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jin & co。
jin & co's mansion personal room.
please knock before entering。
mingi s。 6 months ago
taking a 10 minute break to let my brain rest
mingi s。 7 months ago
mingi s。
1083 posts | 1083 pts

I need 1383 pts
✯ rachell h。ᵛᵃˡᵏʸʳᵃᵉ [A] 7 months ago
༼ つ ◕ᴗ◕ ༽つ ~ ~ ~♡♡♡
seokjin k。ʲᶦⁿ 7 months ago
lets get down to business
mingi s。 7 months ago
mingi s。 8 months ago
after a decade
seokjin k。ʲᶦⁿ 8 months ago
o I finally finished you
seokjin k。ʲᶦⁿ 8 months ago
I'm biting my fist because I can't stand love
seokjin k。ʲᶦⁿ 8 months ago
oh I still need to finish watching you and my name
seokjin k。ʲᶦⁿ 8 months ago
uhhh what else
seokjin k。ʲᶦⁿ 8 months ago
I don't want to watch redacted get redacted again
seokjin k。ʲᶦⁿ 8 months ago
already watched the mugen train movie so I don't have to worry about watching s2 of demon slayer until episode 6
seokjin k。ʲᶦⁿ 8 months ago
anime to continue:
komi chan cannot communicate
mieruko chan
fruits basket

I think that's it :thinking:
seokjin k。ʲᶦⁿ 8 months ago
at this point, joe really should've just taken the baby and headed out
seokjin k。ʲᶦⁿ 8 months ago
i'm not even rooting for joe but you're making it harder for him to get "rid" of anything
mingi s。 8 months ago
love really makes me want to rip my hair out
seokjin k。ʲᶦⁿ 8 months ago
if any lurkers stumble upon this room
I'm out watching the new season of you and my name
seokjin k。ʲᶦⁿ 8 months ago
seokjin k。ʲᶦⁿ 8 months ago
bruh i forgot this room existed
youha i。 8 months ago
@mingi s。 i am usually a morning person, but my love for sleep is a lot stronger lately AHSGAJSH don’t wake up too early because i don’t have to be there until noon so maybe i’ll need to wake up around 9 or 10 to get there on time. you don’t gotta worry i always have your back even when it’s just basic things :D of course getting better is #1 then all the affection comes after!
mingi s。 8 months ago
@youha i。[ sh ] no one can be perfect and it seems like your only flaw is being a tad bit late or waking up late. SDGSDGSD setting my alarm clock to catch you early on monday and thank you for covering up my mess of the half. hey now, don't get me excited here. for now, don't overdue and it and focus on yourself baby!!!!
youha i。 8 months ago
@mingi s。 hold on to that brain as much as possible babe don’t let it get away from you too much AHSGAJSH it’s okay i know how to cook so you can just have all the other skills !! okay bet ! i’ll be ready to hear my mingi alarm bright and early yelling in tiny at me to wake up wake up wake up wake uuuup
gonna give you all the lovins when im feeling better just you wait!!!!!
mingi s。 8 months ago
@youha i。[ sh ] i'm doing this event thing for the weekend so my brain is totally scattered SDGSDGSD very much like me but without the cooking skill. I'm happy to hear that !! prepare to hear my alarm go off on monday morning c: I just can't wait until you feel better, cutie.
youha i。 8 months ago
@mingi s。 watching way of the househusband and it gave me very much you energy AJSVAHSGS
also i have appointment at the clinic monday so then i’ll be better hopefully!!
youha i。 8 months ago
@mingi s。 there is nothing else i’d want to wake up to AJSGAJSHS
speaking of adorable—
mingi s。 8 months ago
@youha i。[ sh ] ASFFGHHJJ if that's the only thing that'll wake you up!!make it count!! god you're adorable
youha i。 8 months ago
@mingi s。 https://youtube.com/shorts/vropYPPxTvs?feature=share
wait it’s mingi alarm AHSGAJSH !!!!!! my big baby
youha i。 8 months ago
@mingi s。 i would very much so like to have this personal alarm!
places my palms on your cheeks, closing my eyes for a moment to bask in the warmth of your touch. i’ll try tomorrow and if that doesn’t work out there is always monday. smiles against your lips, quickly stealing another kiss after. much better!
mingi s。 8 months ago
@youha i。[ sh ] if you need a personal alarm just say that, always up to take the offer. encircles my arms to coil around your waist to tug you closer to nuzzle your nose. hoping you set up another date soon. tilts my head to strengthen the proximity and leaves a lingering kiss on your rosy brims. all better now?
youha i。 8 months ago
@mingi s。 i accidentally slept until afternoon so i didn’t get to go today oops. i’m not in much pain rn. though i could still use a kiss to help me feel even better :D


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acuteassmess [A] 5 months ago
hello new comers, this rp is officially closed but we have a revamped rp that is officially open! if you are interested, click the link below!

Minwook 6 months ago
Park Chanyeol, please?
icedpeachtea 6 months ago
helloo can i get aespa's karina (yoo jimin)?
theJxster 6 months ago
Thanks for the good times.
Bright will be taking his leave.
boothang 6 months ago
is my lisa still there can i have her,, i think i might have tk reapply as her
sanrio 6 months ago
can i get yoo jimin?
ponyonyo 6 months ago
I didnt know that i passed the 5 days inactivity here but can I have my johnny back? Thank you
56d35cf2b0fb0e0a9d90 6 months ago
will i stop making hwa inactive AJSJAJ can i have him back again? i’ll make him active ><
neodreams 6 months ago
can I have haechan pls
scoupdetat 6 months ago
i didn't realize coups was ia ;; could i have him back
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