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hanse [A] 2 months ago
@sejun *bites onto my lower lip and finally relent, grinding my hips back against yours with a soft moan, fingers reaching down to squeeze at your hardening and let my head dip to right in the middle of your chest, purring softly* well you're about to find out now
sejun [A] 3 months ago
@hanse /groans softly as i try to buck my hips up, trying to get any possible friction between us as i feel my pants growing tighter as the seconds go by, your words send a small shiver through my body and i can't help but to tug on your locks again, pushing your head a little lower on my body/ you seem to be in a teasing mood though.. will i get to find that out soon?
hanse [A] 3 months ago
@sejun *keep my eyes locked with yours, taking a deep breath and continues to hold down any noises that threatens to escape from my throat at your action only for me to fail and groans as you grip my hair* wouldn't you like to know that hyung~ *purrs softly and presses small kisses against the expanse of your chest, my fingers coursing through your sides, digging slightly into your skin
sejun [A] 3 months ago
@hanse /when i notice you biting down onto your lower lip, i know exactly what you're trying to do, which makes me groan a little under my breath and roll my hips more against yours, until you're tugging off my shirt. then i stop briefly to quickly help you out, a hand moving up so i can tangle my fingers in your locks, gripping onto them gently at first, sighing in content from the kiss/ and now i wonder just what a great combination your lips and hands will be..
hanse [A] 3 months ago
@sejun *bit down onto my lower lip, fingers curling against the front of your shirt from your ministration and tries my best not to show any other reaction* maybe we should start from losing this so i can see which part of you need my utmost attention~
*grins and pushes your shirt up and away from your chest, leaning in to press a kiss right on the middle of it
sejun [A] 3 months ago
@hanse /bites back a small chuckle as my gaze stay on yours, shuddering a little when I feel your fingers on my , the action almost drawing a moan from me. this time, my own hips move again, rolling up against yours slowly, making sure that my growing bulge presses between your, sadly, clothed cheeks
Show me what else they can do, baby..
hanse [A] 4 months ago
@sejun *bit down on to my lower lip, as our eyes meet, fingers massaging down your chest and my thumb finding your , giving it a few tweak before very subtly grinds down onto your crotch again, feigning innocence*
Oh i know that~
sejun [A] 4 months ago
@hanse /relaxing under your ministrations, my lids flutter closed though it only lasts for a couple seconds, until I feel your hips moving down on me. I peek at you through lidded eyes, gaze already a little darkened by the lust that such simple act brought up. my hands find their way to your hips, briefly grazing the clothed skin before stopping on your
Your hands work wonders, Se..
hanse [A] 4 months ago
@sejun *rolls my eyes at you in a playful manner, fingers feeling up the muscles on your shoulder and gently kneads of them, giving you an innocent smile as i grind myself down over your crotch* then we shall see~
sejun [A] 4 months ago
@hanse /chuckles at the look on your face, hands lightly gripping onto your hips as I adjust you a little on top of me so you're sitting right on my crotch. I then look at your hands, humming softly
Hm.. I promise I'll behave- though you just have a way of driving me crazy, so... I can't guarantee I'll hold for long~
hanse [A] 4 months ago
@sejun *laugh out loud and happily straddle your hips, feigning a look of wonderment before grinning widely, one hand reaches out to gently knead your chest, humming softly*
You may get more if you're good~
sejun [A] 4 months ago
@hanse /chuckles softly, getting in bed right after as my lips easily return the smooch, with the same playful loud noise/ i definitely should make use of them more often, now tell me.. am i going to get a full body massage or..? /as i speak, i flop onto the bed on my back, tugging you on top of me afterwards and guiding your legs on each side of me, so you can straddle my hips/
hanse [A] 4 months ago
@sejun *squeals out in surprise and happily smooches your adorable dimple, holding onto your shoulder as you carry me* how nice it is to make use of your muscles *grins and leans in to press a hard noisy smooch onto your lips*
sejun [A] 4 months ago
@hanse /grins at you, dimples coming into view as i shift a little to sneak an arm around your legs and lift you up bridal style, carrying you to my bedroom. kicks the door open and carefully lets you down on the bed before i close the door behind me
here we are, baby.


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abcdefu- [A] 3 months ago
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on 20.02.2022
-MARS- 3 months ago
c-can I be your chan???
abcdefu- [A] 4 months ago

victon's comeback is out, please check ♥

blackmirror 5 months ago
could I apply for subin?
abcdefu- [A] 5 months ago
+ mobile friendly rules and how to apply in the Rules ♥
BeautyPoison 9 months ago
is sejun still available?

if yes, can I apply?
FallenBloodyAngel 1 year ago
Aww sad I'm seeing this now, would have loved to join >.<
SweetSinner 1 year ago
Do I just apply for Byungchan? ><
If so- I applied dfjkghdfjgk ><
moonkitty 1 year ago
o: i wanna try this out
lemme get subinnie
Jinfinite 1 year ago
would you welcome a seungsik?
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