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⁰⁴ hyejin a. 5 months ago
@⁰¹ seokwoo k. It made sense he hadnt seen her before considering she just tranferred a few weeks ago but she didnt say it out loud, choosing to listen to him instead. She decided to stand exactly where she was. It was hard to figure out why she was being polite. Was he older or younger than her? She blinks when she catches the snippets of his words in between her thinking and she feels kind of guilty she was thinking of his age out of all the things but thankfully she manages to catch what seems like the important part. "Oh.. you want me to sing for you?" She had definitely heard about all these projects for the music major. This was the first time someone had approached her for the same. Usually people did not know she could sing.

"That sounds like fun. But just so you know, i am not professionally trained. I am not sure how good i will be. We could give it a try though." She gave a smile and a nod. She loved singing, not in the 'i want to sing and make it a career' kind but there was something really fun about expressing through music that she really enjoyed. And it was part of her that linked her to who she really was and the part of her she was forced to leave behind.

"When do i get to listen to it? Oh right.. before that. How old are you? I am sorry its a random question but this has been bugging me." She figured the part that wanted to know that was worried she would end up saying or doing things that should not be said or done if he happens to be older than her and it was one of those things she had to be really careful about. She could not afford to create any bad impressions for the sake of whatever she was meant to do.
⁰¹ seokwoo k. 5 months ago
@⁰⁴ hyejin a. "Ah of course. I should scout more of the local high towers to see if I can find anymore princesses." Rowoon laughed a little at the shared joke, the man's touch perhaps surprisingly gentle as he shook the woman's hand with his own.
"It's my first time seeing you too. I'm a music major, though oddly enough I'm not in the music club. You'd think I would be, huh?" As if only realising that himself now, the man smiled at the coincidence before he rubbed the side of his neck lightly. How was he meant to ask someone he had just met that he would love to borrow her vocals for a project of his.

"If you're a member of the music club though I think I have some ground to ask what I'm about to of you." He began, moving over to one of the stools nearby and perching on it a little as he did so, glancing at the music sheets in his hands.
"Having heard you sing, your voice is something I'm looking for for one of my projects. I've tried other vocalists but... it's not what the specific song I wrote needs." Gesturing to the papers in his hands, it was clear Rowoon felt awkward and a bit bad asking this of Hyejin, but he was desperate to finish the piece of work he had worked so hard on so far.

It went beyond getting a good grade.

"Would you be absolutely opposed to the idea of me asking you to possibly take a listen to it and maybe be recorded singing for my project?"
⁰⁴ hyejin a. 5 months ago
@⁰¹ seokwoo k. Hyejin had been so immersed in the singing, just like she always was, that she failed to notice the new person enter. It was only when she finished and tried to make a playful bow as an ending that the voice of the other startled her and she let out a unflattering squeak of surprise, her hand moving to rest on top of where her heart lay, trying to calm it down. She blinked feeling like a deer caught in headlights and it took a while before his words sinked into her brain and processed the meaning. "Oh.." She felt a little embarrassed at havinv been caught that way but she certainly wasnt complaining about the compliment. "Probably in the high tower where all the princesses are kept?" She answered playfully with a smile.

She looked at the outstretched hand before moving her own to hold his and gave it a light shake. "Its nice to meet you Rowoon. I am Hyejin" She was proud she didnt slip up with her name. Letting go of his hand, she let it fall back to her side. "I dont recall seeing you. Are you part of the music club too?" It was not unknown for new people to join in the clubs even after the club rush was over. It was welcomed in a way because that meant they had gotten plenty of time to decide and they would stick for long.
⁰¹ seokwoo k. 5 months ago
@⁰⁴ hyejin a. "What about Hyesoo? She's a great singer."
"She is, no doubt. But she's not what I'm looking for either." Rowoon explained to one of his course mates as they stood just outside the cafeteria. Rowoon had been looking for a female singer to partake in his upcoming uni project but he was having bad luck, though he'd been told he was just being picky. Not to him though, his music meant almost more than anything to him and anything less than perfection, imitating his visions, simply wasn't going to be enough.

"I'll find someone." He assured his friend, they agreed but warned him to do it soon lest he really did run out of time. Sighing once he was along, Rowoon made his way to the music room to make some final adjustments to his piece, though really it was an excuse just to play it again. Playing the piano always made him feel better. Glancing at the music sheets in his hands as he walked, he almost didn't noticed the way the music room was occupied when it was often empty at this hour, frowning as he checked the watch on his wrist just to be double sure he wasn't out of time.

Struck by the voice, the man listened by the door before quietly he opened it and stepped inside, looking at the woman there standing alone and singing like she had an audience. It was the kind of husky voice he'd been looking for, feminine but unafraid to be strong, to be different and unapologetic for it. He waited for the woman to finish before clapping his hands to let her know he was there, a bright and infectious smile on his face as he slowly approached her before bowing.

"Wonderful singing voice. I don't recall having heard it before, where have you been hiding?" He asked, smoother than he had intended but Rowoon was so taken with perhaps finding the voice he'd been looking for all this time, he was desperate to make her stay.
"I'm Seokwoo, but you can call me Rowoon." He greeted, still smiling before he held out one of his hands for the woman to take and shake should she wish.
⁰⁴ hyejin a. 5 months ago

@⁰¹ seokwoo k. There was the usual get together of the music club. Hyejin had arrived a little earlier than the decided time since her classes had ended early and she had no other plans for the day. And perhaps also because music was her escape just like dance was, from all the lies she was living every day. She wished she didnt have to hide so much of herself but she had learnt to be grateful of the things she had gotten that many were still struggling over. And for that she couldnt bring herself to complain too much.

As expected, the room was empty when she arrived and with no one around, she decided to look around. Her eyes flickering over at all the instruments, her fingers running along the keys of the piano as she walked past it, wishing she knew how to play. She could have learnt. She wondered why she didnt. Maybe she should. It wasnt too late, was it? She stopped when she reached the middle of the room and pretended there was a mic in front of her. She cleared and gave a playful bow as if there was audiences watching her performance.

"My name is Hwa.. " She stopped and correctly herself immediately. "Hyejin and i will be singing a song for you all. I hope you will enjoy it. Its called Be calm" Introducing herself and the title of the song to the audiences in her imagination, she soon started to sing.



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