╚ Truth or Dare


Bora  2 years ago
6 months.. ago.. last response.
Rose 2 years ago
@Hyuna Ah, I see! Haha thats a stupid question. Okay, I will pick dare!
Hyuna 2 years ago
@Rose no I nearly got here, I barely know anyone..
Rose 2 years ago
@Hyuna Ah- sorry, I didn't noticed it. Hmm do you hate someone here?
Hyuna 2 years ago
@Rose I already rolled the dice..
I got 1 which means truth, so you gotta ask a quest.
Rose 2 years ago
@Hyuna I'm okay with it /smile softly/
So which one you pick?
Hyuna 2 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 1
Hyuna 2 years ago
@Rose no worries
so just to be warned..
I play dirty truth or dare..
okay so odd truths and even dares
Rose 2 years ago
@Hyuna Sorry, I was mia for a lil bit. Sure! You can start first
Hyuna 2 years ago
guess I got the room for myself..
Hyuna 2 years ago
@Rose guess it’s only you and me rose..
would you like to start or should I?
Hyuna 2 years ago
great now we’re two, let’s see if more would like to join us
Rose 2 years ago
Yes I would love to play
Hyuna 2 years ago
People come join me in a good game
Hyuna 2 years ago
this room should be used more
Kim Jaekyung 2 years ago
Ahaha not really dear, don't think so!
I'd see you around of course, and you could always come ask me for some products.
I know some really good stuff to use /flashing a cheeky wink once more, I wiggle my fingers and flash a smile./
Gonna crash /chuckles softly./
Good night dear!
Joo 2 years ago
Yeah, sure! & ah, was it that obvious?
I should probably update my eye creams
since these eye bags ain't gonna disappear by themselves for sure!
/points at my eyes before smiles, tilting my head to the side.
So was you! Hope you sleep well and adios~
Kim Jaekyung 2 years ago
Ahahahaha a day well spent you say
/chuckles softly and flashes a warm smile and poke your arm gently./
Anyways ma'am you need some sleep hmm?
So I'd see you around tomorrow?
I'd be going just now myself, coz i'm pretty tired, and wanna get back my schedule on track as well
/flashes a soft smile/
Was an absolute pleasure meeting you Joo!
Joo 2 years ago
/decides to flip the dice as well and snickers.
/takes a note of your hint and listens to you, resting my head on my fist.
I must say that does sound hot. Haven't dived in to drugs so I must say the ecstasy
part's a bit... new to say the least. /flashes a smile.
But everything else from the toys, to being in public and being all gay around town -
sounds like a day well spent.
/jokes around and my eyes form an eye smile.
Kim Jaekyung 2 years ago
I know right?
it /clicks my tongue and flicks the bird at the dice./
Anyways- hmmmm /thinks a bit./
I haven't been with many females to be honest, coz I'm more on the straight side- but flexible /wiggle brows./
Sooooooo to be honest----I think the wildest thing I'd love to try is something in public, with being friends and such- but trying Ecstasy with them and going out on a normal friends date and getting it on in public, having to hide here and there, but having her eat me out vice versa and we around- even bring along toys in the mix.
I'd love to have her controlling one of those s inside of my making it a sloppy mess, and teasing me, on and off ya know?
It's kinda hot- thinking about being on E to add to the thrill~
Joo 2 years ago
The even's are not in your favour today.
/thinks to self, scratching my temple.
what's the wildest thing you'd want to try with a female?
In bed that is. If you don't have one, then what is the
wildest thing you've done with one?
Kim Jaekyung 2 years ago
Kim Jaekyung 2 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 3
Kim Jaekyung 2 years ago
Damnnnnn /chuckles softly and showcases a thumbs up./
Savage /smirks and grins cheekily./
Hmmm okay~ well lemme just roll and we'd see what I get, hopefully I can finally get a dare
/sulks./ Haven't gotten a single one thus far /chuckles and cross my fingers./
Joo 2 years ago
Check Jinyoung's wall.
/pretends to wipe off sweat off of my forehead.
That was a chore.
/smiles widely and sits back down next to you.
Alright.. your turn then we can both go to bed~
Kim Jaekyung 2 years ago
/Laughs and nods happily./
Okay~ have fun-
I wanna know who you did it to if it's okay?
Joo 2 years ago
.. Oh... oH.. - OH.
I see. I can do that.
be right back
Kim Jaekyung 2 years ago
@Joo Noooooo haha frotting is like ing, with or without clothes babe
/chuckles softly and pats your hair gently./
So do that hmm?
Like just slide them down to sit or something and then straddle them and work yo magic- without saying anything or touching them after that /chuckles./
Joo 2 years ago
@Kim Jaekyung Wait. You want me to rub myself in front of them? Because urban dictionary
told me something waaaaaay different.
/laughs and scans the online list for a possible victim.
Kim Jaekyung 2 years ago
Sounds good to me!
Seeing as I also need some sleep - I'm feeling tired and akkakas yeah
/chuckles softly and looks at what you roll, causing me to smile and hum a bit/
Welp - you got a dare /grins and thinks a bit./
Hmmm hmm = let's see--- come up with something good /chuckles./
I dare you to-----go up to someone on the online list and do some frotting with them - however, you cannot touch them - once you settle them down - that's all the touching to do - while you're frotting them - no touching /winks./


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_climax 7 months ago
Definitely missing this place & all who were a part of it. I hope you’re all doing well.
Jin_Young [A] 1 year ago
I still look at this place once in a while. It was a crazy time back then and I'm still surprised how big it got. Now it has over a million views and is the most viewed rated RP on this page (the second most only has 128k :O). Thanks to everyone who was here and maybe still checks in once in a while. Met so many great people here <3
bebwiboo 1 year ago
I miss this place, and everyone I ever met and knew here.

-- Mirror Prince, Jeongmin.
hanabira 1 year ago
holy that's literally a million views wtf
JoanOFarc 2 years ago
Hii can I request for CLC's Sungyeon please
pinkcrayon 2 years ago
Jaehyuk left
ce2b55b1a4197a4440c7 2 years ago
mind reactivating the old Kris if he's still around?
yoonjinhyo 2 years ago
Can you add Jay Park? Thanks :)
7aca3d8ccd887965bd20 2 years ago
mind adding Lee taeyong for me? thanks.
xX-MyouiShin-Xx 2 years ago
Can you add Wooyoung for me pls ?
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