☆ dominic

dominic's personal room.
please knock before entering。
dominic h。ʸᵘⁿᵍᵇˡᵘᵈ 6 months ago
@soohyuk l。 "Oh no no I love dohnuts so your good, besides I was planning on just ordering us some food, if your hungry, for now just take your shoes off and if you don't mind me asking...what would you like to drink? I have just about anything in my kitchen mate. Oh and the stuff is upstairs in my video and media room."
After letting you on in, i close the door, and than let you get situated, whilts I go into my kitchen which is spacious, and I open the fridge and peer on in, eyeing a bottle of cider and cracking the top off befoe offering you it. "It's cider, are you ok with just malt beverages?"

()ayyy and thanks for waitng on my reply lol :D
soohyuk l。 6 months ago
@dominic h。ʸᵘⁿᵍᵇˡᵘᵈ Not sure what else to bring, Soohyuk took the liberty of bringing over some pastries that they can share. It took him a bit of a long time choosing since he was so unsure so he ended up buying a huge box of assorted pastries Instead. He was nervous yes but also quite excited doing something he had never done before. It was nice of Dominic to even offer doing his nails when he was sure the lad could have done something better with his time.
"Hello, Dominic." He greeted back with a soft smile, soon taken a back with the other's enthusiasm. He couldn't help but chuckle lightly, nodding his head at the other. "Sound's like we're all set up then?" He smiles a bit more, remembering the pastries then and handed it over to the other. "Before I forget. I didn't know what else to bring so I hope this is alright?"

[] It's quite alright. Thank you so much for starting :)
dominic h。ʸᵘⁿᵍᵇˡᵘᵈ 6 months ago
@soohyuk l。 "hey Soo! You actually made it! I was expecting you to most likely get lost or something! I'm glad your here though! I just made some tea would you like some? also I got everything ready, but the surprise is! .... *hands up in the air with excitement.* WE are GOING LIVE!"

he had practically zoomed to the door when he heard the doorbell go off and had the feeling his new friend would be in for a fun surprise today. Plus he was just happy to have company. It wasn't everyday he got to just do something fun like this.



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acuteassmess [A] 5 months ago
hello new comers, this rp is officially closed but we have a revamped rp that is officially open! if you are interested, click the link below!

Minwook 6 months ago
Park Chanyeol, please?
icedpeachtea 6 months ago
helloo can i get aespa's karina (yoo jimin)?
theJxster 6 months ago
Thanks for the good times.
Bright will be taking his leave.
boothang 6 months ago
is my lisa still there can i have her,, i think i might have tk reapply as her
sanrio 6 months ago
can i get yoo jimin?
ponyonyo 6 months ago
I didnt know that i passed the 5 days inactivity here but can I have my johnny back? Thank you
56d35cf2b0fb0e0a9d90 6 months ago
will i stop making hwa inactive AJSJAJ can i have him back again? i’ll make him active ><
neodreams 6 months ago
can I have haechan pls
scoupdetat 6 months ago
i didn't realize coups was ia ;; could i have him back
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