Blossom Lake 201

Blossom Lake 201
Blossom Lake 201
Gorgeous apartments inspired by the coastal style. reasonably priced, blossom lake apartments sit just behind the city line so you will never feel lonely. though quiet and peaceful for the most part, the young and rambunctious are drawn to the tropics, so you may have a few rowdy neighbors.
current residents: Seo Kangjoon, Mark Tuan, Kim Minkyung, Jennie Kim, kim yewon
Insured through july - kim minkyung, kim yewon, Mark Tuan, seo kangjoon
Mark Tuan ★ 2 weeks ago
@Jimin ★ [H] Mark looked down, his back hunched as his hand clamped together. His position of the story would seem stupid, idiotic due to Jimin having no love. Still looking down he recalled his story. "They were there for me like any family was. They were perfect. They were loving. They were the ideal parents. Of course, it didn't stay that way. I realized I was trapped, whatever I liked, they pulled me away from it. Whoever I liked, they pushed them away. I told them to stop but they never listened" Mark mumbled and sighed loudly, filling the room. He groaned and then continued.

"One day, I was out late, at a friend's first friend since the others were pushed away... I stayed that night and woke up the next morning. I thought nothing of it and when I went home....appa beat me till I was half dead with eomma whispering sorry at every lash. I woke up in the hospital where appa cried and told me to forgive him. Where eomma gave me food hoping I would say it was okay...It never was. Once I was discharged, I ran away from home and never returned. Finding peace without them. I stayed in an orphanage till I was 18 then I find out and told them where I was. From there I kept growing up, not giving a ...and I became a big rap star I was...and I am here now..with you on my doorstep" Mark finished off and hunched his shoulder tighter.

He rubbed his hands answering Jimin's question with a "Twenty-seven". He looked up and shrugged once again. "No, Myself and a few others I don't talk to them though. I have no pleasure asking them to be friends" He said sitting up now and crossing his legs.
Jimin ★ [A] 2 weeks ago
@Mark Tuan ★ "Gosh, I must look a lot like them." Jimin commented. He didn't know how to feel about that, truthfully, but he supposed it wasn't a terrible thing. Though, so far judging by the way Mark spoke of their parents he didn't sound terribly fond of them so perhaps reminding Mark too much of them wouldn't fair well for any potential relationship between them. "May I ask what things were like with them? With my parents I mean." Jimin fiddled with the end of his shirt, a stupid nervous habit, but it was better then gnawing at his lips which he was seconds away from. "You just don't sound like you enjoyed them very much. And I know it's none of my business, we just met and all. I'm curious, I guess."

Curious was putting it mildly. Jimin was starving for information about his brother, not really about their parents because well they had abandoned him after all. "I don't know how they found out where I live, actually. I haven't heard from them in years. Not since they left. Not sure why they felt the need to tell me about you now." Not that Jimin wasn't grateful to learn about Mark, he just thought there had to be some underlying reason why these people would suddenly reach out. And they had made it painfully clear in the letter that Jimin was not to contact them back in any way or seek them out. Jimin scoffed at the very idea. He didn't need them back then and he damn sure didn't need them now. "I'm twenty-two," Jimin answered, smiling gently. "And you?"

Funny how things turned out for Jimin and Mark. There was a time where Jimin would've done anything for a bit of his parents' attention. Not even love or affection per say. Just someone to feed him or help him with his homework or teach him how to sew so he could repair his own clothes. Someone to give him the basics before disappearing. Mark, on the other hand, seemed like he had the opposite issue. Perhaps they had loved him too much, gave too much of their time and now Mark wanted nothing to do with them. But now? Mark and Jimin were in the same place: they didn't want their parents around.

