╚ Gambling Room

1. dice roll

2. dice roll

3. dice roll

1. kiss



4. nibble

5. bite

6. strip a piece of clothes

1. thighs

2. lips

3. chest

4. neck

5. back

6. intimate region

1. person who went before you

2. person who goes after you

3. last female who played

4. last male who played

5. youngest person in the room

6. oldest person in the room

 EXAMPLE: I have to (first roll: 3) the (second roll:3) chest of (third roll: 1) Amber.
 If you roll a 6 first, you strip a piece of clothing. You don't need to roll the dice 3 times. 


Hyuna 2 years ago
i need some play-mates..
it used to be fun playing truth and dares..
Shin Jaehyuk 2 years ago
@Suga *chuckles and gives an amused grin*
I’m really going to be looking forward to that.
*tips your chin up gently and leans down to press a small kiss to the corner of your lips*
Don’t keep my waiting now.
Suga 2 years ago
@Shin Jaehyuk *smiles widely at you*
Maybe now I can prove to you that Im not as fragile as you think.
*chuckles softly and pats your chest*
I'll come to you then and we can have our own fun.
Shin Jaehyuk 2 years ago
@Suga Hm maybe we should do that?
*humming softly I continue to press soft small kisses at your chest, looking up at you as I smile against your skin*
I think it’ll be fun to play our own game in the bedroom, we can make our own rules and everything.
*slowly setting you down as I pull my lips away from your chest*
Plus I think it’ll be more comfortable to be laying down, we’ve been standing for a while.
Suga 2 years ago
@Shin Jaehyuk Maybe we should be following those hints.
*is a bit surprised when you lift me up, arms wrapping around your neck as you kiss across my chest, playing with your hair*
Do you wanna keep playing or would you prefer to take our game to the bedroom?
*looks down at you*
Shin Jaehyuk 2 years ago
@Suga This dice keeps telling me to strip and I’m taking it as a hint for something..
*wraps my arms around your frame and pulls you closer, looking down at you and gives a small grin as how you slowly wet my lip, slipping an arm around your waist and slightly lifts you up enough to have your chest in front of me, looking up at you as I press a line of kisses across it*
I also think the dice is letting us suffer by not being about to touch each other there
Shin Jaehyuk 2 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 3
Shin Jaehyuk 2 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 1
Shin Jaehyuk 2 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 6
Suga 2 years ago
@Shin Jaehyuk *lets out a breathy gasp when you blow cold air against my tip then take me inside your hot mouth, groaning huskily when your head moves up and down*
Jae...I almost cant take it anymore.
*helps you stand, sliding my arms around your waist, my body pressing firmly against yours as I lean in to slowly your upper lip, whispering to you*
I guess the dice has ended our lucky streak of play.
Suga 2 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 2
Suga 2 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 2
Shin Jaehyuk 2 years ago
@Suga You’ll have to find out.
*seeing how your twitched from the touch and the groans that so naturally slip past your slips makes me smirk as well*
Mmm that’s not the only thing I’ll tease.
*keeping my gaze on you I watch you with anticipation and grins feeling your face against my , feeling your soft cheeks brush at a vein which arouses me more, though it doesn’t beat your eyes beaming at me widely when pink tiers brush along it, letting out a growl and narrows my eyes slightly*
Now it’s your turn to pay
*i keep a hand at your length, fingers tightening at your girth lightly and lowers myself to blow cold air at your leaking tip, sweeping clean the precum with my tongue just before your tip enters my mouth, slowly taking in more before moving my head up and down, rubbing your underside in the process, pulling away and wiping the corner of my lips*
Shin Jaehyuk 2 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 6
Shin Jaehyuk 2 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 5
Suga 2 years ago
@Shin Jaehyuk Makes me wonder just how much of a tease you are.
*smirks at the curse when I pull away, happy to elicit such a reaction*
Didnt I tell you? I like to tease as well.
* twitches slightly when your thumb brushes over the tip, smiling widely at the small kiss but then groans softly as you trail kisses to my base then back up again*
