music), her cheeks are lightly flushing, now habitually combing her fingers through her hair. "but hey, i'm glad that you made it! you look great, really."

[] if you don't mf Cut This Down, i will k*ll you
⁰⁴ doyoung k. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰² yoonah c. (h) ❝ — girl, let's talk about love
is it anything and everything you hoped for?
or do the feeling haunt you? ❞

She just looks so ethereal, bathing in various shades of pinks, purples, and blues that he simply... cannot take his eyes off of her. And even more, seeing her in the reflection of the camera makes him stop, elevated in a frozen moment for the fact that she's so bright and enthralling without even trying. The worst part of it all is that he wants to hold her close, feel her warmth against his in the impeding dusk and press his lips to her skin but he can't. He knows he can't, and that part pains him the most. Perhaps he had grown spoiled, accustomed to the comfort beneath the curtain of nightfall in his bedroom, where he was free to have her however he liked. He could be himself, and not be afraid to hold her as herself.

God, Doyoung thinks, shaking his head the slightest. He was such a fool.

Yet despite the turmoil going on in his head, he puts on a gummy smile for the camera because the truth is, even if he must hold himself back in this moment, he is still happier than he's been in... a long time because he is here with her. In past years, he's hardly had any reason, if any, to attend the music festival. She managed to not only bring him here, but make him /want/ to come. So he smiles, a bright old smile that almost feels foreign on his visage after so long.

It might be the beer he's consumed thus far tonight, but courage seeps into his bones. Others are drunk, right? Either intoxicated or too lost in the music to notice... right? His face moves through a few expressions, from bright smiles to small simpers, even to a playful wink. But his hands pull at her hips in front of him, wrapping his arm around the circumference of her frame to backhug her as he pulls her in to press puckered lips against the side of her temple.

❝ — this maybe the night that my dreams might let me know
all the stars are closer, all the stars are closer, all the stars are closer. ❞

In her ear, lips pressed against the skin, he sings the chorus lightly in her ear. He had always been a singer, an artist who craved for the ability to create, live, and breathe creation but he had given up such desires to pursue the career of which his comatose brother once coveted and couldn't achieve. But music and literature would always be strong in his heart. So now, though he may never have large stages or private crowds, he gifts such harmonies upon her ears. "All the stars are closer, all the stars are closer..." It's a sweet hum in her ears, and it's all that he can give, chest pressed against her back in an intimate embrace.

"Enough pictures?" He asks, halting his singing. Yes, perhaps the stars really are closer because as he turns his head to look at her—God, he swears they're in her eyes. Is it a bad thing if he wants to kiss her right here, underneath the lights and proclaimed stars, without a care of anyone around? "Here," he says, releasing a hand from her waist to take the phone back into his possession. "I'll take pictures of you, you can post them on Instagram." His words are paired with a small click of his tongue as he holds the phone out, finally releasing her from his embrace to take pictures of her. He may not be an artist anymore, but she is his very own muse.

"You're so..." A deep breath, and a flashback to the night they met. "Enchanting."
⁰³ bin m. 7 months ago
@⁰² sihyeon k. in a last minute decision, he had brushed his hair into a messy yet still clean cut style. his fit consisted of a black pullover hoodie that had a little corgi patch near where his heart was as well as dark, navy blue jeans that made his legs look just a little bit longer. with research, bin had found that wearing dark colors on a date will make a man seem more mysterious as well as more fashionable, leading the women to wanting another date with him. he already knew that this, park girl, miss kim, sihyeon ? would fall for him with the smallest amount of charming, but there'd be no fun in that for bin.

as he pulls up to the location that the two of them had picked earlier in the week, he spots the aforementioned female, waiting for him. a light chuckle escapes his lips as he could just tell that she was nervous for this, while he himself was always ready for days like this. it's not a special feeling, it's just the excitement of being able to make someone else fall for you before leaving them. bin knows he should probably see a therapist for this, but who needs therapy when you can repeatedly break someone's heart every two weeks.

putting on his best slightly nervous yet very excited expression, he exits the car and gives a slight wave towards the gal. jogging towards her slightly, he reaches her with a grin, as he makes his breaths purposely shallowed. "hey, do you come here looking that cute often?"
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⁰⁴ jisoo k. [A] 7 months ago

@⁰⁴ taehyung k. [ current song played: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuUQU1U7vpo ]

"Tonight, I’ll send you the firefly from that day
To your window
That means that I love you"

Love. Whenever she looked back at it, it seemed to have always haunt her rather than give her the warmth and comfort she needed. Instead, it left her broken, leaving her soul to slowly disintegrate into thin air. Although love itself was known as the fuel humans needed to make the world less of a suffering, somehow it felt the complete opposite in Jisoo's case. Rather, it seemed as if it was a difficult road that often appeared at her feet, one with loads of glass shards in order to get to the other side to reunite with her lover. Then again, after all those years, how could she say she loved him when she had love another man?

