Night Club

Night club
dance and or drink the night away with strangers and friends alike. who knows how much you'll remember tomorrow morning.
Kim Yura ★ 6 days ago
Yura gently put the ice scoop in her hand down, as her eyes shot down only for a moment to meet the young man’s gaze. “What is with this dude?” She thought to herself as she came over to approach him at one of the black matte booths in the lounge. She didn’t want trouble, this was her job after all, but at the same time Yura wasn’t much for the show of entitlement this guy was presenting. “Can I get you another drink, sir?” She led trying to remain cordial with the young guy whose equally dark eyes seemed to be fixed on her.
Mark Tuan ★ 1 week ago
@Kim Yura Mark laughed loudly. Who did she think she was? He gestured for her to come over daring her. He could feel people staring at them but he didnt care. He waited for her as his command still hung in the air. He hated girls who had an attitude, especially if they were at work.
Kim Yura ★ 2 weeks ago
Again, Yura’s eyes shot up from where she was, to find the source of the voice realizing after a moment it was the dark haired guy. Setting her plate down, Yura came closer, bending down for a moment behind the bar to grab a tumbler and ice scooper. “No expression at all sir—anything else I can get for you or just sticking to whiskey? She asked, her lips slightly pursing as she spoke.
Mark Tuan ★ 3 weeks ago
@Yura That girl looked at him with some anger. He could feel it in her gaze, and he didn’t like it. “Hey you, why the expression?” He asked as he saw her finish giving the shots away on her plate. She was beautiful with her long hair and deep eyes but beauty didn’t turn him on, it was the soul inside and he didn’t like it so much. He grab the glass of whiskey and drank a sip still staring at the girl challenging her.
Kim Yura ★ 4 weeks ago
@Mark Tuan It wasn’t long until the night had been in full swing. Off to a good start, Yura had caught up with a few of her usually customers and had had a steady stream of tequila shots going on as she setup another line of glasses. Just as she had placed the last glass of the counter, she looked up to see a guy with dark hair slam a bill down, matter of factly asking for whiskey. As his hand hit the bar, Yura’s eyes shot up to meet his and in a split second she had to stop the small urge to answer back with some attitude, but quickly managed to quell it and answer back, “ Whiskey on the rocks, coming up.” She repeated and nodded to another bartender and went back to finishing off her shots.
Mark Tuan ★ 4 weeks ago
@Yura Mark walked in looking around as he felt the energy all around the room. “Mark Tuan!” A girl screamed and he smiled as he took many photos and autographs. He smiled over and over before sitting on the bar. The bartender smiled after Mark placed a hundred and stated “whiskey on the rocks”.
The night was just about to begin
Kim Yura ★ 4 weeks ago
@Mark Tuan It was the beginnings of another typical Friday night at Gypsy. The usual dinner time crowd at dispersed to let the clubgoers emerge. Lights hazy, shifted into streams of purples, pinks, blues, and greens at the house DJ started warming up his set. The night was on and as Yura tucked the string of her black apron around her finger, looping it into a bow, she sighed gently, ready for whatever this night would hold.
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Jimin ★ [H] [A] 1 month ago
@Park Sooyoung [[CREIS BC THAT GOT LONG AF please don't feel the need to answer back as long jfc I will shorten]]
Jimin ★ [H] [A] 1 month ago
@Park Sooyoung Amusement flickers and dances in my eyes watching how observant you are and I can’t help but wonder if you usually scrutinize your customers so carefully or if I seem particularly plastered so you’re concerned. The thought shakes me for a few seconds; am I drunker than I realize? Internally, I chuckle at my own stupidity and decide there’s no way I’m that bad- yet- as I’ve not had my signature seven shots of tequila which is around the time when things begin to go to hell. The comment makes me full on cackle, throwing my whole body back in the chair roaring with laughter which might’ve been loud in a normal setting, but between the music and conversations all around isn’t all too noisy at all. “Miss Sooyoung, I assure you flattery isn’t needed with me. You’ll get a fantastic tip either way.” Letting out the rest of my laughter I lean forward on the table once again, this time placing a hand on your forearm. “Or is it just in your nature to ignore yourself as arguably one of the most attractive people in the building by focusing the attention on someone else?”

