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c. vinetria 2 months ago
@h. tim (my laughter dies down when you ask a question or rather thee question of the moment. my bewilderment visible once I grow silent as to process what you've just said. but, I eventually snap out of my reverie after the waitress returns and you automatically hand your card out to her, the gesture causing my eyebrows to shoot up to my hairline) um, okay sir. this little moment is giving very much sugar daddy right now. BUT, I will say because you're offering that i'm....not...gonna say no. (interlocking my fingers together, I wet my lips to ward off the feeling of treading uncharted waters. your proposition filling me with both curiosity and a roused excitement) I'll see what I can do till then. (sliding out of my seat after pulling my crossbody clutch over my shoulder, I roam around the table and lean forward to plant a chaste smooch to your cheek and leave a lipstick mark behind, moving in just a little closer to ghost my lips over your ear afterwards) you have my number, lover boy. (pulling back a few beats later with a satisfied smirk, I turn to waltz out of the eatery with a salacious stride in my step)
h. tim 2 months ago
@c. vinetria *nods my head slowly when you mention showing up to the first stop, a devilish plan on my mind at how that night will go after the concert. watching you carefully, I let out a small laugh at your compliment. almost rolling my eyes before giving a shake of my head* Have you.. put any thought into coming on tour with me? I know it's a lot to ask-- but I'd happily pay for any flights it'd take to get you to anything you have booked. *the thought had been on my mind for the past few weeks. some would think it was crazy but the fact was we hadn't been separated since our first night together. joined at the hip some would say. letting out a soft hum, I take down the rest of my latte before gesturing towards the waitress for the bill. my card already in hand when she arrives so there's no awkward tussle over the bill. my heart was beating faster than I could ever admit, waiting for your answer to my almost insane request*
c. vinetria 2 months ago
@h. tim Oh first stop for sure. I think I can make it to your first gig- probably some time after it starts? I figure I'll be there before you head off to your second location. (nursing the drink in my hand till a fourth remains; I set the cup down on the table feeling completely sated at this point) why am I not surprised that you weren't sober? I mean, it sounds like a foolproof plan to me. if it works it works. but, the energy you guys put out in your performances these days is magnetic. like, i've been listening to new levels new devils religiously for the last couple of days, just amping myself up. god, i'm so excited. I don't think i've been to a concert in a minute, let alone spending time with the cutest guitarist to ever grace the planet. (a hearty laugh eclipses my mouth, a hand hovering over my chest before I card a few fingers through my hair and push it behind my ear, hazel irises disappearing into crescents)
h. tim 2 months ago
@c. vinetria *chuckles softly at your answer, knowing you wouldn't understand fully but appreciating your willingness to try. after sipping through about have my latte, I moved back to the cake. keeping my legs still so you can continue with your little game of footsie which had my attention the entire time*I leave on the 27th, on a flight to Texas. We hit the road after our first gig. *hearing your question I can't help but laugh softly, my eyes glancing off into the distance to remember my band and our first tours we were on before admitting openly* We got drunk.. before every show and we , honestly. Our stage presence and playing has only recently gotten better.. and I think that just comes with going for it. We actually warm up as a team now, and have all gotten serious about what we do. Now the drinking comes after the concert-- mostly with fans and the crew. Have you figured out which stop you're going to come to?
