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this is a secondary in character chat room designed for slower interaction. if the conversation calls for lengthier replies or is largely tagged this may be the room for it. likewise, if the main chat is just going to fast, feel free to come here. as with main chat, the safe word is marguerite. if the safe word is invoked, please drop the current topic of conversation and change to a different topic.
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❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ 2 months ago
@❀ j. jaehyun 。 careful-
/but its too late, we're tripping onto the bed and i'm laughing softly, looking up at you while my laughter dissolves so i can listen to you
mmh... that's the one
/nods a little before i sigh at your dimples, you're so handsome and cute at the same time, my thoughts blurring when you kiss me though
/pulling you in to lay against me i kiss you back, my arms hooking under your own while we kiss, no rush to it because we both know we have all the time right now
i love you, jae
always will...
❀ j. jaehyun 。 2 months ago
@❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ /shakes my head, intent on getting you back home so im very nearly tripping over myself to lead us back to the dorm in between kisses and pausing to nuzzle against you
/but once we're back inside, i /do/ actually trip over myself and it sends the both of us careening into your bed, myself hovering over you as i smile
you mean the promise of our forever?
no way im gonna miss out on that one
/more dimpled grins for you, my lips coming to meet yours and its a slow, sensual kiss, my body pressing to your own as i begin to indulge, making good on at least one of those promises already, very gladly getting lost in you
❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ 2 months ago
@❀ j. jaehyun 。 /admiring the rings with you i tilt my head before looking back at you and smiling again, letting out a soft laugh at your raised brow
you did say so
and i'm starting to think nothing could stop you
/pulled in i happily sink against you, leaning down a bit to help with the height difference, even if it isn't really much it always seems like more when its just the two of us
mmh... you definitely do
you're not allowed to break any with me, we've got the biggest one yet coming up
❀ j. jaehyun 。 2 months ago
@❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ /tugs you back out of the store, lifting our hands to show off the rings, raising a brow at you
told you we'd get married one day
you really think i would have let you go?
/tilts my head as i pull you in with me against my chest, tiptoeing to kiss you one two three times on the lips
i think i have a promise i have to make good on
❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ 2 months ago
@❀ j. jaehyun 。 i love you too
/murmurs as i have nothing but love and adoration for you in my eyes, smiling sweetly before i thank the owner with you
/once we've paid and are done i'm giving your hand a small squeeze again, beaming at you and those dimples of yours
it really is going to happen
i can't believe it either
❀ j. jaehyun 。 2 months ago
@❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ you bet
/promises as i lean in to peck your nose, my attention drifting to the rings as we look them over, my fingers slotting between your own
i love you
/whispers before giving your hand a squeeze, very determinedly paying with just one hand since i refuse to let go of yours, politely asking if we can wear the rings out and the owner agrees, happy to see two people in love
/swings our hands, a happy dimpled smile on my lips as i lean into your side
they're literally perfect— i love the rings, i love you... its really, really gonna happen
❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ 2 months ago
@❀ j. jaehyun 。 /laughs as you tease me about looking at you, a soft 'promise?' coming from me to double check you meant it about making out
/admiring the ring on your own finger i turn my hand so i can hold your own, bringing it to my lips before i peer down at you on my shoulder again
i love them. they're perfect
/nods before i nudge your head with my own, pressing one more kiss over the ring on your finger this time, lowering our hands
let's ask to wear them out the shop
❀ j. jaehyun 。 2 months ago
@❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ /slowly smiles as i realize you're just looking at me, once more pressing a kiss to your shoulder in hopes of distracting you
baby c'mon, we can make out after we get our rings
/laughs softly before falling quiet, waiting patiently and admiring the rings as they come out
/slipping one on, i hold my hand up next to yours so we can get a look at them together, resting my chin on your shoulder
mmn, mhm, that way we dont have to take it off every single time we do something... what do you think?
❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ 2 months ago
@❀ j. jaehyun 。 mmh i'd like that very much now you mention it
/murmurs as i look at you, head tilted slightly and i have this dreamy look in my eyes, admiring you before i let out a soft sigh
oh, right
/remembering i said i was going to try it on i turn to the worker, asking them to and they get them out, passing it over
/popping one on i hold up my hand, watching it in the light before i turn to you, nodding for you to try your own one on
i'd like something simple, something i can wear all the time to keep you with me you know?
❀ j. jaehyun 。 2 months ago
@❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ /grins to myself, feeling proud that this is where we are now, and so i find myself watching you, more following what your thoughts are
/we go through some pairs, deciding against some and to go back to others, all the while i dont let go of your hand, nudging your side lightly
i like them, i like them a lot
do you wanna try it on, see if its the one?