As the night slowly began wrapping up with the singer performing her last song on stage, she couldn't help but smile weakly as she watched her friends and the audience around her slowly sway their lights in the air, moving along with the rhythmic beat. However, upon hearing the lyrics that reminded her of the old days, days where she filled the void in her chest with regret and guilt, she stood up from her seat and climbed up the stairs to return to the courtyard. Yet, as soon as she reached the final step without looking forward to what was in front of her, she accidentally bumps into someone's chest which almost knocks her down completely down the stairs. Luckily, grabbing a hold of the man's arms on time, she looked up at him and there he was, meeting those familiar pair of eyes, Kim Taehyung.
⁰² sihyeon k. 7 months ago
@⁰³ bin m. it's that different kind of anxiousness that she finds herself anticipating—there's butterflies that soar in her stomach, akin to the beat of her heart, as she awaits for his arrival. she glances around, just hoping that he'd remember how she looked like, because although she found him undeniably handsome, these were just nameless strangers before her, and that meant so was he. but, she hopes that he won't be after the music festival.
⁰² yoonah c. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ doyoung k. she had no idea when was the last time she felt so blissful and at ease; a part of her was sure it was the amount of beer she'd inhaled but her heart knew, in what was the deepest parts of it, was that she was genuinely joyed at spending time with someone who she considered her own- the thought dwindled down to a mere background noise, sza's voice belting the lyrics of her favorite song.

❝Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, been wishin' for you
Ooh, ooh
Tryna do what lovers do ooh❞

Yoonah gladly sang along, body clad in a simple tanktop and ripped jeans swaying from side to side. her short locks of hair had been tousled with running around and more, her cheeks flushed with bashful affection coupled by the alcohol and heat. god, she was so happy! at the back of her mind, she knew that it was too good to be true— her happiness and little bubble of joy never lasted for long; one way or another, somehow, it always managed to pop, sending her back into an abyss of hibernating depression. but she prayed, even as a non-believer, to the stars or to anyone who listened, lips mouthing the words of the song. please, never let this moment of peace ever go away.

❝ — This maybe the night that my dreams might let me know
All the stars are closer, all the stars are closer, all the stars are closer. ❞

the song shifted, much more whimsical even as the crowd went wild. whooping cheers and resounding applause almost deafening and drowning the song. twilight loomed over the horizon, painting the world behind the stage a pretty picture of different hues of orange, purple and blue, an ethereal gleam in itself. it painted the world with a sort of fantasy, the kind that would still feel like a good dream once it was finished. and the whisper in her ear was proof of that muse. her head tilted slightly so it was easier for him to speak clearly. the suggestion, probing, was enough to cause her lips to curve upwards into a knowing grin, toothy in it's mischief yet warm when it came to him. "let's do it!" she exclaimed over the music, shifting just a tad closer to where he stood so she could lean in to face the phone.

he was too tall, towering over her by a good head or two. tsking loudly, she made a grab for his phone her free hand tugging him over so he stood behind her. "this is much better!" she exclaimed, glancing over at him through the screen. god, he was so handsome; he was a statue to waiting to come to life, an artist's dream and she itched to kiss his face despite being so public. shaking her head, yoonah mused, low enough so he could hear, blowing a kiss to the phone. "now say cheese!"
⁰⁴ taemin l. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jongin k. ah, the states. a country he practically hadn’t even known had existed until jongin had taken him to the popular cities like new york and los angeles all those years ago. it brought a twitch of a smile onto taemin’s handsome face, but he soon smoothed it over when he noticed a couple of people from beside them glancing over at the pair.

it was a testament to how well jongin knew him that he heard that low, sweet timbre voice the man’s concerns in the shell of his ear. this time, not even the will of god would have been able to stop his cherry pink lips from curving upwards into a soft smile. “no, i’m... i’m good. i know you’ve been meaning to go this music festival, so i don’t want you to miss it,” he murmured back into his boyfriend’s ear, not wanting anyone else be privy to how much he cared for jongin. it wasn’t that he was ashamed of their relationship — in fact, if any of them had to be ashamed, it would have been the ‘perfectly straight’ trust fund kid beside him — but merely that he didn’t want anyone but jongin to see the softer side of him.

simply nestling further into those strong arms, taemin rested his cheek upon the taller man’s shoulder and tried to vibe along with the beat. it was catchy, admittedly. perhaps they could use this track for their next dance club meeting. “bet you would look hot dancing on stage,” he absently murmured, just picturing the younger’s ridiculously fluid, flexible but strong body creating art with his movements up on stage.
⁰⁴ doyoung k. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰² yoonah c. (sh) 「 thread 」— music festival
「 mood 」— all the stars, sza ; rumors, sabrina claudio ; what lovers do, maroon 5 ft. sza

