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apartment 3!
strictly ic only. this room is for in person roleplaying only. remember to use brackets if speaking ooc. please do keep ooc interactions to a minimum.  

(!) this house belongs to: jaewon jung.
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⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 6 months ago
@⁰¹ renjun h. glittering eyes and the nervousness skins forming from the latter which somehow made jaewon enjoyed one bit of the touch and each time his skin reacted by the kiss, somehow he can't help it but be amused how sensitive he can be. with the touch caressing the soon hard grown forming until the soft sound appeared from the younger which made jaewon chuckled softly by the way renjun suddenly reacted and hide onto his shoulder.

softly he kissed his shoulder back and softly he unbuckled the pants of the younger, he pulled him away to take a look before planting a little peck on his lips with a smile. "the sudden cuteness coming from you, make me want to do real slowly," as he mentioned the slow just like how slowly he took off the younger's pants and boxer at the same time which revealed his length out, afterwards to his own before he sat back down on the bed to carefully lift renjun up to his lap.

"you know what is more cute and precious? when you're being sensitive at the kiss i gave you," planting more and more kisses all around his shoulder and collarbone with one hand groping onto his while the other, carefully gripped the latter's length despite of both of them hardened by the lust.
⁰¹ renjun h. 6 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. renjun squirmed in anticipation under the older male, small goosebumps blooming across his skin at the feather-light touches left by jaewon. the feeling so unfamiliar that he visibly trembled with the chill that shot down his spine as the other explored his frame so shamelessly, surely feeling his heart pounding aggressively against his chest as if it wanted to burst out at any moment.

limits. he wasn't sure of his own limits. he was never in this situation before, never getting farther than a kiss, which was also rare in its own form. he gave a simple nod of his head as his eyes found jaewon's, a wavering sigh leaving his lips as his skin burned under every touch of the male's lips. too attentive to his lips, he failed to notice his hand traveling elsewhere until it was there, the smallest amount of pressure applied easily pulling a quiet noise from him, it quickly being muted as he hid his face into the ladder's shoulder, almost embarrassed at his own reaction.
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ renjun h. the way their bodies begged for more with the hotness and hormones growing, the way their hands have no where to go but only to grip each other and the way their kiss got even more heated with their breaths getting more heavier. the hand of the older moved down to the younger's as his feet guided the way to his own bedroom and gently placed him down on the bed while he hover on top of him witbout letting go of the soft tiers.

two hands of jaewon gently pushed the legs of renjun to spread them apart before going up to his shirt to slide it under to feel his skins, finally to break apart of the heated kiss only to reveal how sweaty and heavy breathing that both of them shared, impatiently grown within jaewon as he immediately took off his shirt first followed by the younger one before clashing his lips down to his neck to kiss around it while his hands that gently caressing and appreciating the latter body.

"let me know, when to stop. let me know, what your limit and let me know, because i won't contain myself to you," he faced renjun when he look up at his face, with the gentle kiss from his forehead to his nose, down to the lip and his neck to give a little unnoticeable hickey at the shoulder area. one hand slowly glided down to where his clothed crotch at and gently to rub it before gripping it to hear the voice of the younger.
⁰¹ renjun h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. the mixture of coffee and nicotine were transferred onto renjun's lips, lingering there for the time being. the familiar taste had his chest burning with a feeling that he couldn't pinpoint exactly. pushing it away, his fingers slipped to hold jaewon's face in his hand, pulling the lip lock deeper with a sense of desperation peaking through as he did so.

the fluttering feeling that remained in his stomach spread outwards, leaving his whole body tingling with the release of hormones that he only experienced a small number of times. if it weren't for the door and jaewon holding him up, he was sure that he would have already lost his balance, experiencing a metaphorical high that had his head spinning fiercely.

his hands fell from his face, landing comfortably on his chest, fingers curled into the soft fabric of the other's shirt, tugging at it lightly with what strength he could muster at the moment to pull him impossibly closer to him, leaving their frames pressed firmly against one another.
⁰¹ jaemin n. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. “I mean, you’re giving me your keys already so technically this is half my house?” his words are shameless, but Jaemin was never one to worry about being shameful in front of someone he was already so comfortable with. Between them there was no formalities needed. His expression lights up the moment he has his hand on the orange furball, she’s barely the size of his palm, her eyes wide and round as she looks up Jaemin with curiosity, a soft purr escapes her lips as he scratches the back of her ears. his eyes are furrowed, gazes soft, lips forming into the tiniest pout before cooing softly. she was so adorable that picture didn’t really do her justice. “She’s so absolutely cute, jae. definitely cuter than you. if there’s anytime i’m visiting, it’s only for her.” he jokes, eyes filled with adoration never once leaving the sleepy feline.
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ renjun h. the fragile frame of the younger, the coldness skin touches towards him and the growth of impatient in between the kiss, it got faster and hungrier with the head tilted as well by the arms of the older one slided down to the hip. with the gentle hold of jaewon carrying renjun up to himself, man just how light this boy can be that he would able to carry in one arm.

tasting the sweetness and the combination mixture of the lips, the coffee taste that were still lingering which made it even much better than anything else. with the older's legs walking towards the door with his arm skillfully carrying the latter while the other hand struggling to open the door despite of him not wanting to let go of the kiss as well.