/turns my head to nudge my nose to your shoulder, looking up at you with wide eyes and a soft smile on my lips
❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ 2 months ago
@❀ j. jaehyun 。 /bumps into you slightly when you stop and then pull me in, watching you quietly before i give you a small smile, leaning in to meet you halfway for the kiss
you're my forever too
my soulmate
/whispers before i nuzzle my nose against your own, following you again obediently after, giving your hand a small squeeze and i feel both nervous and excited
/looking over the rings i think about various things, what i'd like visually, what's easiest with work, etc. chatting with you quietly when i get stuck and you help me make a choice
what about these?
/asks as i point toa pair within the display cabinet, showing it to you before i straighten up a bit, offering you a small smile as i do so with a tilt of my head
not too flashy but they're pretty
❀ j. jaehyun 。 2 months ago
@❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ i know i dont have to, i just want to
/pausing for a moment, i pull you to a stop with me, pulling you in a bit closer and leaning in to press my lips to yours as i tiptoe, speaking softly against your mouth
you've always been my forever
/and with that i lead you off to the jewelers, a little skip in my step out of excitement, and once we're there i hold the door open for you, fingers playing with your own
take a look-- we'll pick something we like, yeah?
❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ 2 months ago
@❀ j. jaehyun 。 yeah for real
/nods as i follow you when you tug me along, no resistance in me at all while i give your hand a small squeeze, brushing my thumb over the side of your hand
you don't have to do any of that you know
just promise me forever
/whispers as i look at you, smiling to myself and pressing a kiss to your hand again, catching up and actually walking properly beside you now
❀ j. jaehyun 。 2 months ago
@❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ /my eyes shine when you smile at me the way you do, laughing a little to follow after your words as i listen to you seemingly trying to grasp whats going on
for real though, right?
rings-- married-- for real
/clarifies with you as you're kissing over my hands that i really, really mean it, smiling as i slip one hand into yours and give a tug, intent on leading you
sorry i kinda skipped a few steps... its not really all that stereotypically romantic
i'll get on my knees and properly ask once we get rings, okay? promise
❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ 2 months ago
@❀ j. jaehyun 。 /my face lights up when you say let's go do it now, that you mean it, a soft happy sigh leaving my lips before i nod and give you a brighter smile
okay... yeah!
yeah lets go do that
/giggles as i'm giddy with you, lifting your hands and peppering the back of them with lots and lots of kisses just for you, sighing happily as i do so
i love you
right yes- let's go
❀ j. jaehyun 。 2 months ago
@❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ i was /thinking/ john-- not that i have an answer, but you know
/smiles when you look at me the way you do, batting my eyelashes innocently as i drum my fingers on your shoulders, squeezing them lightly
yeah, i mean it, right now
lets go get rings, and lets pick a date
/leans in to press my lips to yours, pulling you in to make it a little easier, my nose affectionately bumping your own as i smile against your mouth
lets get married
❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ 2 months ago
@❀ j. jaehyun 。 i'm asking you that!
/says jokingly with surprise in my voice, only to end up laughing again before i press my lips softly against your own, a happy noise leaving me at your affection and nuzzles
/pulls back to look at you, my hands at your hips while i look you up and down, squinting when i gaze into your eyes after
you mean it?
like, like the rings, right now?
❀ j. jaehyun 。 2 months ago
@❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ /laughs openly again when you lift me up, my hands on your shoulders and gentle as i hold you, looking down at you with the brightest smile on my face
whats taking so long?
/repeats your question, coming to settle on the floor again as you kiss me and nuzzle me affectionately, and i slide my hands along your arms
lets go get rings then, and pick a date
lets get married
❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ 2 months ago
@❀ j. jaehyun 。 /winds my arms around your hips, easily lifting you against my chest, high enough your feet leave the floor and i'm looking up at you instead
you mean future husband?
because i'm definitely putting a ring on it. like god damn jae, what's taking so long?
