rainbow °✦
after all that endless rain, the rainbow has come out
jung hoseok*ʲ⁻ʰᵒᵖᵉ 1 month ago
@kim sohee Wow! This is so amazing!" I gasped in delight and surprise as I place my finger under my lip absent-mindedly*
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cho miyeon ᵐᵃᵗᵉʳⁱᵃˡ ᵍⁱʳˡ (sh) 3 months ago
waddles over with my picnic blanket, splaying the large fabric over the grass and plops down on it to gaze at the rainbow. *^*
lee gahyeon (sh) 4 months ago
its very peaceful though, I mean I really could just stay here all day ahh

casually just lies on the wet grass ,then stares at the rainbow in silence


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Mino96 1 month ago
Hiihi can i get seo changbin resreved:>
BBVIPBaby 3 months ago
Can you add heize please?
emptyhead 3 months ago
may I get yoon jinyoung, ash island, added?
keepitpg 4 months ago
hullo, oneus’s kim geonhak / leedo pls!
[comment deleted by owner]
d3d56109037b776dc2c4 4 months ago
not sure if you still have her, but can i reserve secret number's zuu / ji yeongju again? : <
society_writer 4 months ago
Yo, ph-1 Park Jun Won please, thanks!
e8d4df06c08ab9535b82 4 months ago
can you a&r kim bora / sua of dreamcatcher pls? Thanks.
-jbnw- 4 months ago
I hope I am in the right place
ah .. hallo~!
biggochu 5 months ago
been sitting with a bunch of rps favorited until I was ready to join
so let me slowly start to roll out the requests
please add gidles shua
and reserve for me a second while I’m at it nct haechan
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