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lee gahyeon 10 hours ago
@ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ ( as I said, I am so congested but I aint leaving you with no replies any longer, 2 days is long enough.. so heads up if it becomes a mess)

zuujuu in a box , as a personal treasure? hehe! duckie is happy with that though

I looked at the mvs you sent and it was like more content I think 6 hours more or something.. i gave up on it.. like
too much zuujuu content for my little heart.. back content? my back isnt that attractive..
i miss you plenty too , and its alright ah! sorry for not having any energy these days ah!
lee gahyeon 10 hours ago
@ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ quickly takes you into my arms and smoochies you before you go
noooo work!!

well yes I suppose you could put it in that sense, yes. but the past few days my brain was too scrambled to even think properly ahah!
ohh take some of them throat lozenges , and dont over do it, its not good when you are feverish
ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ 11 hours ago
@lee gahyeon i'm about to run into work for the evening, but i miss my baby. p______p grabby hands.

the sweating means your body is purging everything at least, right? you know better than me. i am almost better! still a little hot and cold, my throat acts up occasionally.
lee gahyeon 11 hours ago
@ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ cries
i missed her by 4 minutes

considering the sleeping tablet incident, oh god yes
but also nope!
so congested.. and the sweating jfc
i been meaning to ask if you are feeling any better
ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ 11 hours ago
@lee gahyeon i missed you... :sobbing:
are you feeling any better?
ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ 3 days ago
@lee gahyeon hint: inside the box, is me! i am your personal treasure, heh.

there's been more and more secret number content recently, i'm so pleased. >______< feel free to share back content of you! the more gahyeon, the better. i miss you so much, sorry for being low energy the last weekend.
lee gahyeon 5 days ago
@ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ silently screams

ma'am you listen , ok so doxa is the mv
ok ma;am if you fed me poison and told me drink it up
then there is no hesitation .. ma'am

secret number has made it to the good lordi list, which is difficult to get on
lee gahyeon 5 days ago
@ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ plonks down on your lap again and happily swings my legs

zj? softcret number oh I love the song already, your voice is just so <3 and your outfit too, it makes me just want to bop along with it ah!
but ugh... i swear if I fall for you secret spies.. I will make my way to number one fangirl

doomchita, I am just glad that its not a cutesy style , not like there is anything wrong with it. I just like heavier stuff, however it might have made me spit out my coffee a few times .. OH COME ON I WANNA KNOW WHAT WAS IN THE BOX
UGH.. good lordi girl, what are you doing to this duck

odyssey, I cannot see this going down well , and it didn't

gets off your lap and caterpillar crawls away
WHAT IS THIS , what was that,.. oh good lordi .. secret number... good lordi lordi heck
i mean I promise to take care of your maknae, so dont come after me .. heck
lee gahyeon 5 days ago
@ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ of course of course

i do and aww, I will take it to note then ZJ
ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ 5 days ago
@lee gahyeon browse only when you have the time! there's no deadline, of course.

i'm so glad you liked it, that song is special to me already.
lee gahyeon 5 days ago
@ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ i am not yet ready to see ZJ content, so I will save it for when I get home .. but

*plonks on your lap and stares at you *

miss ZJ i watched / listening to sleep token, at the start I was like, oh no I am NOT going to like this
but good lordi lordi, did
take me back to eden
turn that idea around .. good lordi!
lee gahyeon 5 days ago
First things first
Them links she tagged me in
I am yet to kisten to them
But i will do
lee gahyeon 6 days ago
@ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ well no, I mean job vs hobby even I will take the hobby option, oh I agree , but I worry about those times but at the same time the envy is like.. damn!
*turns a little red before smooching your cheek as well before beaming warmly at you *
that is indeed good news, but I will always find a way to take you , but even I prefer human ZJ best
oh no, I would scream if that ever happened, you could never have your ..rights... for smooches, squishes or anything of that matter , taken away ..
ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ 6 days ago
@lee gahyeon it can also be a job these days, that's true! it's not a job for me, clearly, that being said. i'm envious of other idols who do online streams and get to interact with fans that way!
seeing you pout, i stamp a kiss on your cheek nearest to me hoping it'll remedy your expression into something brighter again.
that's true, but no need to worry, i am here as myself and i'm not changing anytime soon - into a liquid or otherwise, hah.
phew , , i thought i had mistakenly given away my right to smooches and squishes for a moment, there.
lee gahyeon 6 days ago
@ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ ha! haha i did it because I don't know why , but I left after realising it was too hard but any who .. yes gaming counts really its considered a hobby and a job no?
*makes a face before screwing up my nose , pouting a little at the thought*
well I mean if you never solidify .. I mean I will be sad , but a melted ZJ means I can take her everywhere by having her travel in my pocket
*laughs softly before pinching your cheeks*
oh please, you know very well I could NEVER stop giving you affection, it is all yours after all ah!
ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ 6 days ago
@lee gahyeon 3 months is incredibly good! i couldn't imagine making it to 3 months with a single hobby. maybe gaming, if it counts - does it? i will tred lightly on this earth.
blinking repeatedly for a short moment, i look back at you while you're in thought with my head tipped to one side.
hmm, should i give into the warmth? i might melt and never solidify ever again.
i take it back, no! i'm not that vicious! don't take your affection away from me, ah , ,
lee gahyeon 6 days ago
i can hide here
zj makes me soff and cuddly ... heck a gahyeon >~<

