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⁰³ sooyoung h. 6 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaehyun j. there's a silence that follows his question, although it doesn't feel as comforting as the one that enveloped them before they started their pillow talk. but the one to blame here is her who hasn't given him an answer straight away. for ha sooyoung is a woman who has always been careful about compartmentalizing different aspects of her life and her overthinking mind is warning her that this question is not as simple as it appears to be. he didn't have to specifically say it out loud for her to know that jung jaehyun was asking her on a date. "what? are you planning our next rendezvous already?" she jokes with a chuckle, ever so good at feigning ignorance. "is this what adults do?"
⁰⁴ jaehyun j. 6 months ago
@⁰³ sooyoung h. "hm." he shrugs his shoulders, not really realizing that there's a silence between them because he was so caught up in the aimless gaze fixed upon his ceiling. arms secure around her frame, he tilts his chin down to glance her way, still a bit too blissful from their time together that he can't help but laugh airily. "just wondering," pausing, he clears his voice and brushes her bangs away from her forehead, adjusting the strands so they frame her face naturally. "do you wanna do something, like on the weekend? assignments have settled down for me, so.. trying to get some fun in before stuff picks up again."
⁰³ sooyoung h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaehyun j. she wasn't expecting such an answer from it. it catches her off guard at first, makes her heart skip a little beat, but she brushes it off and reciprocates his sentiments in the only way she knows how to. the time that passes after the moment their lips meet is a blur—hazy memories of clothing haphazardly tossed to the floor, bare skin against bare skin, kisses here and there and everywhere—but she ends up in his arms at the end of it all. her back is against his chest, his arms wrapped around her waist, and her head settled under the crook of his chin. she's sure a few hours have passed, but there is a comfortable silence and a warmness in the way he cradles her within his sheets. "jae," she calls out, her voice nothing but a gentle murmur, "a penny for your thoughts?"
⁰⁴ jaehyun j. 7 months ago
@⁰³ sooyoung h. "how can i not greedy when i have someone like you right in front of me?" there's a cheesy smile on his lips, tugging upwards involuntarily. it seems like a natural reaction whenever they're together--it happens much too often for his liking. gulping away any inhibitions, his hand goes to rest upon her waist, fingers slipping up the fabric of her shirt to brush over the alabaster skin over her hip. "yeah, they are." the distance between their lips is too far, her eyes too enticing, that he finally dives in and slots their lips together, mumbling between hurried and desperate kisses. "too good."
⁰³ sooyoung h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaehyun j. she lets him guide them over to his bed and knows all too well where this is going, but doesn't take initiative to stop him. in fact, the only initiative she takes is to use his lap as her throne, positioning herself so she's straddling him. "you're getting greedy," she teases, one hand resting on his shoulder and the other cupping the side of his face. "was i that good?" there's some arrogance within her tone even though she follows her own jest with a chuckle. she leans in closer, using her fingers to tilt his chin upwards so their lips are mere centimeters apart. "the walls are soundproof... right?"
⁰⁴ jaehyun j. 7 months ago
@⁰³ sooyoung h. eyes flit over to the lock on his door to ensure that it's turned the right away, knowing full well that things could go so terribly wrong in just a few seconds if he hadn't. "you think so?" there's a teasing pull at the corners of his lips as he slowly walks them over to his bed, careful not to fall too abruptly. instead, he sits against the plush bedding with his hands propped behind him to hold his weight up. he fully hopes that she'd follow his lead, that she'd minimize the proximity between them and feed into his greed. "all night?"
⁰³ sooyoung h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaehyun j. unable to help it, she mirrors the smile on his face and lets him pull her closer. the hoodie in her hands is dropped onto his desk, and in mere seconds, it is no longer the reason she came over to jaehyun's place. sooyoung doesn't need to try hard to reciprocate his energy, her fingers dancing on the skin around his collarbone as she chuckles. "well," she begins, her free hand reaching behind her to lock his door, "i think that can definitely be arranged."
⁰⁴ jaehyun j. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jinsoul j. it's been tough. college is demanding, and no amount of times he could reiterate that phrase would ever be enough to truly grasp just how time consuming and hectic life has been as of late. of course he'd like to sit back and relax, drink a little and throw all inhibitions away--but with so much on the line, there's little that jaehyun can focus on if not for his schoolwork.