❝ — aren't we too grown for games, aren't we too grown to play around?
young enough to change, but old enough to know better.
are we too grown for changin', are we too grown too mess around?
and i can't wait forever, baby. both of us should know better.
— what lovers do, maroon 5 ft. sza

A blur of lights, a kaleidoscope of colors—some too bright, neon shades clouding his vision with orbs of pigment, and some too dull. The entire night has become hazy in his mind, of pepperoni pizzas, cold beer and sprite, twinkling lights, and secret smiles. But the lack of clarity doesn't make it a lackluster night; each scene blends into the next smoothly, like a coming-of-age movie with a perfectly tuned soundtrack. And tonight's tracklist is enough to resonate within him—it's like the words are talking to him.

What lovers do. He takes a shy side-glance at his partner for the night, and he realizes in the meantime that what they've been doing for the past few weeks /is/ what lovers do. Shared glances across the cafe, waiting for him to get off work; last minute meetings beneath the curtain of nightfall; tantalizing banter and hushed compliments over calls and text messages. But they're not lovers, no. Just... friends. As he gazes over at her... God, she looks so pretty drenched in the dreamy shades of the festival's lights. He shouldn't stare, but the past hour of listening to her sing at the top of her lungs and entrance his vision has clouded his judgement. Yes, he should know better. He's too grown to mess around, but does he care? Not if it ends with her underneath his arm beneath the frenzy of lights and the resonant bass beats.

"Hey," he attempts to make himself heard above SZA's voice, nudging her side with his elbow just the slightest. Pulling out his phone from his back pocket, he leans in to brush his lips against her ear. "Let's take a picture." With the lights, the ambience, and the concert, it would be the perfect image of the night; but the backdrop isn't important after all, when she's the main character.
⁰¹ yibo w. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. (Ashhdmkh senator it is ><)
Surely, that wasn't exactly what Yibo expected to hear. Provided that Zhan seemed to know and have made the entire establishment his acquaintance, it sounded slightly exaggerated that he wouldn't attend the university-organised events. However, Yibo also knew that Zhan did not necessarily want to be seen as a nerd, which could only mean that it was the honest truth. And for that, Yibo could only be grateful. "I don't think it's lame," Yibo shook his head, biting his lip in order the find the right words. "It sounds lonely and boring, but it's not bad. If that brings you one step closer to your goals, then it's anything but that," Yibo nodded firmly, making the hood slide off his head. He rolled his eyes at it, but let it be. "You know how one's singing always sounds better in a staircase or an empty room? It's the acoustics, airhead," Yibo commented with a cheeky grin, his retort to Zhan's words sounding different in his head. Yibo wanted to turn the page to a more lighthearted note, not wanting to let Zhan's mood dissipate just because of his choice of how to spend his free time.

"Huh?" The hesitation in Zhan's steps made Yibo perk up and turn, consequently lightly tugging the elder after himself. Did Yibo say something wrong? "Me? Yeah," there was complete carelessness in his voice and in the shrug, indicating that Yibo didn't mind whatsoever. "People talk," he nodded, agreeing, "but as long as it's nothing fabricated, I can live with that. Plus, who wouldn't want to be seen with the brilliant basketball captain senior?" And there it was. The concern. The hesitation in his own step as they neared the amphitheatre. "But if you are unsure, I'm okay with awkward shoulder-bumping and running off to make-out in that empty library," that wasn't exactly how he imagined finishing the thought. It wasn't even a thought he wanted to share out loud. Yet again, his mouth wasn't given the memo to shut the up before saying something embarrassing or awkward. "I-I-I mean... what I wanted to uh say is that uhm if you are not comfortable with... this... uh u-us just yet, I can back off. But you like need social interaction or whatever." Yibo was slowing down when they were almost there, giving Zhan the time and space to make a decision. Yibo paid zero mind to whatever the people had to say, not that there was anything they could say that would harm them. Except them being teammates, there was nothing inherently wrong with their relationship, right?
⁰⁴ zhan x. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. [[ /the senator's/, hes only responding to senator from now on]]
"You look handsome" Zhan assured, letting Yibo guide him toward the amphitheater. Handsome, hot, dashing, it seemed it was impossible for Yibo to be anything but, not that Zhan had it in him to say so out loud. "I think this is the first time I've seen you without it" It wasn't a good or bad thing, simply an observation.

