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Seokjin 1 year ago
Well. Maybe it is time to go...
Seokjin 2 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 1
Seokjin 2 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 1
Seokjin 2 years ago
@Ilhoon [H] nothing much~! ;0;
Seokjin 2 years ago
Junyeon [SH] 2 years ago
If anyone wants to RP...
Wall me~!
Ilhoon [H] 3 years ago
@Seokjin What's up?
Seokjin 3 years ago
@Ilhoon [H] hello~
Ilhoon [H] 3 years ago
Yo yo yo
Seokjin 3 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 1
Hyunseong 3 years ago

Yoseob [H] 3 years ago
can you put me on Hiatus till hmm 1-10-2014?
Jaehyung [H] 3 years ago
Oh snap. I've been gone too long.
Yoseob [H] 3 years ago
okay... everyone is gone.. bye bye..>><
Minhyun 3 years ago
Junyeon [SH] 3 years ago
Niel 3 years ago
Seokjin 3 years ago
Person one: knock knock
Person two: who is there
Person one:...no one....
(Sorry for the lame joke..........) e u e
Gongchan 3 years ago
Lay 3 years ago
Niel 3 years ago
Minhyun 3 years ago
Seokjin 3 years ago
[post deleted by owner]
Minhyun 3 years ago
@Thunder Friends ? Q~Q *Nuzzles* I can help you revamp this whooooooole place if you be my friend ! QWQ
Thunder [A] 3 years ago
@Minhyun I'm here now. We'll kick the sadness out the window. WOop
/clings to 5ever lol/
Minhyun 3 years ago
@Thunder I shoouuldn't~ I'm a sad and abandoned person so sad corner~ *Being pulled*
Thunder [A] 3 years ago
@Minhyun Nooo don't. u.u
/pulls you to his kinda-bright corner/
Minhyun 3 years ago
@Thunder Yaaay~ Now, back to the corner of sadness~...
Thunder [A] 3 years ago
@Minhyun I hope so too. And for everyone else too. o/
Gotta think of ideas for the revamp tbh.


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ShesTheSecret 5 months ago
Applied as Zelo
exhaustipated- 1 year ago
Sorry, Kim Seokjin has left. After three years of being here. ;u; lot of time has gone by. ....I will cherish this. Bye.
yutoda 1 year ago
ahhhhhh omg this rp <3
Congrats on the feature guys!
missdauxian 1 year ago
It's not in the Masterlist, I would like to apply as Gayoon (4minute).
Fanxingyou 2 years ago
Ilhoon left, I had fun but I think it's time I start over. Maybe one day I'll come back but for now I just need a clean slate
ImTheSecret 2 years ago
Applied as Zelo! :)
comewithme 2 years ago
Key is leaving
yutoda 2 years ago
Jaehyung is leaving. Sorry! I barely roleplayed in this rp and I actually did enjoy it. I made a few friends but they are long gone by now and I feel that I have been dead for too long here. I'm still quite a busy person and I apologize for having been on hiatus for forever. I'll be taking my leave because I don't want to hog up a person.

Thank you for having me here!
kray-cray 2 years ago
-silHOEette 2 years ago
what the hail is the password?
i read through those rules
at least 8 times
and i can not find it
at all
-n- i'm about to apply without the password
just because i'm so pissed off and frustrated today
/flips a table/
today is not my day
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