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seungsik 59 minutes ago
@byungchan [ h ] you like it when i rub you here, channie? he hums, words muffled into the kiss and shoving his fingers even deeper into you, so they can consistently press up against your prostate. his other hand glides over your body, feeling how tense it is and wraps around your hard , giving it a few casual pumps and squeezes.
byungchan [ h ] 3 days ago
@seungsik () yes, they definitely do. awwh you're so sweet quq thank you so much, I'll always be cheering for you too ;u; <3

*holds back from rocking back against your fingers, lowly in my throat as you continue rubbing my insides. jolts a little bit and hums into the kiss in surprise as you press against my prostate, holding onto you a little tighter at the jolt the stimulation sends straight to my crotch. continues to kiss you as i press my hips down slightly, wanting more of your ministrations*
seungsik 1 month ago
@byungchan [ h ] [] oh, that's great. every small win counts, i suppose. to nudge your grades towards another one. i'll always be cheering for you, love.

he swallows back a laugh upon noticing how you react to his ministrations and continues with them, enjoying how warm your insides are while he rubs around at your insides, finding that particular spot. a loud slurp spills from between their lips as he continues wrapping his tongue with you, in a sloppy kiss.
byungchan [ h ] 1 month ago
@seungsik () haha i surely hope so. i'm doing pretty well so far? save 2 of my quizzes at least^^;. we really, really do >< and thank you, bub <3

*hums pleasantly after a bit at the stretch of two fingers, mewling as you begin stretching and stimulating me. wraps my arms around you slightly as i shudder at every wave of shock rushing up my spine from everytime you curl your fingers. lets out a soft moan as our tongues dance against each other.*
seungsik 1 month ago
@byungchan [ h ] [] as usual, i think you'd do fine. but good luck with that. mmhmm, all that additional stress we lay upon ourselves. don't we all. sometimes we really do need to put our foot down and give ourselves that break though. hopefully you get a chance for that soon.

after giving you a moment to get used to the feeling of his two digits inside you, he begins to alternate between spreading his fingers to stretch out your hole and curling them to rub at your insides for stimulation. his tongue tangles up with yours, as a low groan in pleasure rumbles in his throat, muffled into the kiss.
byungchan [ h ] 1 month ago
@seungsik () yeah >< now i just hope i pass my next classes ;u; but i agree. sometimes we're our own worst critics too so it makes it even harder to judge our own performances. the hustle really doesn't ever end ;; i just want a break haha^^; i'm glad that you're doing good^^

*moans softly in slight satisfaction as you slide in another finger and lets out a weak sound of complaint into the kiss when you tighten your grip on me but listens to your silent command nonetheless, stopping myself from trying to rock my hips back onto your fingers. focuses on the kiss instead, kissing you back with a hum as i trail my hands down your torso*
seungsik 1 month ago
@byungchan [ h ] [] oh. well, at least you still passed, right? we can never know how well we will actually do tbh. the hustle never ends, i can relate. it's like when you get past one thing, another one throws itself in your path. mm, i'm doing good, the same as always, really, haha.

the edge of his lip lifts up in a small smirk, as he lets out a quiet scoff in amusement from your response. leaning into deepen the kiss, he takes the chance of your distraction to slide a second finger into you. the grip of his other hand tightens to hold you still.
byungchan [ h ] 1 month ago
@seungsik () x.x thank you. I just barely passed apparently. I feel like i haven't recovered yet but it's already time to grind agani and i just wanna w i t h e r ;; how have you been? I hope you're doing well and staying healthy and happy^^

*lets out a small breath and shudders slightly as you push more of your finger into me and curl it slightly, the pressure of your finger making me mewl and melt a little into the kiss as i kiss you back. Shifts my hips and starts pushing back a little more onto your finger, lightly nipping your lip*
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seungsik 2 months ago
@byungchan [ h ] [] ah, i'm sure you'd do fine so don't stress yourself out about that. i'm confident that you'll do well enough to not fail, at the very least, haha.

mm, it's perfect, baby, just perfect. he hums, leaning forward to catch your lips in for a gentle kiss, while he pushes more of his finger into you, curling it slightly to rub at your insides.
byungchan [ h ] 2 months ago
@seungsik () ahaha i'm trying ;u; currently, i have a final exam in a few hours and i'm so paranoid over failing the course that i'm starting to malfunction a bit

*whines softly as you tease me, feeling my breath hitch a bit as i watch you on your finger. nods a little bit with a light hum, mewling satisfyingly at the stretch as you push your finger in. pushes back just a bit on your finger as i squirm a little on your lap*
Hmm, is this an okay position, hyung?
seungsik 2 months ago
@byungchan [ h ] [] mm, just do the best you can. don't need to stress yourself out over something more. i think you're doing great so far.