There’s a malicious part of me hoping that the handsy stranger is lingering nearby getting -hurt by what surely looks like a flirtatious situation. “That’s what happens when you’re beautiful, dear. People think no means please try harder. But, at least you enjoy what you do. That makes it all the more bearable and probably more of a quirk than an actual burden.” Idly, I trace circles on the table while you continue speaking, painting a pretty vivid picture of what you’d probably be more than capable of doing to those s. Smirking, I say “I think it’s pretty obvious you can handle your own. And hey, maybe just once for fun you should make an example out of one of those lowlifes. It won’t deter anybody for long, but it’ll be enjoyable for you none the less.”

“Mmn, you’re exactly right about that, sugar plum.” The pet name slips out naturally and although I don’t tend to call anybody by anything other than their name it seems to suit you well, so I give myself an approval to continue using it unless you oppose. “I’m short and lean; people tend to assume things about you when your body looks a certain way. Plus, I’ve been drinking so obviously that’s an invitation for flirting. They’re all the same. Women hanging all over, doing their best to push their cleavage some place they hope gets a reaction. Men grabbing whatever is most accessible while spouting a corny line.” Shrugging, I then add “Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if somebody tried something original every once in a while. But I’m not naïve, you know? I realize I have certain… assets many find intriguing. It comes with the place.” The more we talk it seems we have quite a lot in common at least from a physical aspect and the more I genuinely come to like you.

“The pleasure is all mine, I assure you.” Everything else inside the club is forgotten for now, possibly due to the fog of liquor settling a comfortable haze in my brain, but I don’t dare linger on that reality. My sights flicker behind you sizing up the rest of the bar, lusty customers and good-natured bar tenders pretending to give a crap about those very same customers. And oh my does it sure does seem busy. Probably, I should feel guilty about taking up so much of your time, but like every other snippet of logic thus far the thought rolls away without care. “Normally, I’d go with one of my usuals. I’m truly not in the mood to be bothered by anyone else though and you seem like you can handle the challenge.”

Intrigued by your detailed explanation and understanding of exactly what I want I merely nod, transfixed solely on you and your movements. I watch awestruck, literally with my mouth slightly ajar while you craft the drink in the most elegant way—no, perhaps graceful would be better to describe it. “You know, Sooyoung, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen someone treat mixing drinks like a form of art. You do it exceptionally well.” I catch the glass immediately, fingers flexing around the cool surface a few times before I perch the straw between my lips and take a drag. Refreshing is the first word that comes to mind.

My eyes droop shut and I might have actually moaned if I didn’t still have a few shreds of self-control left. It’s sweet, with a little bit of tang, and a prominent cooling sensation that glides straight down my throat and spreads through my body. Now to be fair, I might’ve been experiencing a bit of withdraw since I’d been without a drink for nearly fifteen minutes so my itch for a fix of alcohol definitely weighs heavy on my opinion. “This is absolutely perfect. You read me just like a book, Sooyoung.” I compliment sincerely, extending an authentic, wide toothy smile. It’s stupid, really, but I’m feeling a little giddy and childishly excited about my drink—which of course is hugged close to my chest while I indulge in another sip. “Alright, so you’re gorgeous, witty, can make a delicious drink and obviously you’ve got incredible people skills.” Raises a brow to you and smirks. “Is there anything you /can’t/ do, Sooyoung?”
Jimin ★ [H] [A] 1 month ago
@Park Sooyoung [[*dresses like sin, shows up at a club* *wonders why people are hitting on him* lol]]

"Too much to drink?" I echo, clearly perplexed. Evidently this is news to me. I try to recall just how many drinks I've downed already; not counting the few drinks which were sent by unwitting strangers hoping it might improve their odds. Strangers, and not men specifically because in spite of what I thought was a pretty clear sign of 'I came here by myself and I leaving by myself' was misinterpreted for 'men and women alike, please try your hardest to get me into bed'. Blinking from my thoughts, I return my gaze to you and mirror a genuine smile. "Believe it or not, I can pretty much drink my weight in alcohol. That's kind of the problem." I shift in my seat, leaning back and straightening as I cross my legs.

