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hanse [A] 1 year ago
@byungchan okay fair enough i do have a weird sleeping pattern but i still sleep :<
*huff softly, eyes closing and letting out yet another sigh from the touch of your fingers*
I'll kiss you senseless once im awake!
byungchan [ h ] 1 year ago
@hanse but you still need to rest, sese :<
*holds you close to me and smiles softly*
we can give each other kisses and love when we wake up
*kisses your forehead and reaches up to run my fingers through your hair*
hanse [A] 1 year ago
@byungchan But if i sleep for too long how am I supposed to give you kisses and love :<
I'd be asleep and unable to do any of that!!!
*sigh happily and snuggled furthet* you're so warm
byungchan [ h ] 1 year ago
@hanse it's definitely a win-win situation!
*smiles softly and nods a bit*
we do! and i'll help warm you up for a nice long nap, then.
*cuddles into you and chuckles softly*
hanse [A] 1 year ago
@byungchan and i'd love to give you kisses so its a win-win solution!
mhm! a nap sounds amazing, im tired and cold and a nice nap with you sounds perfect
*hums from the kisses, petting your hair gently
noice, now we both have better day!
byungchan [ h ] 1 year ago
@hanse really? i'm glad to hear that because i'd love getting kisses from you
i know, are you free to nap with me right now, sese?
*smiles softly and hums a bit as i kiss your cheek and your neck*
alright, more kisses for you then~
and giving you kisses and hugging you is making my day better already
hanse [A] 1 year ago
@byungchan I would always be happy to give you all the kisses you want, byungie
*reaches out to comb your hair back and leans in to press a smooch on your forehead*
you know i do get busy these days, im always sleepy too ahh
well, more kisses from one choi byungchan will surely make me less tired *grins cheekily at you*
hopefully we can make your ay a bit better now mhm?
byungchan [ h ] 1 year ago
@hanse never~ though i do want a kiss every now and then when you come in here
*holds you close to me and entangles our legs together*
awwh, busy day? can i do anything to help your tiredness?
i'm doing okay? not the greatest but not the worst so that's something, i think
hanse [A] 1 year ago
@byungchan nice to know i dont need to pay rent here
*grins wider from the kiss, pecking yours once again before holding you close to me*
super tired, how about you byungie?
byungchan [ h ] 1 year ago
@hanse you're always welcome
*grins and leans in to kiss your lips gently, nuzzling into your nape*
how are you today?~
hanse [A] 1 year ago
@byungchan *beams and wraps my arms and legs around your body, pressing a quick kiss on your cheek*
I feel so welcomed
byungchan [ h ] 1 year ago
@hanse *flops on sese, pecking your neck with a grin*
hi sese~ <3
hanse [A] 1 year ago
Flops on byungies bed :3


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appleontop 1 month ago
applied for subin! c:
pringles- [A] 1 month ago

+ chan and subin free to apply
+ new album chaos out
+ new mv stupid o'clock out

pringles- [A] 4 months ago
Featured Rated M
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on 20.02.2022
-MARS- 4 months ago
c-can I be your chan???
pringles- [A] 5 months ago

victon's comeback is out, please check ♥

blackmirror 6 months ago
could I apply for subin?
pringles- [A] 6 months ago
+ mobile friendly rules and how to apply in the Rules ♥
BeautyPoison 10 months ago
is sejun still available?

if yes, can I apply?
FallenBloodyAngel 1 year ago
Aww sad I'm seeing this now, would have loved to join >.<
SweetSinner 1 year ago
Do I just apply for Byungchan? ><
If so- I applied dfjkghdfjgk ><
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