you and me both, beautiful, you and me both. he rubs his finger around your hole, teasing it for a bit before pulling his finger back. bringing it up to his lips, he on it, getting it wet with saliva before returning it to your entrance. mm, ready, beautiful? he hums lightly, gently pushing his finger into you.
byungchan [ h ] 2 months ago
@seungsik () yes definitely ^^ and i'm hoping so too. i just have to not get in my head too much and give myself a reality check which shouldn't be too tough?
well you got them done, that's all that matters so good job! and so long as you think you're doing a good job taking care of yourself, it's all that matters. it's okay even if it's "a little too good" a job

*feels my cheeks flush warmly at your words, nodding and mumbling a little bit in response*
hmm, incredibly but i can't help myself.
*lets out a soft mewl, shaking slightly in anticipation as i feel your finger at my entrance. closes my eyes as i return the kiss and lift my hips slightly to give you easier access to me. places my hands on your chest to give myself a bit of leverage as i slightly push my hips back against your finger*
seungsik 2 months ago
@byungchan [ h ] [] is the way it should be. small wins, right? and that's nice to hear, and i hope you continue with that outlook, because it seems to be helping.
mm, i finally managed to clear them all. were they all a little late, maybe, but at least they're done. mm, i think i already do a good job at that. a little too good a job.

impatient, aren't we? maybe i should loosen you up a bit first? wouldn't want to hurt you, beautiful. he hums in response, leaning forward to catch your lips back in for another kiss. his hand trails down your body, slipping in between your thighs to press his finger against your entrance.
byungchan [ h ] 2 months ago
@seungsik () slowly but surely. i fell for a bit again but i'm doing better (again) now that i've developed a newish outlook on my situation? ><
awwh, you got this! i believe in you, and even with procrastination it's okay to need/want to complain when things get stressful or overwhelming. just remember to try to take care of yourself because you matter! drink some water, take a small stroll, eat, and try to rest as much as you can!

*shudders pleasantly and melts a bit when i feel your grip tighten on me, softly as my tongue presses against yours. continues to grind my hips against yours a little more desperately, feeling my muscles ache with need for you. whines a bit as i kiss you back for a while longer until i can't take it anymore, pulling away slightly*
Sik hyung, please- me, i want to feel you inside of me.
seungsik 2 months ago
@byungchan [ h ] [] that's great. let's hope this momentum continues! mm, i've been a little overwhelmed since deadline period is near. but then again, who am i to complain since i've been procrastinating. and hey, don't need to apologise, i understand.

a low groan mixes with the soft slurping from the movement of their tongues in his mouth as he tilts his head to press their lips closer together. his fingers press deeper into your skin as his grip on you tightens, meeting your movements with the same one of his hips.
byungchan [ h ] 2 months ago
@seungsik () anytime^^ i'm slowly getting out of this stump and i'm slowly getting out of stress mode so hopefully i'll find myself less down. but how have you been? Sorry for the wait again ><

hmm, definitely... how could i not?
*follows your lead and slips my tongue between your lips, letting my tongue dance against yours. wraps my arms around your shoulders as i kiss you back and light starts to grind my hips down against yours, letting out a soft hum at the feeling of the slight friction*
seungsik 3 months ago
@byungchan [] you think? hm. but i guess that's still good news than not. ah, hopefully you're not in situations like that often then? hey, even though that's the case, you could still talk about it. who knows, it might help you find a solution to ease your situation a little more. the offer's always open for you, buddy. thank you, that really helps a lot.

with how you're reacting to it, i can't help myself. but you're enjoying it as much as i am too, aren't you? he parts his lips slightly, his tongue coming out to wrap around yours and pulling it into his mouth to lightly on it. he brings one hand up to sloppily undo his buttons, pulling his arms out from the fabric and letting it fall behind him. returning his hands to your hips, he pulls you closer, until their bare bodies are flush, lifting his hips to press closer against yours
byungchan [ h ] 3 months ago
@seungsik () thank you! and i think i'm doing okay, so long as i'm not at home, alone, i think. most of what i'm suffering is my fault so i don't know if i really can vent about it anymore but thank you for the offer. i'll likely take you up on it someday. i really appreciate it and i'm here for you if you ever need a space to vent or clear your mind too. ❤
you got this, i believe in you!

it's because you keep teasing me-
*pouts a little before kissing you back as you bring us back in for a heated kiss. tilts my head a little more, to deepen the kiss, brushing my tongue lightly against your lip and tugs your shirt upward to remove the article of clothing. shifts my hips slightly and tries to grind my hips against yours to try and get some friction between us.*
seungsik 3 months ago
@byungchan [] hey, happy new year to you too, buddy! and yes, please do that. trying is a good step. ah, that's a relief then. i hope you know that i'm here for you, if you ever need a space to vent, or clear your mind. mm, life's been picking up again and i'm trying to get things all planned out but nothing new.

