☆ harry

harry styles' room.
please knock before coming in。
florence p。 6 months ago
@harry s。 *a blush tints her cheeks upon the realisation that she'd been so eager to throw herself into his arms that she hadn't even considered closing the door. She looks up at him with a sheepish smile before muttering out an apology as she kicks off her shoes*
I'm always hungry
*she responds with a light chuckle, returning the peck on her forehead by placing a kiss of her own on the tip of his nose*
have you eaten yet?
harry s。 7 months ago
@florence p。 *his wide-eyedness relaxes at the sight of her grin, but his smile stays plastered on his lips until she moves in his direction, lips thinning into an expression that could be described as playfully observant as she began to latch onto him*
woah there- we can't have anyone coming in behind you now.
*almost slightly stumbles back, one hand going down to her hip to ease her in the direction away from the door to his side with his palm, using the other one to shut the door behind them before he lets his attention fall back on her, coiling his free arm around her so he could lovingly squeeze her*
I missed you too honey, make sure you take your shoes off and leave them by the door.
*he says gently before his fingertips go up across her face, delicately pushing her hair behind her ear so he could press a tender kiss to her forehead*
are you hungry?
[post deleted by owner]
florence p。 7 months ago
@harry s。 *as soon as he opens the door her face pulls into a grin, clearly excited to be able to spend some time with him with him in a more domestic setting*
Hi! No trouble at all. Come here.
*she steps forward, practically throwing her arms around him to wrap him up in a hug*
I missed you
harry s。 7 months ago
@florence p。 -you don’t know the horrors I’ve seen you’re definitely overthinking
- but I’m on my way, reguardless

*makes his way to the door and peeks through the peephole only to see her face, soon unlocking and opening the door in front of her, greeting her with a beaming grin and raised brows*
hello there ! hope you got here without any trouble.
*opens the door for her and steps back so she could enter*
florence p。 7 months ago
@harry s。 [i forgot to tag ahdbsvsvs]
florence p。 7 months ago
- is it cringe to text knock knock? anyway knock knock I'm here lemme in
harry s。 7 months ago
@florence p。 - wonderful, let me know when you’re here so I can let you in.
florence p。 7 months ago
@harry s。 [to: man of my dreams ❤]
- I'm on my way, Darling
harry s。 7 months ago
@florence p。 [to: my darling ♥️]
- I’ll be anticipating your arrival


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acuteassmess [A] 4 months ago
hello new comers, this rp is officially closed but we have a revamped rp that is officially open! if you are interested, click the link below!

Minwook 4 months ago
Park Chanyeol, please?
icedpeachtea 4 months ago
helloo can i get aespa's karina (yoo jimin)?
theJxster 4 months ago
Thanks for the good times.
Bright will be taking his leave.
boothang 5 months ago
is my lisa still there can i have her,, i think i might have tk reapply as her
sanrio 5 months ago
can i get yoo jimin?
ponyonyo 5 months ago
I didnt know that i passed the 5 days inactivity here but can I have my johnny back? Thank you
56d35cf2b0fb0e0a9d90 5 months ago
will i stop making hwa inactive AJSJAJ can i have him back again? i’ll make him active ><
neodreams 5 months ago
can I have haechan pls
scoupdetat 5 months ago
i didn't realize coups was ia ;; could i have him back
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