"What are the odds we would both come to this city." Jimin mused aloud more to himself than anything else. He shook his head, chuckling as he cast a gaze around the room. "You have a really nice place... you live here all by yourself?"
Mark Tuan ★ 3 weeks ago
@Jimin ★ [H] Mark sat down looking at the man. He tilted his head seeing laughter but it was something far deeper, far more depressing. Mark crossed his legs and nodded at Jimin's words. "You smile like them too," Mark said sighing before receiving the picture Jimin handed to him. Before giving them a look, he listened to more of Jimin's speech. Mark bit his lips confused as he listened more and more, gathering the information he needed.

When Mark stayed, they adored him and never dropped him off at some school, they cared, always packing him lunch of kimchi and rice with some packed pork. He smiled at the memory before shivering. Another worthless memory he wished he forgot. "They don't know where I live, I don't want them to bother me," He said looking out in the distance. He would rather die than have them come. "Your lucky, their overbearing" Mark whispered before looking at Jimin.

He wondered why their parents didn't squander all their love on the young man when they tried so desperately with Mark. Why ignore one of the only kids who needed attention. "Their my parents yes" He mumbled looking down again as he shifted through the old photos, seeing just their mom and dad and none of them. He could see his parent's carelessness and irresponsibility...but mostly selfishness. How pathetic. "How old are you again?" He asked curious remembering Jimin's words on how they left him in a boarding school at the age ten.
Jimin ★ [A] 3 weeks ago
@Mark Tuan ★ Jimin practically fell onto the sofa, the weight of the world came down with him. Sure, this was absolutely going better than he had hoped and imagined. There were a lot of questions Jimin had yet to ask Mark; some about their parents, a little about Mark. Overwhelmed wasn't quite the word to describe Jimin in that moment. "I do?" Jimin chirped. smiling fondly. Truth be told, Jimin didn't remember his parents very well. Even with the pictures, they had been around so infrequently that their images were essentially strangers in his mind. Both were fairly attractive though and Jimin had inherited the best traits from both of them.

"Well, don't expect anything too amazing or updated." Jimin cautioned, hand diving into his pocket to retrieve the small stack of photos he'd hauled along just in case. "You see, I haven't seen my- our parents since I was..." Jimin paused both verbally and physically, one photo caught between his thumb and forefinger as he pursed his lips and gave the matter some thought. "Well they dropped me off at boarding school, that would've been when I was ten, going on eleven." Jimin gave a small smile as he handed the pile to Mark, watching the other man anxiously. Nearly two dozen pictures, not a single one with them as a family.

Just the few pictures they would send home while they were traveling, reminders of who they were. Without those photos, Jimin might be able to forget they had ever existed in his life. "Did you spend a lot of time with them? I mean.. did they visit you a lot?" Jimin asked curiously. "They were almost never home with me. I always imagined that maybe they had made another family somewhere that they liked better." Jimin laughed in spite of himself, beaming at the memory of his childish concoction about where his parents might be disappearing to all the time. "Were both of them your parents, too?" He tipped his head, looking at Mark as if the man held all the answers in the universe.
Mark Tuan ★ 1 month ago
@Jimin ★ [H] Mark watched the boy look uneasy and unsure yet he had the air of relief around him. Maybe the boy was confused, maybe he just found about Mark as mark found out about him. "Thank you" Mark said dryly and gave a grin. "im not that rude" He said before looking at the boy more."You look like appa thats why i believe you" Mark whispered and sat down nodding at jimin's request.

"show me" Mark whispered, feeling nervous of seeing pictures. He hadnt seen them in years and was scared to see how that changed
Jimin ★ [A] 1 month ago
@Mark Tuan ★ His head cocked to the side ever so slightly, inspecting Mark's features hoping to discern the sudden stony expression and what the presumably older man might be thinking. "Thank you." Jimin nodded politely, stepping inside without needing further convincing. Potentially dangerous- he didn't know Mark from a perfect stranger on the street, nor did Jimin possess any proof the letter he'd gotten was legitimate. Jimin was too trusting and probably still too shell shocked to give common sense much entertainment right now.