/says before i set you down again, kissing the spot i'd been nibbling on before, amused before i press my nose to your temple and speak again
wife me up
❀ j. jaehyun 。 2 months ago
@❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ /slides my arms tighter around your shoulders, pulling myself flush against you with a happy little groan
make that both of us, babe
/almost squirms in your hold, unashamed as i layer kisses wherever i can in between you nibbling at my cheek
careful, if you eat me there wont be enough boyfriend material left for you
pretty sure you need that to, you know, have a boyfriend
❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ 2 months ago
@❀ j. jaehyun 。 /sighs softly as i lean in and return your kiss, looking like i'm in a daze when i do so before i nuzzle your nose softly with mine
adorable AND all yours
/murmurs before i'm biting at your cheek, teasing you as i do so and it makes me giggle myself, melding with the sounds you make too
and so totally whipped for you
❀ j. jaehyun 。 2 months ago
@❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ /giggles against your lips as you lean forward and kiss me, making me lean back so i hold onto you a little tighter
ooh that'd be nice— im gonna hold you to that then
/curls my fingers into your shoulder, the other sliding to your nape and i pull you in to kiss you myself
you're adorable
❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ 2 months ago
@❀ j. jaehyun 。 mmh... maybe
i'll get back to you on that one
/smiles at you again before you get cheesy on me and i'm nudging your side, pressing my lips to your own as i make you lean back a little while i do so
okay okay
enough with the cheesy bull
what do you want? i'll you without all that you know
/teases because i'm just feeling shy about your words, banter is the easiest thing to deflect some of that with of course
❀ j. jaehyun 。 3 months ago
@❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ you could be a milf or a dilf, bro
lets be real
/laughs openly, shaking my head as i lift a hand to tuck some of your longer hair behind your ear, shrugging a shoulder
we'll make room for it
/blinks when you ask me whats on my mind, undsure if i'll be able to properly word it but i give it a try
just thankful that this is where we are
cheesy , but every day waking up and knowing i've got you in one way or another is like... a dream come true
makes getting out of bed easier
❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ 3 months ago
@❀ j. jaehyun 。 you want me to be a milf now?
god damn i'm learning new things every day
/giggles softly before i'm humming in thought when you offer to install a pole at the dorm, making me tilt my head
well... couldn't hurt
not sure there's really enough room though
/says entirely seriously, before i notice the stars in your eyes and then i'm gazing at them, lovingly
what's on your mind?
❀ j. jaehyun 。 3 months ago
@❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ so who's supposed to be the milf here?
'cause its definitely not me
/snorts as i laugh a little, taking the opportunity to steal another kiss from your lips when your nose bumps mine, a happy string of laughter leaving me
uh huh, 'cause i cant get enough of you
are we gonna have to install a pole in the dorm?
/once more begins swaying with you, arms hooked over your shoulders and its almost like we're slow dancing at this point, the stars in my eyes when i look at you
❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ 3 months ago
@❀ j. jaehyun 。 pfff. with these big feet and hands?
/holds up one hand to show you what i mean, giggling after and pressing a kiss to your forehead, nudging your nose with my own
is that so?
i was wondering where so many views were coming from...
/trails off as i tease you, giggling again and nudging your nose softly with my own once more, enjoying being affectionate with you
❀ j. jaehyun 。 3 months ago
@❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ uh, doubt it
you'd be total milf material, john
/laughs openly, my lips curling into a wide grin even as you kiss me, drumming my fingers on your waist and dipping my thumbs under your shirt
you're super hot, actually
way better than yong, than anybody else
you'll have to give me a proper show next time, though i will say i've watched that jcc like at least 8 times
❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ 3 months ago
@❀ j. jaehyun 。 not happening. nope
i'd make an ugly lady anyway
/leans into your touch before i kiss you back, nipping at your bottom lip softly and giving you another small kiss between you speaking
you better let it slide
i'm better than yong. i mean come on, i pole dance now. it's okay, you can tell me i'm hot
❀ j. jaehyun 。 3 months ago
@❀ s. youngho 。ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ because if i looked at you i wouldnt stop laughing
maybe i can get you in a better version, you know? more serious
/teases you before im smiling widely at your affections, sliding my hands to your cheeks and placing a firm, lingering kiss to your lips
i think im the winner here, but i'll let it slide


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Juyeon left. Thank you and take care~
chanseowoon 7 months ago
Can I get hwang minhyun as second character?
chanseowoon 7 months ago
Hello can I have Im Jinah/Nana?
epiqhany 8 months ago
hi can i have park chanyeol? thanks!
realstraykids 8 months ago
hello, can i have im nayeon please
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Ok its been a while and I can finally upvote ><
So just stuck on who to be
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violentdesire 8 months ago
|| Hello, hi! May you please reserve THE BOYZ' Juyeon [for me] and Soloist Jung Jaewon for my friend? Thanks so much.
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lee seungjun /j-us pls?
Babylon 8 months ago
may i please reserve kim sungjoo?
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