You sure know how to tease a just right.
*grins as I move down, nuzzling my face against your lightly, looking up at you as I let my lips rub along your shaft, landing my teeth on your base, biting it lightly. Pulls away with a chuckle, standing once again*
Suga 2 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 6
Suga 2 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 5
Shin Jaehyuk 2 years ago
@Suga I’m sure the dice will give you what you want soon.
*my tongue swipes my upper lip, giving a small smirk to see how sensitive just the tip of your is from what my tongue and mouth did to it, chuckling*
I should have warned you I love to tease when it comes to intimate stuff like this.
*my gaze drops at the same times you do, the view of you like this just already being pleasuring, but once I feel your nimble fingers taking hold of my I hum lowly, my fingers going into your hair as I maintain eye contact and let out a deep moan, cursing under my breath until you pull away*
Now who’s the tease.
*i crouch down, my thumb coming to rub over the redden tip of your length before I lean in and press a small kiss to it then slowly trailing it down to your base, going up once more, standing up with a smirk*
Shin Jaehyuk 2 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 6
Shin Jaehyuk 2 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 1
Shin Jaehyuk 2 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 6
Suga 2 years ago
@Shin Jaehyuk Looks like the dice is in your favor. Though I only have to nibble that big of yours.
*bites my bottom lip as you start stroking me*
Im pretty damn certain you'll enjoy it more.
*smirks teasingly before letting out a soft moan when your tongue teases the tip then dips into my slit, causing my to twitch, gripping your hair when you on my tip; whines when you pull away so soon*
*drops down to my knees in front of you, taking your length in my hand, softly nibbling up along the underside of your , taking my time to make sure every inch of your length is touched by my lips; nibbles at your tip, tongue peeking out to steal the bead of precum before pulling back and standing up*
Suga 2 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 6
Suga 2 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 4
Shin Jaehyuk 2 years ago
@Suga Oh I’m looking forward to it, but I think I’ve got the best roll already
*i stay at my lower position and watch as you take off the remaining clothes, my lips upon seeing your hard member and I instantly reach out my hand, gently wrapping fingers around it as I gave it a few small , looking up at you*
Hm let’s see who’ll enjoy this more. You or me?
*gives a smal, smirk and my tongue juts out to give your tip a small swirl before I softly on just the tip of your , humming to create vibrations as well as the sweetness of your precum, the tip of my tongue presses at your slit and after a while I slowly pull away, standing up and my lips with my fingers still wrapped loosely on your *
Suga 2 years ago
Shin Jaehyuk 2 years ago
Wow the dice read my mind
Shin Jaehyuk 2 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 6
Shin Jaehyuk 2 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 3


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_climax 7 months ago
Definitely missing this place & all who were a part of it. I hope you’re all doing well.
Jin_Young [A] 1 year ago
I still look at this place once in a while. It was a crazy time back then and I'm still surprised how big it got. Now it has over a million views and is the most viewed rated RP on this page (the second most only has 128k :O). Thanks to everyone who was here and maybe still checks in once in a while. Met so many great people here <3
bebwiboo 1 year ago
I miss this place, and everyone I ever met and knew here.

-- Mirror Prince, Jeongmin.
hanabira 1 year ago
holy that's literally a million views wtf
JoanOFarc 2 years ago
Hii can I request for CLC's Sungyeon please
pinkcrayon 2 years ago
Jaehyuk left
ce2b55b1a4197a4440c7 2 years ago
mind reactivating the old Kris if he's still around?
yoonjinhyo 2 years ago
Can you add Jay Park? Thanks :)
7aca3d8ccd887965bd20 2 years ago
mind adding Lee taeyong for me? thanks.
xX-MyouiShin-Xx 2 years ago
Can you add Wooyoung for me pls ?
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