"You have a really nice home." He complimented, barely swallowing a whistle in awe of Mark's spacious abode. Did Mark live here all alone? Even if the man shared the place, it was clear that the tenants must've been pretty well off. Jimin gravitated to the living room, but didn't sit down just yet. "I expected you might laugh or slam the door in my face," Jimin admitted. He laced his fingers, cupping his hands in front of himself while offering a friendly smile. "You must suspect some truth to what I've said to let me in like this. Or, at the very least, you come from a complicated family, too."

Jimin gestured to the couch seeking permission with a soft, "Do you mind?" It would be pretty rude to flop on Mark's couch as if he owned the place. Jimin's throat felt dry, but he wasn't thirsty. At the same time his tongue seemed entirely too big for his mouth. Nerves were getting the best of him. "I don't really know very much about my parents, but I brought some pictures if that helps?"
Mark Tuan ★ 1 month ago
@Jimin ★ [H] The world suddenly slowed to a stop, as if the world's clock had broken. A pressure filled his head-space and he couldn't breathe. He left his parents for a reason, to avoid the chaos of the family. To hide away from them all. He knew he has siblings but he never heard of a Park Jimin...his mother should have told them.

He could feel the pressure behind his head...he was feeling squeamish. Usually he was a strong guy but this made him want to unravel.While Mark has his breakdown, he stared at the boy more. He looked younger...around 18 but he couldn't judge by just looks. He also looked very tired, deep eye bags under his eyes. It was very sad....yet maybe it was just because he went to sleep late on purpose.

"Come in Jimin" He said calmly and opened the door up.
Jimin ★ [A] 1 month ago
@Mark Tuan ★ The loud voice demanding to know whom was at the door was justified, but it startled Jimin none the less. He hardly had a chance to come up with an answer other than 'your brother you've never met' before the door flung open. Half-brother, Jimin immediately decided. They couldn't be more different. Mark was taller, although to be fair, most people where. Jimin's fellow offspring also had much more angular features in comparison to his own round, soft appearance.

"This is going to sound very strange," Jimin cautioned. He had no intentions of backing out now, not when he had come this far. And besides, worst case scenario Mark could slam the door in his face and Jimin would pretend he was none the wiser about his supposed brother. "But, according to a letter I received it seems that you and I have the same parents." Jimin waited patiently gauging the older man's reaction before he amended, "Well, we share at least one of the same anyway. My name is Park Jimin. Apparently, I'm your brother."

Could the situation possibly be anymore awkward?
Mark Tuan ★ 1 month ago
@Jimin ★ [H] Mark watched tv absentmindedly. The news was always boring and it was worse today since it involved a dog sounding like a human. "How pathetic" He whispered watching the story. He crossed his legs, too bored to change the channel. As he watched he heard a knock. "Who is it?" He yelled loudly. It was probably his ex Amber coming back for money.

He got up slightly annoyed and walked to the door. She was as depressing as always. He opened the door saying "Amber this is the last time-". He stopped his words as he looked at the young boy stand there. He raised his eyebrows, slightly glad this wasn't Amber. "Who are you?" He asked confused as he studied the boy up and down.
Jimin ★ [A] 1 month ago
@Mark Tuan ★ Jimin stared at the crumpled piece of paper for what had to be the hundredth time as if he didn't already have the address entirely memorized by now. And like all the previous times he had compared the numbers scrawled to the raised digits on the steel door, Jimin confirmed that, yes, they did indeed match. So this was it; the home of his brother. Now whether this was a whole brother or a half brother Jimin had no clue, his parents had not been very descript in their letter. In fact they weren't much of anything warm nor like family, then again they never were affectionate people. Their reveal to Jimin about having a sibling was both a surprise but not shocking in the least.

