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youha i。 5 months ago
@mingi s。 my first response was going to be that i don’t daydream, but i definitely do go through scenarios often in my mind when i have the time. the music i’m listening to always plays a big role in it. my dreams sometimes play out from what i’m listening to while sleeping or fall asleep to. face plants into your chest and yells ajsgwjshe
you are the best!! the most best ever! especially for me
youha i。 5 months ago
@mingi s。 7-17 is an important date for me in real life so that could be why i am thinking that’s something that actually showed up. 4, 20, and 16 don’t seem to have any significance, but maybe they will in the future? AHSGWJSH my dreams only come at random too there is never anything that makes them more vivid or detailed. these short stories i should keep saving up they could be useful one day. the bum is just me liking bums tbh AJSGSJSHS
mingi s。 5 months ago
@youha i。 DSDGSDGHD do you daydream a lot? that just might be your great range of imagination playing its role
scream in my arms?? you could muffle them that way dfgdfh I'm not the best, i just have someone to make me feel my best and that's u c:
mingi s。 5 months ago
@youha i。 the way you could remember specific details like numbers is actually very intriguing! like it must mean something to you in the real world :o every dream of yours is so different from the other, it's really great to hear about it from your perspective. the nice bum detail DGSDGSD seriously, your mind is so wonderful. i envisioned this being a short story!
youha i。 5 months ago
@mingi s。 youha will win against your immanuel system every time ajsgwjsh dang the fever got to me too or else i would have been okay. warms up my arm to punch the immune system extra hard!
the way i can remember that dream like it really happened is so funny ajsgsjsh then i can’t remember what i did yesterday hah
brb screaming about “baby girl” pt27265272 damn it why are you the absolute best???? hmm?
youha i。 5 months ago
@mingi s。 jan 3:
school with a racist teacher or staff idk what she was. i was trying to find my locker code (is real school i always forgot it) so i was missing second period. second period was math. my locker is green and the number is 124. i keep trying to think of the code. was it 24-16-6 or 2-4-16. after going to the bathroom on between trying to figure it out i remember it and rush back. it’s 4-20-16. i feel like there was actually a 7-17 in there but i could be wrong idk. the racist staff/teacher was harassing one of my friends. i kept telling the front office to help us because she kept doing this. they did not care. eventually my friend and i were out for lunch and see her trying to visit a local lawyer. we pull up and k*ll her on accident. there was a scuffle and my friend just ya know did it. i didn’t try to stop her because i knew she needed to. we run away from the building knowing our faces were revealed so we go back to school and wait for the police to come find us. finally i find the strength to call my mom and tell her what happened but for some reason she’s not worried at all. they finally come and take us in. once we are there to be processed in we are talking to another girl who went to the school we went to. she is agreeing that we aren’t wrong for what happened because that school covers up a lot of awful racist things between students and staff. it skips to our lives locked up. there is a really attractive guard with a nice bum who we can’t stop flirting with. he seems young so he just plays along with us. he’s very nice guy. we are all sitting and eating, the place feels like a school probably because we are young still. then i woke up. after sleeping again i had a different dream about being at a cheap store and being excited about finding turtleneck shirts on sale for $1 each haha
mingi s。 5 months ago
@youha i。 yeah, i felt really feverish for a day or two but other than that it wasn't so bad! sdsdg oh heck yeah youha vs my immune system lets goo
o murder DFGDGDFG take your time. your brain really spent its time conjuring that one huh
new year new ways to show my appreciation and support my baby girl youha :> always proud no matter what you do.
youha i。 5 months ago
@mingi s。 ugh the booster truly doesn’t have any business knocking you on your like that. it’s pretty rough, yeah? hope you’re feeling better now though because i’ll have to fight it myself!!
one of them involves me being part of a m*rder :o let me type them up!
new year new ways to show why i’m #1 mingi simp heh
mingi s。 5 months ago
@youha i。 hey hey cute stuff! i was recovering from the booster shot and i definitely understand what you meant about those side effects now dgsdg
feel free to explain your vivid dreams to me :> happy new year to you too!
youha i。 5 months ago
@mingi s。 i had two dreams that’s were pretty vivid
also you’re the best boy ever i hope you’re taking care of yourself <3
and happy new year!!
youha i。 6 months ago
stares out of a foggy window
people with good music taste make me feel so happy
youha i。 6 months ago
idk why i never found this on spotify but this looks so much like my playlist
youha i。 6 months ago
perhaps i’m feeling a type of way because of harry’s playlist—
hongjoong k。 6 months ago
@jeongin y。ᴵᴺ always chicken - icb ausgwjsh
love you too gdi
hongjoong k。 6 months ago
@jeongin y。ᴵᴺ my boy is more and more handsome everyday!!
jeongin y。ᴵᴺ 6 months ago
@hongjoong k。 also
i love you
and chicken
jeongin y。ᴵᴺ 6 months ago
@hongjoong k。 oh my god this has me all soft and blushy khgdj :<
hongjoong k。 6 months ago
@jeongin y。ᴵᴺ pfft
jeongin y。ᴵᴺ 6 months ago
@hongjoong k。 trap? me? i would never
hongjoong k。 6 months ago
@jeongin y。ᴵᴺ why does this feel like a trap?
jeongin y。ᴵᴺ 6 months ago
@hongjoong k。 ok but guess what?
hongjoong k。 6 months ago
@jeongin y。ᴵᴺ ha ha i loooooove you c:
jeongin y。ᴵᴺ 6 months ago
@hongjoong k。 yknow, it’s my fault for falling for that one
dawon warned me, but i thought to myself- there’s no way. my beloved boyfriend won’t make a fool of me in that way. he even Babie’d me!!
but alas.
hongjoong k。 6 months ago
@jeongin y。ᴵᴺ ᶜʰᶦᶜᵏᵉⁿ ᵇᵘᵗᵗ
jeongin y。ᴵᴺ 6 months ago
@hongjoong k。 WHAT WHAT WHAT IS IT !!!!
sanghyuk l。ᵈᵃʷᵒⁿ 6 months ago
watch hj just say “chicken ”
hongjoong k。 6 months ago
@jeongin y。ᴵᴺ ITS MUY IMPORTANT
hongjoong k。 6 months ago
@jeongin y。ᴵᴺ GUESS WHAT
hongjoong k。 6 months ago
@jeongin y。ᴵᴺ BABIE


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acuteassmess [A] 5 months ago
hello new comers, this rp is officially closed but we have a revamped rp that is officially open! if you are interested, click the link below!

Minwook 6 months ago
Park Chanyeol, please?
icedpeachtea 6 months ago
helloo can i get aespa's karina (yoo jimin)?
theJxster 6 months ago
Thanks for the good times.
Bright will be taking his leave.
boothang 6 months ago
is my lisa still there can i have her,, i think i might have tk reapply as her
sanrio 6 months ago
can i get yoo jimin?
ponyonyo 6 months ago
I didnt know that i passed the 5 days inactivity here but can I have my johnny back? Thank you
56d35cf2b0fb0e0a9d90 6 months ago
will i stop making hwa inactive AJSJAJ can i have him back again? i’ll make him active ><
neodreams 6 months ago
can I have haechan pls
scoupdetat 6 months ago
i didn't realize coups was ia ;; could i have him back
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