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Jaejoong 3 years ago
Nah. I've been doing more inbox rp. I'm not into the whole talking to everyone anymore. Let nana know that as well. It's been fun in the beginning but I've been going away from rp too now.
Seukhye [A] 3 years ago
@Jaejoong I'll be moving the rp to another thread. If you'd like to join let me know and I'll send the link ^^
Jaejoong 3 years ago
@Seukhye See. Lol. XP
Seukhye [A] 3 years ago
@Jaejoong Hahaha true =P
Jaejoong 3 years ago
@Seukhye Yes we do
Seukhye [A] 3 years ago
@Jaejoong Do we? XD
Jaejoong 3 years ago
@Seukhye Don't we all do it
Seukhye [A] 3 years ago
@Jaejoong Hahaha I often type messaged and leave them there and then wonder why I got no reply only to see that it was because I never sent the reply T.T
Jaejoong 3 years ago
@Seukhye I often like to reply in my head thinking that I replied. Haha
Seukhye [A] 3 years ago
@Jaejoong It's okay =P
Jaejoong 3 years ago
Sorry. Bad at replying


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babytenshi 3 years ago
Is nana up for grabs or not? :)
Taengsic 3 years ago
Do you guys need boys or girls ?
daehwi_com 3 years ago
Can you add L.Joe from Teen Top please?
SweetLies [A] 3 years ago
KaiSomething 5 years ago
Applied as Chanyeol.. finallly ~!
dalgona 5 years ago
A&r Jihoon aka Woozi for me please ^^
eggaroo 5 years ago
a&r baekhyun for me, please? c:
oceani 5 years ago
idk who to be, help?
KaiSomething 5 years ago
How abot some Chanyeol? hahah can you add him?
BBVIPBaby [A] 5 years ago
Can you add luvian please?
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