how much more should i give you, hm? he mumbles quietly, pulling your pants off with one swift tug and tossing it unceremoniously aside. his lips move passionately against yours, as he tilts his head to press his lips closer in a deeper kiss.
byungchan [ h ] 4 months ago
@seungsik (Happy new year! I'm trying to take better care of myself >< i was doing good and hit a low mood for a bit but i'm getting better again >< how have you been? ♡)

Hmmm, please touch me, Siki hyung- please give me more
*whines as you draw your hand away, feeling a little relieved when i realize you're ing my pants instead, leaning in to meet you halfway, kissing you back when our lips touch;
lets my hands roam your chest before slipping my hand under the hem of your shirt to feel your abdomen*
seungsik 4 months ago
@byungchan [] i wish the same for you! do take care of yourself, and enjoy the holidays, despite the.. circumstances.

hm, please what, hm? what are you requesting from me, byungchannie~? he hums teasingly, the edge of his lips curling up into a small smirk. his hands slide away from your crotch, moving to start to undo your pants as he leans forward to recapture your lips back into a deep kiss.
byungchan [ h ] 5 months ago
@seungsik [Oof, congrats on getting through it! Thank you! I hope you get to get a well deserved rest because you deserve it too^^ i understand, but staying inside and being cozy is great. I hope you take care and have a great holiday regardless of festivities with lots of rest c:)

*whines softly at the squeeze and at the pace you set, closing my eyes as i lightly grind my hips into your hand until i feel you pressing a little harder into my side to restrict my movement more;
lets my hands drop down to rest upon your shoulders, closer to your chest as your actions elicit further lewd and slightly frustrated sounds from me with your slow and silent direction to sit still;
breaks away from the kiss and pants a little bit*
Siki hyung, please-
seungsik 5 months ago
@byungchan [] you're not alone in that hatred. i totally understand. i just went through the same torture, but thank god it's over. yay, congratulations. you deserve that rest, after working so hard all year! mm, not really. it's a little hard to feel festive with the whole situation going on now. but i suppose i'll just stay in and be cozy.

he gives it one more squeeze before moving his hand slowly, stroking it through the fabric of your pants. his lip curls up slightly in a smirk, amused by the response he elicited from you. he presses the fingers of his other hand deeper into your skin, getting you to stop moving so much.
byungchan [ h ] 5 months ago
@seungsik (i missed this! ;; i hate finals week tbh but ive been doing my best to take care of myself^^ i actually just finished my last exam for the quarter so i'm free for a month finally ;u;
i'm glad you're doing good! have anything planned for the holidays?)

*lets out a soft hum when i feel the heat of your palm over my , shuddering lightly at the feeling of your fingers grazing over the outline of my and feeling my breath hitch when you give it a gentle squeeze, eliciting a light whine from me, muffled in our kiss;
tilts my head a bit to deepen the kiss some more and slightly squirms, trying to get some more friction from you*
seungsik 5 months ago
@byungchan [] oh dear, that doesn't okay at all. and hey, don't worry about it. your health should always come first. take care of yourself, buddy! mm, i've been busy with work too but i've been good.

his hand soon finds your crotch, palm splaying over to cup it. his fingers find the slight outline of your through the fabric and gives it a gentle squeeze.
byungchan [ h ] 5 months ago
@seungsik (i am!! i've been okay? extremely stressed and lowkey dying? i just got sick so i'm sorry for the really spotty replies ;; how about you? how've you been?)

*moans softly as our tongues dance together, humming at the way you lightly my tongue, bringing one hand to gently cup your jaw;
lightly plays with the ends of your hair using my free hand, only slightly aware of your hand inching bit by bit towards my crotch*
seungsik 5 months ago
@byungchan [] wow, you're still alive? how've you been!

once he feels your tongue slip past his lips, does he bring his own out to tangle with yours, while their lips meld together in a sloppy kiss. he lightly on your tongue as a low groan rumbles deep in his chest.
his fingers get emboldened and begin to move upwards, toward your crotch, bit by bit.
byungchan [ h ] 5 months ago
@seungsik (jdsgbsfg hi ><)

*slips my tongue between your lips at the invite, moving my hand from your cheek to let my arms drape over your shoulders;
plays with the ends of your hair, humming a little bit at the squeeze, shuddering lightly at the of your fingers*
seungsik 8 months ago
@byungchan he lets you deepen the kiss, lips parting invitingly for your tongue while pressing his fingers into your skin. one hand slides down to rest on your thigh, giving it a gentle squeeze, while fingers at the inside of it.


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c-can I be your chan???
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victon's comeback is out, please check ♥

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could I apply for subin?
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is sejun still available?

if yes, can I apply?
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Aww sad I'm seeing this now, would have loved to join >.<
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Do I just apply for Byungchan? ><
If so- I applied dfjkghdfjgk ><
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