c. vinetria 2 months ago
@h. tim (having a bite for myself after seeing a pleased expression cut across your devastatingly handsome face, a small chuckle surfaces from my part at your defensiveness; which leads me to hover a hand over my mouth whilst i'm eating) alright, alright. don't put me between a sword and a wall because you know i'm always going to choose you. if you don't mind me asking, when are you heading off again? I need to be sure to clear my schedule with my agent and get to packing. cause you said it was less than a week right? my god, that literally sounds so mental. I mean, do you ever feel nervous before you go on stage and perform for large crowds? it looks so intimidating. (tapping the inside of your calf with my foot out of habit, I set my eclair down and recline myself against my seat with my latte in hand)
h. tim 2 months ago
@c. vinetria Yeah? I could see how he'd be your type~ *teases with a grin, leaning forward to take a bite of what was offered. making sure not to devour it like I would if we weren't in public. leaning back, I chew slowly in thought before both brows lift in approval. taking another sip, I clear my throat and flash a pleased smile at you* If you think I'm going to let my bandmates sign your like you made me do, you're insane. If you care about me, even a little-- you'll bring yourself and maybe some snacks for the road. As cute as it would be to watch you try to flirt with them all, I /do/ have to share a room with them for a month straight.. essentially- I'd lose my mind if I got to hear them pretending like they have a chance with you. *it was a request more than anything else, knowing the boys and their drinking habits and how nothing was off limits when they were on tour. leaning back in the chair, I brought the latte up to my lips. taking a slow drink as I admired you more*
c. vinetria 2 months ago
@h. tim clay aeschliman the drummer or jesus to be exact. I keep forgetting there are two clays in your band. but i'll call them the clays because that's so much cuter. and awww, you'd really do that for me? at least you're letting me know beforehand that you're prone to "losing" phones. (I roll my eyes and wonder if you say that because i'm one of your conquests and people are often blowing up your line, so losing it is much easier than coming up with a proper exit strategy.) (careful in picking up my chocolate eclair with a napkin, I offer up a bite of my dessert by holding it up to your lips) that said, I'll be sure to bring 'gifts' to the band. probably keep my special marker in my jeans to keep the exchange light and brief.
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h. tim 2 months ago
@c. vinetria *grins when you take a bite, leaning back to get a bite in myself only to roll my eyes are your assumption. or what you were trying to convince me of* You mean the Clays? Which one-- jesus or stache? Both are incredible and Scottie? Scottie is too good to be true. Unfortunately, beautiful, you're stuck with me. I'll introduce you to the guys when we head on the road.. I assume you want to be there when we kick off the tour. *takes another fork full of my dessert before setting the utensil down to get a few sips of the chai. my eyes locked on you, thinking to myself about this moment and how wonderful it was to actually get your attention outside of my bedroom* In true fashion though, I'll give you all the guys' phone numbers. I lose my phone at least once a week, and I'd hate for you not to be able to get in contact with me..~
c. vinetria 2 months ago
@h. tim if your charm is making me want to reach over the table and start some beef, it's well on its way to working. love. you're right on the nose about that assumption. (hovering a few fingers over my silky strands to keep them from getting in the way, I inch forward slightly out of my seat to sample the bite of cake you offer me, my eyes immediately widening a little, almost as if star-struck by how moist and creamy it is. nodding in the mist of chewing, I sit back down and chase the treat down with a sip of my drink) just say you don't want me to meet the crew and go, henson. like, I know I was talking about scott lepage being an absolute legend but, can we talk about clay for a second? why haven't you passed me those digits?
h. tim 2 months ago
@c. vinetria I'd be coy even if we weren't in public, beautiful. I think it's just part of my charm... sometimes~ other times I can tell you want to rip off my tattoos one by one like they were velcro. *takes note of your comment, wondering if I can some how solve that problem. my eyes locked on your little pout, wondering how long I'd be able to hold back from leaning over the table to steal a kiss. instead I turn my attention to the cake, taking a fork to cut off a bite. only to hold it out for you to take first* Yeah maybe.. but I've never cared about my bandmates hearing my.. activities. No, no way- *stands firm at that idea, knowing we had a dumb game of who could get the loudest one every tour. there was no way I'd let you be part of it.. even though I know we'd win* Yeah, that words. We can meet up at the park, grab food and bring it to my place to watch stuff together-
c. vinetria 2 months ago
@h. tim you say that as if I feel shame for liking you the way that I like you. besides, i'm well aware of the affect I have on you, henson. don't be coy just because we're in public. (a faint smirk graces the corner of my mouth before I shrug) and a month? god, you're killing me here. (I emit a melodramatic exhale, still feeling rather calm since the warmth of your hands massaging mine temporarily fills the dark hole that's created a rift in the space-time continuum of my heart where part of you resides when I hear you news.) yeah, I guess there's face time and voice notes. nothing I can't work my way around except the cold and empty spot on my bed. ( I sulk without thought for shame, jutting my lower lip outward. so when a waitress circles back to our table with our dirty chai lattes and pastries, not even the blissful sight of such sweet confection can deter me from the heartbreak. that said, I make an effort to carry on with the conversation since there's no point in moping just yet) I'd stay wherever you are regardless of who's there. I'm sure your bandmates are used to your extracurricular activities anyways no? and our next date was supposed to be watching videos together. I think streams...was it? I'd have to check my note app on my phone. we can make it a mini doggy date too.
