get some fancy foods and enjoy.
jo chanhyuk 4 months ago
@lee soohyuk "it is not coming out of nowhere I really mean it when I say I'm so excited about every role you play"
/I takes a sip of my drink with a smile while listening to everything curiously and get happy by your words
"Really? I would be really happy if you watch them. We weren'tas good as other groups but it was really fun being the very newest rookie group on the show. It was really an honor to be even part of the show. We got to cover good songs too."
/i gasp at your suggestion never really thinking of actually getting to learn acting before
"Do you really mean it? I think it would be really helpful if I get some pointers about acting it will be definitely helpful on stage."
/blushing out of embarrassment I look down at my food eating some/
"Not that it is too scary or any thing. I just don't handle scenes of blood that well even though I do like the concept of vampires a lot. Some day I'm sure I will get enough courage to watch it"
lee soohyuk 4 months ago
@jo chanhyuk "... you might make me look like a red apple ya know."
//saying so as you seem to really genuinely believe in my acting skills and such. As i take a long drink of my coffee before placing it down.
"Ah I have watch some of Road to Kingdom with orher idols, i should find yours and watch it when i get a chance."
//having leaned forward and rests my chin on my hand as my elbow is on the table top. My eyes watch you and kinda glance down back at my food once before i than continue to eagerly listen to you as well.
"If you need some pointers on acting let me know? Hmm... just like when you practice dancing it takes some patience, and also a lot of repetition, a little less speed though, it helps to look at yourself in the mirror."
//smiles softly to you and nods.
"You think its a little to scary? I think you could watch it if you had a friend with you than and with the lights on."
//ends up chuckling a little.
lee soohyuk 4 months ago
@kim seokjin "I feel like i should be the one thanking you for dinner for sure Seokjin, because I mean i know how busy you and your members have been "
//my eyes were looking at the menu but i also look up and my eyes meet yours a moment, though i could say i find your blush rather cute I dont say anything about it. Seeing as how I like to talk and the way i tend to talk is a bit forward or non-shy like i think i should let you breath rather than make you feel anymore nervous or anything.
"Oh its definately my pleasure though trust me... i am not as popular and talented as you, but i know i could be modest." //smiling genuinley.
jo chanhyuk 4 months ago
@lee soohyuk /smiles softly while listening to your words and starts eating when how do nodding as a sign that I was listening attentively
"personally I know that every role you take you make it really amazing. So I know you will keep this promise hyung"
/looks up at you curiously when you speak again
"that's true ... It is always different when we do magazine covered or model for differ products."
/keeps listening to every word you say with full attending while eating slowly not paying much care for the food /
"this is really tough. It is also something I finally realized especially after doing road to kingdom with everyone. Even as idols we need some acting skills in order to leave a good expression after each stage. But this takes a lot of practice and experience and learning. I lack a lot in that part. Maybe because I didn't even graduate high school. But that doesn't mean I will stop learning. No... I'm particular working harder for our next album."
/smiles excitedly looking up to you/
"do you know which role I still haven't seen yet? This period drama about vampires Scholar Who Walks the Night. It is a bit scary for me to watch and I can't pull myself together to watch it"
kim seokjin 4 months ago
@lee soohyuk "oh?? well... i definitely won't say anything if promises won't be broken."
/he chimes in with a sheepish-looking smile, taking the menu and flips it open to see what's on there.. all while stealing a few secret glances at you because he still couldn't believe he's having dinner with one of his favorite actors. eyes widening a little when he realizes he stared too long and you somehow catching him, immediately shifts his attention back on the menu and clears his throat.
"u-uh.. well,,"
/panicking inwardly as he tries to come up with an answer, remembering what the mission was. when you mentioned it being a date, he couldn't stop the blush that forms on his cheeks and creeps up to his ears. slowly looking back up at you and mustering a little shy grin.
"i just really wanted to meet you, hyung! a-and.. yeah.. just that! i really didn't think you'd even accept meeting up and having dinner with me.."
lee soohyuk 4 months ago
@kim seokjin //as we get a more secluded sestcin the resturant I follow you and the server to our table, once seated I contently look at tge menu provided.
"I won't tell my manager if you dont tell your manager."
//in a joking way i saycthis referring to us both possibly breaking the mold our managers had placed for us to keep in. Chuckling a bit and soon deciding on my meal and beverage and ordering it.
"So may i ask? Are you in need of something from me? Or did you really want to just take Hyung out on a date?"
//saying with a sense of bluntness but softness, almost humorous. Softly smiling at your reaction.
lee soohyuk 4 months ago
@jo chanhyuk "What do i say when i am complimented with such honestly?"
//saying with a sense of flattery, but trying not to crack from the sudden happiness and chuckling a bit as i quickly take a sip of my coffee. Looking back at you though with sincerity.
"I really appreciate your support though and i will continue to work hard..."
//thinks about your question though as i start to eat.
"I would say it is different, because we do not have to pjysically train so hard like idols do, and our training for say modeling depends on what the designer may want from the model, some want slim and slender, some want muscular and fit.
//eating again before finishing my thoughts
"Acting i have learned its completely different, sometimes you can't do anything to garentee you a spot... sometimes they just say you are not what we want. And you just have to keep trying very hard the next time you do get an acting role, its the only way to get noticed so they will consider giving you the role."
kim seokjin 4 months ago
@lee soohyuk "oh no, no, hyung. it's totally fine! you're such a gentleman-" he complimented the other with a sincere smile and giving him an assuring pat on his arm as they make their way to the nearest food establishment. "oh really? i'm sure you're a good boy. i was told the same by my manager-hyung too. though i was already almost breaking it there.. if you didn't notice earlier." jin chuckled softly as he led them to the receptionist and asked for a table for two persons. then following the waitress that guided them to their table, somewhere there's less crowd.
jo chanhyuk 4 months ago
@lee soohyuk "it is okay because the industry keeps going fast. It is hard to catch up with every thing even for us as idols. Maybe because we all have to keep promoting for ourselves or else people will forget about us... It is something different from being a model or an actor"
//thanks the waiter that brought our food and drinks with a happy smile
"a decent desirable form. I think you are always in a decent desirable form hyung. I'm a big fan to be honest and you always surprise me"
lee soohyuk 5 months ago
@jo chanhyuk "Oh you did? Im sorry if i don't get to keep up with what goes on in the idol part of things, seems you all are quite busy."
//our food arrives and our drinks.
"Chubby? Haha yes i dont think i will ever get chubby, i bulk up though these days and just maintane a decent desirable form.
lee soohyuk 5 months ago
@kim seokjin "Im sorry if im to polite? You dont have to hold my arm if you rather not too."
He said with a calm voice, and he let his arm relax incase the other rather let go. And they made their way to the resturant and Soohyuk still gave Seokjin an assurex smile.