"When you've got a high tolerance level you tend just keep chugging. Well, working here, I'm sure you've seen your fair share." I don't spare much reflection on the drunken horror stories I'm certain you could tell. I don't envy you in the least. Sure, good music and beautiful people to look at all night long does sound appealing, but the leers and habitual groping would grow old too fast. "I'm feeling alright, but I'd be doing much better if I had another drink in my hand." My lips twist a bit, grinning wryly as I observe your movements. I can already tell I've managed to flag down probably the only concerned-bar-tender in the entire building; one who probably isn't going to give me another drink just yet. But I don't mind biding my time.

"Ah, they're harmless. Most of the time. It's a little flattering until someone makes a grab without asking." I roll my shoulders into a slow shrug, blinking a few times to clear the subtle haze beginning to set. "It must happen to you in here a lot, too, right?" With a nod of thanks I take the glass and keep it cupped between my hands for now. "People must assume just because you're working in a bar it means you get paid to be cat-called and who knows what else." Not that I'm entirely complaining about the club atmosphere. On some level, if someone is going to a nightclub they're willingly indulging in all the pleasures and culture anyway.

Gingerly, I poke my finger in the water and give it a stir before drinking the entire thing down without pause. "Sooyoung? That's a nice name." the words a slow drawl, each one lingering a bit longer than the last and for no real reason whatsoever I find myself moments away from busting out into laughter. I fold my lips in knowing the effort to conceal myself will be lost at some point and highly annoyed since nothing funny is happening. "I'm Jimin." My hand is extended across the table, a glint of mischief flickering in my eyes. “You may regret that offer later. This isn’t even me at my final drunk form yet.”

I push the empty glass back to you. “I hope you’ll indulge me while I put your skills to the test, dear. I’m probably done on the dance floor for the evening and I don’t really want to be bothered.” I pause and purse my lips giving you a thoughtful look—a few questions come to mind that I store for later. “So, nothing that looks too fruity or girly, that’ll just draw unwanted attention. But I also hate the taste of alcohol unless it’s in a shot, which means straight liquor is off the table.” Intrigued or possibly just inebriated, I lean forward on the table grinning ear to ear. “What do you recommend? Or better yet, surprise me. I’ll have whatever you think I might like.”
Jimin ★ [H] [A] 1 month ago
@Park Sooyoung Outfit ???? [[sans the scarf]]

The realization that wearing too many layers was a mistake hit me nearly an hour ago-- a fact which I tried to relieve at least a little bit by draping my jacket over a bar stool. It serves a dual purpose really, less clothes for me and hopefully no one will take my seat. Unfortunately, there's not much I can do about the tightness or the clingy nature of my pants. Nothing I can do sober at least. After a couple of drinks and half a dozen shots I can't feel anything but the music anyway. And like I expected, there are plenty of writhing bodies getting a bit too close for my liking while I'm simply trying to dance my worries and cares away. Just as the beat drops my hips go with it and a stranger’s hand is quick to follow.

I turn around abruptly without so much as tipping one way or the other, successfully startling the patron. Despite my frustration with being interrupted, I flash a deceptively kind grin. “You may have noticed that the past three times you tried to grab me, I moved away.” I’m still smiling, but there’s a warning tone in my voice. “And since I moved here from the other end of the room I think it’s pretty clear I would like to dance by myself.” The man spouts some lame pickup line, however, my interest in the conversation is beyond lost as I simply walk away and reclaim my seat at the high-top table in the corner.

It’s probably for the best anyway since the room is starting to spin by now. Bored, and in need of another drink, I slump forward pressing my chin on my palm and skim the room for an available waiter or waitress. Eventually my gaze lands on you—the pop of red among a sea of dark and moody colors is a nice change and piques my interest. Waiting for an opportunity to make eye contact I wave and make a gesture for you to come over.
Jisoo ★ [SH] [A] 2 months ago


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