yearning for the voice from the younger and the touch of his skin, he immediately pushed him against the door once it was opened and with another skill at how jaewon able to just remove both of their shoes impatiently before he could pressed his body towards him, with the feeling of the hardness growing to each other.
⁰¹ renjun h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. renjun felt so small with jaewon's larger frame looming over him as he was placed on the seat of the bike. he welcomed the male to come closer to him, his arms slipping around his broad shoulders to close the remaining proximity between them as comfortably as possible with the position.

as their lips clashed together, his head spun with a euphoric pleasure of feeling the warmth of plush couplets against his own. he pressed his palm against his nape to bring him impossibly closer, pressing his whole frame against the ladder as he stood up from his seat.

an antsy feeling quickly raised in him, impatience taking over the longer they stood there. unwilling to break the kiss, he mumbled an almost incoherent 'inside' against the other's lips, gently pushing on his chest.
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ renjun h. jaewon slowly pushed renjun back down on the bike after putting the second helmet down, even though they were just outside the apartment which the door was nearby, he stood himself in between his legs and his hand carefully traced down all his feature that he has while the other gotten the younger's legs around his hip.

the next things jaewon could ever thought of that plump pink tiers of renjun, those lips that he would want to have taste and those eyes when he looked up, the eyes that both of them desired nothing but one thing.

that was when his free arm went to wrap around the latter torso and clashed his lips towards at the same time, carefully trace the lips together while the hand on his cheek goes down to the jawline to lift up towards jaewon while he stood up, making sure the distance between their body closer till there wasn't any gaps and tighten the hold around.
⁰¹ renjun h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. everything from that moment forward seemed to happen in a haze. while he was completely aware of it all, it almost seemed as if he were experiencing it out of his own body. his heart thumped loudly in his own ears as he stumbled behind the other closely.

the ride to the elder's place could of taken a couple minutes or even hours and renjun wouldn't of noticed, his head dazed with the cupidity of what he knew was to come. the feeling was foreign to him, leaving him in a state similar to shock but in way that was full of desire. as they arrived to the apartment, he hastily pulled off the helmet that felt suffocating the the current moment and let the other do what he had to, standing close to him.

"i- i'm sure, jaewon. i want this, please." he confirmed, his hand moving back to jaewon's like a force of the universe pulling them together which he let happen so willingly despite the anxiety of such a new setting and new experience bubbling inside him.
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ renjun h. that was one and only time when he finally have the actual confirmation without asking anything else more, looking at how the way he hold onto his hand with the grip, the way his lips were able to feel the tension from his skin and the way he was able to tell how much he tried to avoid onlookers at the moment, that was where jaewon finally knew what truly renjun would want it with the mutual feeling they both have.

immediately with his arms carefully carried the latter back on the ground and grabbing his wrist gently to lead him out of the arcade to the bike that were still on the same spot, giving his helmet as well for himself before they board onto the bike. the growth of jaewon's speeding was the same way at how the car racing was, not long enough when they both managed to reach to the apartment in no time.

even though the distance wasn't that far, he got off on his bike to put his helmet and wait for the younger one to well prepared himself when jaewon carefully reached out to help remove the other helmet as well of him getting off the bike. putting one under the seat to where it belong and his glance turned to the latter.

"no take back once you're inside, are you sure you want this?"
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ jaemin n. the greeting and the first sentence from the latter make him laughed a little when he made himself a home down into the house as if he really lived with him together, but walking in towards the living room with a little dim light right where the couch, the coffee table and the tv right in front, he had no choice but to follow him from behind and walked down to the couch while sitting next to him with honey on his lap. "i can't believe how casual you are coming in but yes, isn't she is?" jaewon lift the sleepy kitten off from his lap to jaemin's lap to watch how the little one purring loud as she can, he opened up one box of pizza and immediately stuffed himself with a slice plus the satisfying hums.
⁰¹ jaemin n. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. Despite the warming of the temperature in the last couple of weeks, there was no doubt that it still dipped to a low in the night. Being one that didn’t fancy the cold at all, all the waiting had gotten the black haired male grumpier than usual. Just as he was about to send the senior another text about dumping his stuff and leaving, there was a faint click of the door, the interior lighting of it sipping through the small cracks if the opening before the taller male was seen. “ took you long enough?” Jaemin said in mild annoyance, though there wasn’t any other underlying meaning beneath as he made a beeline to the couch, dropping the two boxes carefully on the coffee table, flopping on the couch after. “Where’s the princess?” He mumbles, propping himself up on his elbow, spotting the little ball of orange fluff tucked up against Jaewon’s chest. “Isn’t the most adorable..?” He coos, finally sitting up, hands reaching out in his direction, eyes wide and glistening.
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⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ jaemin n. picking up his little kitten to his arm when he heard the door bell rang, ah it mustn't be him arriving after messaging with all the harsh words. typical jaemin, jaewon noticed how his message were just simply to ask him to open up, with his legs walking towards to the door and with the door opened greeting by the smell of the pizza woken honey up as well as the latter one looking quite impatiently, "come in-" he said after being ready at the young one little tantrum for being late or whatnot from jaewon.
⁰¹ jaemin n. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. With two boxes of pizza in a hand and a bag of a chips, it was almost midnight when Jaemin appeared at the door step of Jaewon’s apartment. Dress in a hoodie and sweater, jaemin was well prepared to stay over for the night just like the old days.

[ text to: mf ]
- open up.
[ deleted: or i’m gonna drop this and run ]

Jaemin waits infront of the other doorstep, fingers tapping against his phone screen impatiently, tired and ready to flop onto the couch if the other even had one. Why did he even think it was a good idea to come over this late?


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