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1. Hiatus info.

Semi-hiatus can only last 14 days. Hiatus can only last up to 3 weeks. There is going to be cool down period of 1 week before requesting another one. 

Please Make Sure To Give Starting Date and Ending Date When requesting.

2. Getting An Alt. 

You Can only Have Three Characters. Second Will Be For 200pts. Third Will Be 1000pts On Each Character And a Blog Post. 

3. Pregnancy 

You Must Be in a Month Long Relationship to Start Considering Pregnancy Which Must Be Planned with Your Partner ic And Ooc. ( So basicslly No Dropping Surprise Baby ) 

Please Group Pm Admins to Request The pregnancy And Once its Approved, its up to You How the Conceiving Will Proceed.  

Its Also up to You How Long Your Pregnancy Will Last but make Sure To Keep Admins Updated! 

Finally,  the Child Itself Will Be a non-playable Character once Given Birth. If Any Further Question,  pm Admin. 


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Cummies 2 weeks ago
thinkin —

ykw, it, let me have park jimin
CorpseHusbando 2 weeks ago
jimins leaving, thank you for having me while i was here!
PinkMatcha 3 weeks ago
kim jinhwan pls
pupsenpai 4 weeks ago
Han left
thank you <3
positions 1 month ago
Jongho will be leaving!! tysm!!
3a7a9c3d74afd11addc4 1 month ago
Kim Namjoon if available
jiasstory 1 month ago
jung jaehyun pls
_Hnqh_ 1 month ago
Slams table
Kim Mingyu please
seamless 1 month ago
Hi~ May I have Choi Sungyoon (Y) of Golden Child?
DarkenedFlame 1 month ago
E'Last Rano for me please
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