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abcdefu- [A] 3 months ago
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on 20.02.2022
-MARS- 3 months ago
c-can I be your chan???
abcdefu- [A] 4 months ago

victon's comeback is out, please check ♥

blackmirror 5 months ago
could I apply for subin?
abcdefu- [A] 5 months ago
+ mobile friendly rules and how to apply in the Rules ♥
BeautyPoison 9 months ago
is sejun still available?

if yes, can I apply?
FallenBloodyAngel 1 year ago
Aww sad I'm seeing this now, would have loved to join >.<
SweetSinner 1 year ago
Do I just apply for Byungchan? ><
If so- I applied dfjkghdfjgk ><
moonkitty 1 year ago
o: i wanna try this out
lemme get subinnie
Jinfinite 1 year ago
would you welcome a seungsik?
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