h. tim 2 months ago
@c. vinetria Hmm, that's an /awfully/ bold claim coming from a girl who simps over me when I'm not looking~ I'll keep simple in mind but try not to judge me when I mess up. *smiles to myself when you take the bait, both hands moving to take yours to massage over it slowly. my eyes locked on you as I work your palm over with my thumbs, trying to help you relax a little after working for the past few hours* If it helps.. it'll be a month, and I'm always a plane ride away. We've got facetime and voice note apps-- I can already imagine the fun things we can use tho- *pauses when the waitress comes back, pulling back so she had space to put our plates down. I offer her a small smile and a thank you before taking a look at the treats we had* So you're camping in the rv with me and 4 other dudes? I can book the hotel for us.. no worries~ I've got a little over a week before I go on tour. What was our next date, can we add the dogs to it?
c. vinetria 2 months ago
@h. tim Oh please. You would've eaten straight out of the palm of my hand if all I had to offer was bird seed. All jokes aside, and just to give you a small hint. I prefer simple menu items, especially when getting an iced drink. (dropping my gaze to that of your intricately inked digits, I inwardly whether or not to reach out and touch you although my foot is presently occupied doing just that; I eventually succumb and slip my manicured fingers between yours ) You know, I didn't want to say it but not seeing you when you're gone on tour is going to be a little hard. I mean who else am I going to torment in your absence? Before you say anything, I already made up my mind and decided I'll make the sacrifice and come see at least one of your concerts and i'm not booking a /ing/ hotel. By the way I'm glad to hear that your kids are going to be taken care of. I was getting around to asking if we could have a doggy date at a park so your pups can meet my baby Kobe, he's a small northern breed and he gets along great with other dogs.
h. tim 2 months ago
@c. vinetria I wanted to see your guess, see if you knew my preference. Next time we go out, I'll give your order a guess and I promise I won't make it a chai latte. *chuckles as I set our menus aside, both hands moving to rest on the table as if waiting for one of yours to join. only to pause when I felt your touches under the table* It's bite for bite, you don't get special treatment just for being beautiful. Plus, sharing is caring right? *leans forward when you start talking about your work, rather interested in what you're doing with your days. my eyes admiring your face as I do so often, flicker over your face. admiring your plush tiers and hazel eyes, the amount of times I'd fallen into my own little trance while stealing peaks would surprise even the most lovesick fool* We have a song that's going to release here soon, so I get a few days rest to prepare for any publicity that I need to do for it. The tour is also getting close, so I'm just getting my house in order before leaving. The trio are overly excited, they see the packing and they know they get to spend some quality time with their grandparents..~
c. vinetria 2 months ago
@h. tim I gathered that much. the pressure was definitely on when you asked me to get you something I knew you'd like and I had to rack my brain for a minute. ( self consciously carding a few fingers through my chocolate strands, I wet my lips, not understanding why i'm suddenly feeling so reticent when we generally speak on such informal terms. perhaps it's the way you steal glances, or the way your dimple appears when you exhibit that gorgeous smile of yours but, the panic is real) i'm a er for layered cake & whipped cream, so maybe i'll have a bite of yours. but I'll /consider/ giving you a bite of mine if you ask nicely. (drawing a smug smile, I casually extend my leg beneath the table and brush my shoe over the inside of your calf) and to sate your curiosity, I was. it was a last minute call to model clothing for a company who's going to feature a few new pieces in a magazine. nothing extraordinary. how about yourself? being a busy boy?