"My manager said i should be on my best behavior...not that i am a bad influance." He chuckled
kim seokjin 5 months ago
@lee soohyuk (( moved here!

"really?" jin asked, biting on the inner flesh of his bottom lip to stop himself from being too wide and appearing too enthusiastic. instead he remains his composure despite the jitters and excitement in his gut. mustering a soft smile instead and glances down at the arm offered. hesitant at first but eventually he wraps his arm around the taller's own. "sure, let's get going, hyung."
jo chanhyuk 5 months ago
@lee soohyuk "yes I need to diet and even workout especially when we are having a comeback soon. It kind of feels like a whole new debut again with the group name changing and all"
/glances at the photo smiling brightly
"but even as an actor now you still look so skinny sometime. I don't remember ever seeing you getting chubby not even for a role."
lee soohyuk 5 months ago

@jo chanhyuk "So you like food. But you are told to diet? Well i can say i know what you mean.,"
/nods softly and has my phone with some old pics of me.
"When i was mostly modeling my diet was... barely maybe one meal and a lot... a lot of liquids. But i was model not an idol so it was ok for me to look danm skinny. Plus i was young anyway.
/showing you a pucture of me.
jo chanhyuk 5 months ago
@lee soohyuk "lemon water and mint sounds good. I wont be scolded if I tell them I had this for breakfast."
/waits until you put your order before stating mine of the eggs and salad with bacon on top
"I don't usually like healthy food but going healthy today sounds good "
lee soohyuk 5 months ago
@jo chanhyuk "Thats always a good choice, and they have good lemon and mint water here or smoothies just to name a few healthy choices."
/the waitress comes and i go ahead and order my steak and eggs with alvacodo on 9 grain bread besides the espresso. And a side of lemon water and mint.
jo chanhyuk 5 months ago
@lee soohyuk I will make sure to keep that promise
/grins widely looking at where the table is and takes a seat as well
Maybe bacon add g different texture and taste to the salad
lee soohyuk 5 months ago
@jo chanhyuk Well you can cook another time than.
/chuckles and as we go in i find a table and sit down.
Well its on me so you can go ham on the salad and eggs if you like.
/orders a espresso latte for myself.
jo chanhyuk 5 months ago
@lee soohyuk //follows you to the place not even looking which way we took
I was going to start cooking but you already brought us here. This is actually good because I'm very hungry now
lee soohyuk 5 months ago
@jo chanhyuk //brings us to this place for a breakfast to enjoy.
"Well you said you wanged breakfast together soooo here we are. I hope you are hungry. Even if you just eat salad and eggs.

(Hope ya dont mind just this random post lol)


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