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jung hoseok*ʲ⁻ʰᵒᵖᵉ 1 week ago
How's it going everyone?
seo changbin 3 weeks ago
Ooh it's been long since m'here
lee hayi ˡᵉᵉ ʰᶦ 1 month ago
time for a breather.
lee hayi ˡᵉᵉ ʰᶦ 1 month ago
i guess i have myself to blame.
lee hayi ˡᵉᵉ ʰᶦ 1 month ago
so it is what it feel to lose out when it comes to love? when i though it's going well only to spiral down.
lee hayi ˡᵉᵉ ʰᶦ 1 month ago
oh dang. baby face. woops
moon byulyi (h) 2 months ago
aye o/
lee gahyeon (sh) 2 months ago
When i get my hands on ZJ
lee gahyeon (sh) 2 months ago
jung hoseok*ʲ⁻ʰᵒᵖᵉ 2 months ago
Hello again everyone
lee gahyeon (sh) 2 months ago
its worse even before shark week played with my moods
i been moody lately, which brought me into /the uglies/
so im like

not the greatest and now its just sunk me even lower

good job / me /
im holding off from disappearing without a word
lee gahyeon (sh) 2 months ago
slips right into your arms

just something , and im sitting there, having no mental capability to deal with a human
moon byulyi (h) 2 months ago
what happened gahyeonnie?
*open my arms for you, offerong a hug*
lee gahyeon (sh) 2 months ago
what the hell is going on

oh shut up .. imma just
take my moody out
lee gahyeon (sh) 2 months ago
bad timing

bad ing timing

im moody as it is already and now

im even more moody
lee gahyeon (sh) 2 months ago
simple then, I hate to say it
i might as well just hold in my pee until I arrive at the airport
not too bad, but the second leg... is over 12 hrs of holding it in :)

no im just preparing myself for something in months
lee gahyeon (sh) 2 months ago
my humour is poor
but at the same time, its fearful

but some of the comments for the humour makes me laugh hard

but .. my stomach hurts from laughing too hard
but ... the fear is still there, its the loud sound, that is airplane toilets

IM /insert real age here/ OLD AND ING SCARED OF A TOILET,, 30.000 OR SO FT IN THE AIR
lee gahyeon (sh) 3 months ago
you know when you pee after holding it in so damn much
that its just so
ouughh , the feeling
yeah i got that feeling
lee gahyeon (sh) 3 months ago
imma just post here
let the main room settle ? ???
jung hoseok*ʲ⁻ʰᵒᵖᵉ 3 months ago
Hello again everyone* waves*
lee gahyeon (sh) 3 months ago
@ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ Firstly bilo finally clicked to me , so i do remember

News came in about an hour ago
The iconic Australian chocolate Fantales will be discontinued next month due to declining sales

Time to say goodbye to
Stick in your teethness
lee gahyeon (sh) 3 months ago
@ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ oh thats the meaning of discourse
but I agree

yeah.. kinda .. maninly chips and chocolate.. but they sell dr pepper.. so I am happy.. but so expensice
OOOH FRESH SUSHI .. damn .. but freshpizza.. imma drool.. dang.. well it does sound fancy

hmm Franklins was an Australian discount supermarket chain selling packaged groceries and perishables throughout New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. It sold the "No Frills" home brand generic products.
another no frill brand was black and white... and they stopped in 2015.. became IGA.. I THINK

and then
Jewel Food Stores is a defunct Australian discount supermarket. It operated from 1960 to 1998 .. crap I was only 6 when they stopped in 98.. oppa

iga for country gals... I live for that idea..
AND YES.. FOODWORKS IS AROUND TOO but damn expensive .. huhuh
ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ 3 months ago
@lee gahyeon lmao, supermarket discourse.
for british foods, really? i never noticed that - my local coles had fresh sushi and pizza and the whole thing. it was super fancy.

i don't know franklins? different state, maybe. iga is for the country gals. I FORGOT ABOUT FOODWORKS.
lee gahyeon (sh) 3 months ago
@ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ opening discourse?
oooh nice choice ... coles is good for british foods.. but woolies I agree with you there

bilo.. not really but I do remember franklins... oooh iga yea.. but they so expensive man.. aldi .. theres a couple near me..
but another "iga" kinda store.. foodworks is popping up more now .. ugh
ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ 3 months ago
@lee gahyeon okay: opening discourse.
i have safeway nostalgia, however; coles is a far more Luxurious experience. i would say safeway / woolies. >______<

do you remember bilo? i also lived near an iga, not to mention aldi.
lee gahyeon (sh) 3 months ago
@ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ Alright babe
The all aussie ender question
Of all question enders

Woolies or coles
lee gahyeon (sh) 3 months ago
@ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ (thank you for the reassurance hmm ? I will do my best ah!)

is there such a thing? well is there such a thing as too much gahyun? SEEE EXACTLY!!!
ohh so you dont care what I send except for my back ? I shall keep that in mind then heh! heheheeh!
oh ? I understand, but even still I am one to apologise alot haha! and no no I beleive you are too , also whine all you like.. I am one to whine too
ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ 3 months ago
@lee gahyeon [ ] please take your time getting back to me, just the same as i am with you. : ' ) there's really never any pressure from me!

too much zuujuu, is there such a thing? hmm, probably. now that i think about it, 6 hours of gahyeon content might drive me insane. i - i mean you can share content with me, send back links to things, not 'back content' , , that'll just make me want to - ah, never mind.
no sorrys, i'm only whining. i promise i'm more patient than i seem.
lee gahyeon (sh) 3 months ago
@ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ ( as I said, I am so congested but I aint leaving you with no replies any longer, 2 days is long enough.. so heads up if it becomes a mess)

zuujuu in a box , as a personal treasure? hehe! duckie is happy with that though

I looked at the mvs you sent and it was like more content I think 6 hours more or something.. i gave up on it.. like
too much zuujuu content for my little heart.. back content? my back isnt that attractive..
i miss you plenty too , and its alright ah! sorry for not having any energy these days ah!
lee gahyeon (sh) 3 months ago
@ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ quickly takes you into my arms and smoochies you before you go
noooo work!!

well yes I suppose you could put it in that sense, yes. but the past few days my brain was too scrambled to even think properly ahah!
ohh take some of them throat lozenges , and dont over do it, its not good when you are feverish


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Mino96 1 month ago
Hiihi can i get seo changbin resreved:>
BBVIPBaby 3 months ago
Can you add heize please?
emptyhead 3 months ago
may I get yoon jinyoung, ash island, added?
keepitpg 4 months ago
hullo, oneus’s kim geonhak / leedo pls!
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d3d56109037b776dc2c4 4 months ago
not sure if you still have her, but can i reserve secret number's zuu / ji yeongju again? : <
society_writer 4 months ago
Yo, ph-1 Park Jun Won please, thanks!
e8d4df06c08ab9535b82 4 months ago
can you a&r kim bora / sua of dreamcatcher pls? Thanks.
-jbnw- 4 months ago
I hope I am in the right place
ah .. hallo~!
biggochu 5 months ago
been sitting with a bunch of rps favorited until I was ready to join
so let me slowly start to roll out the requests
please add gidles shua
and reserve for me a second while I’m at it nct haechan
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