h. tim 2 months ago
@c. vinetria That's a good guess, actually. If I'm not drinking an americano, I'm definitely going chai or something similar. *flipping the menu, I look up at you through my lashes for a moment. realizing how you'd been watching me, I lift my head with a dimpled smile before leaning back in my chair with a small nod*
Sounds good to me. I saw something about a layered cake with whipped cream and fruit that looks amazing. I'll share mine if you share yours~
*offers with a small smile, looking up with the waitress brings our drinks by. taking the menu, I order both of our chosen pastries, making sure to thank her before my focus is back on you*
How has your day been? You look extra dolled up, were you working before this?
c. vinetria 2 months ago
@h. tim why thank you. I got us some chai latte expressos but I'm not all too sure if it's your preferred drink.
(biting the inside of my cheek, I absentmindedly drop my head to one side to admire you a little longer than I normally let on) I haven't ordered any food yet but i'm looking at a chocolate eclair with the french vanilla filling. I mean..unless you aren't hungry for pastries? (linking my fingers together beneath my chin)
h. tim 2 months ago
@c. vinetria I tried the best I could- You look fantastic, Vinny.
*chuckles lightly as both arms wrap around your waist, easily returning the kiss with one of my own against the top of your head so I don't mess the makeup. inked fingers reaching out to your chair to help guide it in as you sit before I move to take my spot across from you. taking the other menu at the table, I look over all the items with a small hum. brown eyes flickering from the assortment of foods to your face every now and again, trying to bite back a grin*
Did you happen to order for me, or did you chicken out?
c. vinetria 2 months ago
@h. tim (almost jumping out of my seat when I hear your voice at close range, I turn and look up at you with a slightly impertinent look before it's replaced by the faintest of smiles. setting my phone down on the table, I rise from my seat and instinctively lean a tad closer to plant a smooch on your cheek, reaching up to greet you with a warm embrace when I encircle my arms around your collar before I pull back and smooth my hands over the underside of my dress to sit down)
someone cleans up well, who would've thought.
h. tim 2 months ago
@c. vinetria *like most says off tour and without a recent album release, my days were spent in and out of the studio or recording with other artists. it wasn't a huge surprise that my day was completely free so the idea of a little quality time was much appreciated. as a creature of comfort, it took everything in me not to rock up in a hoodie and my fuzzy slides. instead I wore a black tshirt with some ripped jeans, chains and earrings to fill out the typical rock star look I rather enjoyed. stepping into the cafe, I took his sunglasses off and put them on top of my head to get a look around. spotting you from across the room, it took me a moment as my eyes scanned your outfit to memory. a sly smirk forming as I walked over to your table, gesturing towards the empty seat* sorry to interrupt, but is this seat taken?
c. vinetria 2 months ago
@h. tim (pulling up to the café shortly after driving over from a photoshoot in the upper middleclass metropolitan area, I appear 'moderately' dressed in a gorgeous but ridiculously expensive scarlet tube dress that cuts off just below my perky posterior, tight and leaving little to the imagination but layered with a faded balenciaga jean jacket and suede ankle boots as per my minimalistic wardrobe. roaming about the cozy yet secluded interior before I'm offered the helpful guidance of the cafe host, I walk over to a two seater where the busy street remains in full view but the wafting scent of tasty morsels on display is the focal point. shortly after, I skim a finger over the menu and hum to myself, the prior mention of a supposed chai latte expresso becoming first choice before I flag down a waiter and get an order started. not long after I pull my phone out of my pocket to check for strays and tuck my hair behind my ear, subconsciously folding one leg over the other)


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shinmenu 2 months ago
kang hyewon please?
DNABleached 2 months ago
could i get kim taehyung please?
chocopie8 2 months ago
Jung wooyoung please^^
haloscope 2 months ago
jayde pierce please <3
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pinkcrayon 2 months ago
yo, song kang pls
callaita 2 months ago
Aye can i get isabelle sung
mimodreams 2 months ago
Kishida Ririka
glizzy_mcguire 2 months ago
Beanie 2 months ago
Welp, now i miss this place...
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