so when his twin sister asks for more time, he has to look up from his papers in astonishment. his pure twin sister, the one that he held most dearly in his heart, that he cherished so genuinely, felt like she too, was pushing him. jaehyun swallows back the initial bite in his words to try and level himself before asking, "what do you mean?" he knows he's been busy, but can't she see that? he's trying his best, trying to structure his schedule around friends and family and work and school; was a little slack too much to ask for? "i make time for you, don't i?"
⁰⁴ jaehyun j. 7 months ago
@⁰³ sooyoung h. "maybe. you can stay back and we can do something fun." there's a tone in his voice that suggests they'd be doing much more than just fun, but he hopes the seemingly innocent smile on his face will be enough to level out the suggestiveness. holding his hand out to her, he grasps her own and brings her forward with gentle tugs, curling an arm around her lithe waist as free fingers push away the stray fringe from her face. "i think, i'd like it very much if you kept me company."
⁰⁴ jinsoul j. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaehyun j. when jinsoul had hard times and faced shipwrecks on her journey, her parents were too far for her short arms to reach; instead, she depended on her twin brother if she needed to shed tears or whine about the daily mundanity.

however, in the years they’ve lived, she’s always felt jaehyun’s warmth and protectiveness by her side. recently, it seemed as if she was staring a fading yet dark silhouette of his back as he pondered off from her, almost as if her only true pillar was abandoning her. perhaps she was getting a bit too emotional about it with the upcoming exams, sleepless nights, past phone calls from their parents she had refused to pick up. “jae,” she calls out, swivelling the spoon counterclockwise in her drink. her eyes watch the tornado twirl before quickly dispersing into calm tides, mumbling, “I rarely see you anymore and I don’t like that,” her brows furrow as her shoulders slump, “I’ve only seen you once these past two weeks—make more time for me.”
⁰³ sooyoung h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaehyun j. she takes the hoodie from his grasp and leans against the door, honestly ready to just dip, but his following question makes her lift her gaze from the thick cloth to meet his eyes. she knows she shouldn't. she knows she really shouldn't, but she's a natural flirt and the man's little smile is too cute to resist. "why? you want me to stay?" the corner of her lips are curved upwards into a lopsided smirk and she tilts her head as if to challenge him. "if you want something, you should ask for it nicely."
⁰⁴ jaehyun j. 7 months ago
@⁰³ sooyoung h. his hair's wet, practically dripping from the ends of each group of clumped strands. quickly running his hand through the mess, he pushes it back after making room for sooyoung to enter. the hoodie in question lays neatly folded atop his equally neatly made bed. rubbing his palm to his chest, he smiles sheepishly, picking the hoodie up and holding it out to her. "hey. sorry, would've brought it down to you now that i think about it." he takes in the sight of her and he has to hold himself back from the instinctive desire to just ... flirt with her. "so you got any plans afterwards? got class?"
⁰³ sooyoung h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaehyun j. sooyoung knows she shouldn't be here—not at this time, not alone, and most definitely not when jeno's not home—but she also knows there's no reasonable justification for the inner turmoil that's been brewing within her for the past several days. she steps warily into the house and her eyes dart around surveying the premises before confirming that the usually noisy home is indeed empty. almost too uncannily, her feet lead her like clockwork straight to jaehyun's room. like he'd stated in his texts, the door is open. and he's half-, clearly having thrown on a pair of sweats haphazardly before her arrival. "hey you," she greets in a singsong manner, walking into his room and closing the door behind her, "where's my hoodie?"


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