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meme time
it's meme time. it's meme time. gather all your friends it's meme time. it's meme time. it's meme time. the only cure for sadness.

- jacksepticeye
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❀ l. juyeon 。 8 months ago
@❀ j. jaewon 。ᵒⁿᵉ /chortles a set of delighted laugh within your heart fluttering kisses and snuggles up against your side profile while nomming on your left cheek using my lips only not to hurt you in the process;

So are you, Jae~ We're better together with our similarities and our differences.

Psh if you are like this, I'll get even clingier as I might not be able to let you go literally.
❀ l. juyeon 。 8 months ago
@❀ j. jaewon 。ᵒⁿᵉ /kisses you back in much elation filled with affection and rests my temple against your forehead then brings up one of your slender hands;

No pressure at all, babe~ Take your time, it's you and your well-being before us. Okay? I miss you more but I didn't want to say all of these on weekdays 'cause you have been such a busy bee. But, I truly get it so no need to worry too. Hm..? For sure, we'll see each other more later.

I hope you'll get some real break soon to just relaxed and do your stuff.~ Nonetheless, have a wondrous weekend and look out after yourself there.

/stamps a big sweet-loving on the back of your hand and flashes a warm smile at you aside from the fact that our moments never cease to make my heart flip before letting you slip away with a tender kiss on your left cheek;
❀ j. jaewon 。ᵒⁿᵉ 8 months ago
@❀ l. juyeon 。 Juyeonnie
/gives you several bunches of kisses
You’re so good to me
❀ l. juyeon 。 8 months ago

@❀ j. jaewon 。ᵒⁿᵉ https://i.imgur.com/c4aHdmH.jpg

Have a good rest since it's weekend and you can always come back to me when you can to be your home here, darling.~
❀ j. jaewon 。ᵒⁿᵉ 8 months ago
@❀ l. juyeon 。 /cups your cheeks, gently kissing your lips for a moment
I’ll reply soon. Work has just been a little weird for me. I miss you too. So much. Soon we’ll be able to see each other
❀ l. juyeon 。 8 months ago
@❀ j. jaewon 。ᵒⁿᵉ Baby~ :<

I miss you even more than before but that's okay because when I get to see you here, it's all good and.. better. <333

And also, yes. I do, really. You mean a lot to me and you inspire me to do more with your little things which I adore about you a lot, Jung Jaewon.~ I want you to know this too. <3
❀ j. jaewon 。ᵒⁿᵉ 8 months ago
@❀ l. juyeon 。 I hope you know how much I truly appreciate you in my life, Juyeonnie
❀ l. juyeon 。 8 months ago

@❀ j. jaewon 。ᵒⁿᵉ https://64.media.tumblr.com/79a3ff79558e3890ef47d4afd508e518/c4dffb8c286b1b10-91/s1280x1920/b9265c2c9eac439e5452df165504a809c18725a3.gif

Well, except that I'm only gay for you. <333

Have a Terrific Tuesday, baby.~
You take care of yourself also for me. Hehe.
❀ j. jaewon 。ᵒⁿᵉ 8 months ago
@❀ l. juyeon 。 ❤️ I will gladly accept and give all sorts of affection, Juyeonnie
❀ l. juyeon 。 8 months ago
❀ l. juyeon 。 8 months ago
Oh, a meme time room. :o
✿ b. fumika 。 10 months ago
I’ll post here—
✿ m. sana 。 1 year ago
because I’m having trouble going back to sleep, here’s some entertainment hehehe:

✿ m. sana 。 1 year ago

last one lol but great thing to watch at midnight xD
✿ m. sana 。 1 year ago

still need to play the game but omo!


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violentdesire 6 months ago
Juyeon left. Thank you and take care~
chanseowoon 7 months ago
Can I get hwang minhyun as second character?
chanseowoon 7 months ago
Hello can I have Im Jinah/Nana?
epiqhany 8 months ago
hi can i have park chanyeol? thanks!
realstraykids 8 months ago
hello, can i have im nayeon please
8c631981b7de5ba6493b 8 months ago
Ok its been a while and I can finally upvote ><
So just stuck on who to be
[comment deleted by owner]
violentdesire 8 months ago
|| Hello, hi! May you please reserve THE BOYZ' Juyeon [for me] and Soloist Jung Jaewon for my friend? Thanks so much.
a253dba2f9525e26a7f5 8 months ago
lee seungjun /j-us pls?
Babylon 8 months ago
may i please reserve kim sungjoo?
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