Of course they were the kind of people to ruin multiple lives. Although, Jimin couldn't be sure that was the case with this Mark person. Had they loved him? Raised him? Did this unknown sibling have ties to Jimin parents beyond being their offspring? One thing at a time, Jimin coached himself. After pocketing the piece of paper, Jimin rasped his knuckles on the door three times then straightened up waiting patiently to introduce himself.
Jimin ★ [A] 1 month ago
------ Rent charge complete for the month of July ------
Jimin ★ [A] 1 month ago
@Minkyung Renter's Insurance has been deduced and added to your apartment. Thank you! ^-^
Kim Yewon ★ 1 month ago
@Jennie Kim /scratch my neck nervously in front of your door, hesitating shall I knock or not/ /sigh before I finally knock/
Hello, there, I'm your neighbor. Sorry for disturbing and sorry for the late welcome.
Kim Yewon ★ 2 months ago
@Mark Tuan Ehe /scratch my neck awkwardly as you say I'm oblivious to the world around me/
/widen my eyes when you look into my eyes closely and you your lips/
I-is there something weird with my eyes? /ask carefully/
/widen my eyes again when you mentioned a date/
E-eh?? A date? /look at you confusedly/
Mark Tuan ★ 2 months ago
@Umji *chuckles* your so oblivious to world around you aren’t you *looks into your eyes closely and my lips* A- date
Kim Yewon ★ 2 months ago
@Mark Tuan /look at your hand that's blocking the enterance and blink again/
Eeh?? But I haven't bring you another gift /scratch my neck even though it's not itchy/
Do what? /tilt my head curiously/
Mark Tuan ★ 2 months ago
@Umji *smiles and places a hand blocking the enterance* dont go so soon cutie, let’s go do something *smirks and winks*
Kim Yewon ★ 2 months ago
@Mark Tuan /blink several times and receive the can back/
Eh, okay. I'll bring you something else later, then.
I'm so sorry for disturbing your time /smile/
/bow a bit and walk back to my unit cheerfully/
Mark Tuan ★ 2 months ago
@Umji *looks at the cookies and give them back* thanks but I’m not a sweets person
Kim Yewon ★ 2 months ago
@Seo Kangjoon @Minkyung @Mark Tuan @Kim Taehyung [SH] @Kim Seokjin /knock your door/
Hello, I'm a newcomer here. /smile warmly as you open the door/
/handed you a can of cookies/
Here is a little gift from me, I hope you enjoy it /smile again/
And I hope we'll be a good neighbor /chuckle and bow formally/
Kim Yewon ★ 2 months ago
/bring all of my luggages in to my unit/
/leave my luggages at the living room and rush to my bedroom/
Maybe I shall greet my neighbors /nod my head/
Kim Yewon ★ 2 months ago
Helo? /peek in/
Jimin ★ [A] 2 months ago
@Seo Kangjoon @Kim Minkyung @Mark Tuan @Kim Taehyung @Kim Seokjin @Kim Jongdae ✉ Rent for the month of June has been charged. Thank you! ✉
Jimin ★ [A] 2 months ago
@Kim Jongdae [[god damn it I did it the again uu just write how you’re comfortable I’ll try harder]]
Jimin ★ [A] 2 months ago
@Kim Jongdae What had started off as a mildly amusing attack from a stranger with a rolling pin was quickly dissolving into irritation. Jimin was drunk, he was self aware enough to acknowledge this, and losing interest. There was not a doubt in his mind that Taehyung lived in this very apartment. Well, at least there hadn't been any doubt a few minutes ago. Now? He wasn't entirely certain anymore, but Jimin would be damned to hell before he'd even consider backing down.

"I know he's here." Jimin mumbled half-heartedly. Man, he was suddenly tired. He flicked his eyes around the kitchen then gave the stranger a look of disbelief. "Really? You think there's stuff in here worth stealing? If you say so..."

It didn't look like much. But, Jimin supposed the man had his reasons. He huffed an exasperated sigh and slouched further, becoming a useless, limp pile. Jimin briefly considered overthrowing his captor-- drunk or not, it would be foolish to underestimate him.

"C'mon," Jimin tried coaxing, bonelessly patting the man's thigh. "I can't be that comfortable. Say.. you're not one of his concubines are you?" Now that was a story Jimin would actually believe. Definitely more feasible than him entering the wrong apartment.