makes soft , fox sounds
lee gahyeon 6 days ago
@ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ you know , you are not the only one, I did many things .. and the maximum I lasted for one was 3 months, the others where like less than a month , oh no I don't blame you though, save them moneys and save them widdle foot prints
*stares at you in silence before thinking*
i dont know, but enjoying the warmth sounds good idea no ?
*makes a face at you before humming*
ok noted, no more nose smoochies, cheek poking and squishing for you then miss ZJ
ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ 6 days ago
@lee gahyeon i have terrible commitment issues with hobbies, really, it's not colouring books exclusively i'm hesitant towards. i'm such a spur of the moment type person. i'd hate to spend money on something then barely use it, it'd be a waste and i'm trying to reduce my widdle carbon footprint.
i laugh at your lighthearted suggestion, choosing to play along with my usual dramatics.
oh no, whatever will i do if you envelope me in your arms forever and ever!
my arms hold onto you more firmly as a consequence, a broad grin having stretched its way across my face by now.
i am pretty vicious, beware.
lee gahyeon 6 days ago
continuing on

like frankly , I love liqourice so damn much that THAT box is already screaming

laxative effect for the next week
lee gahyeon 6 days ago
you know i forgot what I brought
in the end
i was surprised but also not surprised at the fact of the big box of liqourice allsorts.. just the square ones like
lee gahyeon 6 days ago
@ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ oh really? yes I mean it can get like that I wont lie , but i can go do it for days before it just flopping ah!
*watches you quietly while playing more with your hair*
so soft heck! hm thats true, oh noo ! well I will have to um.. encase you in my arms again ah? thats good news.. ooh how exciting and im glad you are loving it , and making you happy so thats all that matters heh
*screws up my nose before taking my finger away *
dang, dangerous ooh
ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ 6 days ago
@lee gahyeon mm, i always wanted to try using a colouring book for relaxing! i'm so inconsistent with my hobbies, though. i feel i'd never finish a single page.
i smile a little feeling your hand through my hair, humming a quiet tune or content.
that's alright! i'm here-ish for now, though i will have to go again soon. my gaming went well, i finished discovering the initial shrines and obtaining lots of useful skills along the way. i'm loving the game so far!
i make a playful bite towards your finger.
lee gahyeon 6 days ago
@ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ ma'am so do you :sobbing:
and very squishy too

*reaches up and gently plays with your hair, smooching your head again while wrapping my arm around you *
mainly just for groceries and other mix and match stuff, like colouring in book hah!
yes I know you where gaming haha, I missed you by .. I think half an hour but I mean i was in the mall.. taking it easy mind you
how did you go with gaming though?? progressed well??
*places a finger to your lips*
ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ 6 days ago
@lee gahyeon your dp, you look adorable... kshkfglkdh. :sobbing:

my thumbs brush your tummy back and forth at the same spot, chin finding rest along your shoulder.
oh! what did you go shopping for? my day was very lazy, i spent most of it gaming which i had been meaning to for a while as a treat to myself. hh.
lee gahyeon 6 days ago
@ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ *sniffles at the kiss then pecks your nose , holding you close*
hello there, oh really? aww and ... I missed you too, um my day was 99% missing zuujuu and 1% shopping hah!
how was your day ??
ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ 6 days ago
@lee gahyeon plants a kiss on the end of your shoulder, my arms wrapped around you from behind.
hehe, hello. i missed you, too! how was your day?
lee gahyeon 6 days ago
@ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ catches and laughs before looking at your arms

ZUUJUUU!! hiya cutie bebi of gahyeonnies ...

wait.. its zuujuu

cries hard jbc i missed
ji yeongju ᶻᵘᵘ 6 days ago
@lee gahyeon jumps onto your back!
lee gahyeon 6 days ago
I missed her by half hour


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emptyhead 5 days ago
may I get yoon jinyoung, ash island, added?
keepitpg 3 weeks ago
hullo, oneus’s kim geonhak / leedo pls!
[comment deleted by owner]
ascensionism 4 weeks ago
not sure if you still have her, but can i reserve secret number's zuu / ji yeongju again? : <
society_writer 4 weeks ago
Yo, ph-1 Park Jun Won please, thanks!
channiescakes 4 weeks ago
can you a&r kim bora / sua of dreamcatcher pls? Thanks.
-jbnw- 4 weeks ago
I hope I am in the right place
ah .. hallo~!
biggochu 1 month ago
been sitting with a bunch of rps favorited until I was ready to join
so let me slowly start to roll out the requests
please add gidles shua
and reserve for me a second while I’m at it nct haechan
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ca01b491ea4f734a609e 2 months ago
can't seem to decide between woo wonjae or bang yongguk! any suggestions?
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