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knock before coming in
wookjin j。 1 year ago


soooo who want me to catch a raccoon for them uwu
felix l。 1 year ago
@hongjoong k。 DID YOU KNOW THAT !!!!!!
i still haven't opened those links bc im weak and ive spent the last three days Sleeping
hongjoong k。 1 year ago
@felix l。 felix simp (for hongjoong) lee!!!!!
o oh yes my brain immediately went to exactly what you thought it was going to haha
heck ye!! the most useful backpack don’t ever put underestimate yourself again or we are fighting!
seeeee the denim fit wasn’t THAT bad you were just being too dramatic trying to take me back to the early 2000s.
who says I don’t fight myself everyday anyways? hmm? I’ll cry over uh probably hunger because I’m starving
felix l。 1 year ago
@hongjoong k。 i am simply felix simp lee :D mhmm you are my prisoner and my arms are your cage. i was gonna say i have handcuffs too but apparently your mind lives in the gutter so uH,,,,
omg you right!!!! and also all my love for kim hongkong. and cheese, lots of cheese.
lets out a quiet sigh of happiness and presses a lil kissy against your shoulder. ok here’s the deal- i really wasn’t lying about the denim fit. but i do have to admit that you actually pulled it off pretty well (´・ᴗ・` )
no issok, because then you’ll end up having to fight yourself. and that’s no bueno
hongjoong k。 1 year ago
@felix l。 Felix Simp Lee,, this fits AGAFSKZH a prisoner- bro-
hey! you’re a useful backpack! for holding my heart oho!!!!!
holds your hands, giving them a light squeeze before rubbing the backs with my thumbs. when you said I wasn’t cool in my denim you were definitely lying and trying to hide the fact I’m always cool pls
mmmm I don’t really have a reason to be crying, but what is yours? do I need to fight someone instead?
felix l。 1 year ago
@hongjoong k。 yep, that’s my middle name!!! yes it very much does, and now you are my prisoner and you’ll never be let go muahahaaa
squeezes you in my arms and nuzzles my cheek against your hair. the worlds cuddliest but most useless backpack : D
me? playing hard to get? what on earth has given you that idea? :') but ok let’s think,,,, well i cant really think of anything for you to cry about, but i already have something in mind for me heh
hongjoong k。 1 year ago
@felix l。 you big phat simp!! it’s okay I’d be in your room most of the time anyways so I’ll just make it easier on us both c:
revs up for a big ole cry and melts into your arms, my lix backpack <3
you can be tiny after a good cry and cuddle session then!!
so what are we crying about,, hmm? because now you’re not playing hard to get or clowning me rn so I can’t cry about that
felix l。 1 year ago
@hongjoong k。 sorryyyy my simpy side came out and when i saw the opportunity i just couldn’t help myself :shy fingies: but see it worked out for both of us : D
grabs a box of tissues and hops onto the bed next to you, immediately koala hugging you from behind and wrapping all my limbs around you
shhh nope it is currently tiny joong o’clock, we can talk about tiny lix some other day c: the absolute cutest ♡
no more clowning……,,. for now
hongjoong k。 1 year ago
the way I sighed smh
hongjoong k。 1 year ago
@felix l。 of course you didn’t even tell me you had a guest room until now B O Y
I’d rather room with you anyways <3
let’s do it then!!!!!! zooms to the room and flops on the bed for cuddles and cries
you’re not that tall either don’t come for my tiny self mister :< at least I’m still cute even if I’m tiny
good no more clowning
wookjin j。 1 year ago
why not :D
hongjoong k。 1 year ago
wookjin j。 1 year ago
berries and cream tiktok is probably my favoritest place ever
felix l。 1 year ago
@hongjoong k。 AHAHAHA i could have offered you the guest bedroom buuuttt i’m a lil selfish so you’re stuck with me < 3
yes that’s so true. dang now i kinda wanna fall asleep crying KFNDJ come here bebi my arms are ready for u ♡
it is pretty high but look. look at how the others have at least their toes on the ground :pleading: ahaha i’m sorry ok ok i think i’m done clowning you for now :)
hongjoong k。 1 year ago
@felix l。 you sneaky little icb but also I’m not complaining :D
hell yea crying is best activity before falling asleep so you can pass out extra hard!!BET time to go cuddle and cry then!
im not even THAT smol pls the seat is just… high— don’t kill for me unless it’s a bug!!!!! i love you too gdi
felix l。 1 year ago
@hongjoong k。 ʸᴼᵁ'ᴿᴱ ˢᴼ ˢᴹᴼᴸ ᴼᴴ ᴹʸ ᴳᴼᴰ i would literally kill for you omg i love you so much
felix l。 1 year ago
@hongjoong k。 maybe that was by design,,,,,, so you would have no c h o i c e but to be in my room >:)
yes of course you can cry, thats like the number one thing that happens in my room. besides sleeping, duh : D you can definitely be the little spoon, i would very much like to cuddle the heck out of you ♡\(´・ᴗ・ ` )
hongjoong k。 1 year ago
@felix l。 yes I’m babie :< and what about it
we can cry together
hongjoong k。 1 year ago
@felix l。 WELL i don’t have a room so where am I supposed to go ??????????
MY MIND IS ALWAYS IN THE GUTTER IT LIVES THERE RENT FREE! pillow fight sounds fun, but can I still cry? or we can cuddle though I want to be the little spoon so I can cry c’:
wookjin j。 1 year ago
the spice yodas KHBDFD


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acuteassmess [A] 1 year ago
here is the link to the revamped rp if you are interested in joining!! !

puddin [A] 1 year ago
☆ Summertime is officially revamping to welcome in the Autumn weather! ☆
• new rp will be opened on: 9/20/2021
• the link redirected to the new rp will be posted in the comments upon the rp opening!
• as of right now, we will not be accepting new members til the new rp is opened ♡
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scarlett leithold please!
vernal 1 year ago
hiii can i reserve yoon sanha?
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Hello pls take me back-
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not me not knowing how to scroll this layout on mobile

Pls halp
glizzy_mcguire 1 year ago

@ puddin
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sean o'pry please
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