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"For the time being we are no longer accepting CC or alt requests! Please PM Hayoung or Devon for any admin concerns (hiatus, leaving, etc) Please refer to the final announcement in regards to any character cc or alt information!"


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acuteassmess [A] 1 year ago
here is the link to the revamped rp if you are interested in joining!! !

puddin [A] 1 year ago
☆ Summertime is officially revamping to welcome in the Autumn weather! ☆
• new rp will be opened on: 9/20/2021
• the link redirected to the new rp will be posted in the comments upon the rp opening!
• as of right now, we will not be accepting new members til the new rp is opened ♡
cherrypies 1 year ago
scarlett leithold please!
vernal 1 year ago
hiii can i reserve yoon sanha?
ohwoahlotto 1 year ago
Hello pls take me back-
kurozu 1 year ago
VioletRose 1 year ago
glizzy_mcguire 1 year ago
not me not knowing how to scroll this layout on mobile

Pls halp
glizzy_mcguire 1 year ago

@ puddin
soshibutts 1 year ago
sean o'pry please
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