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espresso to go
✩ lolo z。 [A] 1 year ago
@michael o。 Aha I'm very happy you understand and thank you for being patient with me!
I show you a finger heart of mines. I open the menu look through to see what I want, looks over at you at your words.
The only pecan I ate was chocolate pecan candy and butter pecan ice cream but I'm curious though, let's try it together?
michael o。 1 year ago
@✩ lolo z。 No trust me I know the traffic is like Mario Kart out there sometimes.
/simply nodding with a airy chuckle, my locks falling into my face and I look from you to the menu of drinks and handmade goodies they got.
'Umm have you tried this pecan latte with foam? I never heard of it."
✩ lolo z。 [A] 1 year ago
@michael o。 i push the door through to go inside the cafe, instantly start looking around for you before grinning as i then walk toward the table where you're sitting at. as soon as you look my way, i wave before i go over to sit on the chair across from you.
i'm really sorry for being late, the traffic is hella busy today aha. shall we order something?
michael o。 1 year ago
@✩ lolo z。 //walking into this cafe and looking around to see my surroundings and than finding a open spot in the back area not spotting you yet so I patiently wait and browse the cafe menu.


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acuteassmess [A] 1 year ago
here is the link to the revamped rp if you are interested in joining!! !

puddin [A] 1 year ago
☆ Summertime is officially revamping to welcome in the Autumn weather! ☆
• new rp will be opened on: 9/20/2021
• the link redirected to the new rp will be posted in the comments upon the rp opening!
• as of right now, we will not be accepting new members til the new rp is opened ♡
cherrypies 1 year ago
scarlett leithold please!
vernal 1 year ago
hiii can i reserve yoon sanha?
ohwoahlotto 1 year ago
Hello pls take me back-
kurozu 1 year ago
VioletRose 1 year ago
glizzy_mcguire 1 year ago
not me not knowing how to scroll this layout on mobile

Pls halp
glizzy_mcguire 1 year ago

@ puddin
soshibutts 1 year ago
sean o'pry please
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