"You're gonna laugh when you hear this" The senior hesitated, debating whether or not to reveal the real reason behind his lack of attendance at the festival in the previous years. He wasn't necessarily ashamed of it, but he was well aware, it would only solidify his nerdiness. "I didn't go. Because it's one of the few events the majority of the student body attends..." He admitted, slowly, hoping his boyfriend would catch on before he could explain further "Which means.. the library is essentially deserted.." He rubbed the hair at the back of his neck sheepishly, "so, while everyone else is partying.. I get a guaranteed 8 hours of uninterrupted library time... usually neck-deep in textbooks" An annoyed groan escaped his lips, "that sounded less lame in my head," He muttered, for the first time in his life, self-conscious of his anti-social tendencies.
The next comment almost had the senator stopped in his tracks. In his excitement, it hadn't crossed his mind the sheer amount of people that would be in attendance, in other words, the sheer amount of eyes that might spot them. Not because he was ashamed of them, nor did he care what people would think, and even less so the opinions of his exes. "I didn't even think about that" Zhan's voice was small "A-are you okay with it?" He stopped to face the freshman, he was more worried about him "I couldn't give a what anyone else thinks," He admits earnestly "But people talk...and..." He trailed off, and what? a million things were running through his mind and not a single thought was discernable
⁰⁴ jongin k. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ taemin l. The pair stood in a roped-off section towards the front of the stage. It wasn't exactly meant for students, but Jongin was a spoiled brat, and his family had too many connections. He was doubtful anyone would say anything about it. “I don't think so?” He replies just loud enough to be heard over the music “She's an artist from the states or something like that” His lips grazed against the older ear as he spoke.

“You doing okay?” Jongin wound his arms around his older boyfriend protectively. Having spent six years with someone, he didn't need to be told to know Taemin wasn't always comfortable among such large crowds. Jongin had always been the more extroverted of the two and was usually the one dragging his poor boyfriend to events the other wouldn't otherwise be caught dead at. "We can leave if you want."
⁰¹ yibo w. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. "I look?" Yibo parroted, slightly stuck in anticipation for the finish. Did he look okay? Too much, too little? Ugly, handsome, what? "Oh, uh," he didn't expect that. His ego subsided and his confidence slightly wavered, but he wouldn't let it show. "Mm," Yibo nodded slightly at the inquiry of the whereabouts of his board. "I told you I'm not bringing it. I'm not going alone so what would be the point?" Letting Zhan know the real reason why he didn't bring his beloved objects, he shrugged at the end. It would be an unnecessary burden to carry around while holding hands and whatnot. He gripped the hand that pushed into his fingers slotting between the senator's and he half smiled. He tugged lightly on it, getting them to walk, heading to the destination, the music festival. "Why? I thought music events would appeal to everyone," Yibo scoffed a laugh, walking beside Zhan with his usual swagger, his free hand back in his pocket. "Even nerds listen to music, " Yibo rolled his eyes with an amused half smile, shaking his head a little. "Or you're just nervous because a freshman is openly holding your hand and will be in front of your classmates, friends and maybe even those girlfriends you had," Yibo suggested, giving Zhan's shoulder a nudge with his own, a wicked teasing smile stretched over his.
⁰⁴ taemin l. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jongin k. leave it up to jongin and his connections to get them lovely seats for the music festival. it wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate the gesture, but taemin would have much preferred for them to have been closer to the edge. it was safer under the veil of shadows and darkness; a veil that gave taemin the security to be remotely himself next to his boyfriend.

still, nonetheless, he was happy to be here, celebrating music with his best friend. in retrospect, he supposed, it would be easier to keep the man’s hands from roaming into dangerous territory in public. as had happened often in the past.

“is this a new artist? i haven’t heard of sza before,” taemin kept himself pressed to jongin’s side, almost as if he could melt their bodies into one to escape the strobing lights above. why couldn’t they just have livestreamed the event from the safety of their room?
⁰⁴ zhan x. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. A soft chuckle escaped from the senior at the familiar sight of his boyfriend's clumsiness "Hi" he murmured again, not having noticed the headphones earlier, the smile on his lips growing shy and his cheeks going red as Yibo checks him out. "T-thanks" He tugs on the sleeves of this shirt, anxiously. Despite having made things official, this was their first time out on an official date together, and the senior wasn't sure how to act. Much of his worry disappeared with the quick addicting greeting kiss he received shortly after. His arm wound around the shorters waist by its own accord, pulling him in for a second, deeper kiss. "I missed you" He admitted when the butterflies finally settled down.
"You look.." Zhan's eyes scanned his boyfriend's appearance, he was as handsome as usual, but there was something missing. "No skateboard today?" The lack of the younger's most prized possession surprised him. Up til this point, he'd yet to see Yibo more than a few feet away from it. The arm around Yibo's waist found his hand, fingers interlaced with the others "Yea, I'm ready to go" Zhan chewed on the inside of his cheek nervously "I actually usually skip the music festival.. so this is the first time i've been... im kind of nervous"


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