[[Organize however you're comfortable dear ;; I write book style, so my dialogue parts are usually separated from the details that's all lol]]
Kim Jongdae 2 months ago
@Jimin Jongdae momentarily gawked at the laughing man beneath him. What the- Is he laughing? In this situation? Great, he groaned. A giggling drunk. Just what he needed. He raised a brow at the other's attempt of being intimidating. "Taehyung? I don't know of anyone named Taehyung around here- oho, I see what's going on here." He let out a sarcastic chuckle, narrowing his eyes at the other and tightening his grip around the rolling pin, pushing it just a little bit more against the other's throat. "You're trying to play me, aren't you? Talking about this 'friend' of yours so that I'll let down my guard, then you can snatch what you fancy in /my/ apartment and run off, huh? Well I'm not gonna fall for that." He settled more comfortably onto the boy, placing all of his weight on him. "Yeah, that's kind of the point. Trapping you here so you won't be able to run away."

{now that's better okno. also hope you don't mind me squishing all into one para since it's kinda awkward having one-liner paras)
Jimin ★ [A] 2 months ago
@Kim Jongdae Jimin hit the floor hard, consciousness temporarily distorted after his head whacked the tile. In spite of what was probably meant to be a dangerous or at the very least threatening situation, he burst into a fight of laughter that soon turned to hiccups. When the daze cleared, Jimin finally got a look at the man pinning him. His joyous bout came to an abrupt stop. His lips slanted and his eyes narrowed, an air of seriousness managing to surface.

"I think the question is," Jimin spoke very slowly, enunciating each word so he'd sound much less hammered than he truly was. "Who are /you/ and what are you doing in Taehyung's apartment?"

He slouched a bit, putting some space between himself and the-- was that a rolling pin? Giggles bubbled in his throat and threatened to spill again. "Get off, will ya? You're heavy..."

Kim Jongdae 2 months ago
@Jimin Jongdae awoke in the dead hours of the night, filled with the need to relive himself. He mentally groaned. His precious sleep was being disturbed. Furthermore, he didn't feel like getting up, even if the whole journey would only take him five minutes. He tried sleeping it off -- he had great bladder control, thus he was sure that he wouldn't piss on the bed despite holding it in for a few more hours. Jongdae laid on his side for a few minutes, willing himself back to sleep. However, the urge was too strong for him. He cursed as he stood up and went to the bathroom.

Jongdae relived himself in the bathroom closest to his bedroom. There were two shared bathrooms, split equally among the tenants. It took him less than three minutes to complete the process, and Jongdae was about to head back to his bedroom when he heard noises coming from the kitchen. He paused. The apartment was dead quiet and there were no lights on, save the hallway that he was currently in. "Anyone there?" He asked, head tilting to listen for an answer that never came. He turned off the hallway light and cautiously stalked to the kitchen, all the while alert and wary.

A figure. Coming in through the window. What the hell, Jongdae thought. Definitely a burglar. Jongdae thought of waking up his housemates but that'd take too long -- the burglar would've already escaped by then. Moreover, he had taken some self-defense classes before. He wasn't the best at it, but he'd make do. He silently pulled out a rolling pin -- the first thing his fingers came contact into -- from the nearest drawer and hid by the fridge, the darkness concealing his figure. He steeled his nerves as the intruder stopped to close the window. The intruder turned around. Jongdae flicked the lights on, and, in a matter of seconds, pinned the intruder down with the rolling pin on his neck. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" Jongdae lowly whispered. The intruder stunk of alcohol and his eyes were unfocused. Clearly, he was buzzed to the core. "I'll give you five seconds to talk before I call the police." Jongdae was lying, though only half. His phone was back in his room on the bedside table, yet there was a house phone around.

(imcrey the length ;; I meant one para, not multipara uwu. ded)
Jimin ★ [A] 2 months ago
@Kim Jongdae Park Jimin did not drink. Well, to be more accurate, Park Jimin should not drink. There were very good reasons why he often turned down a bottle of beer or celebratory glass of champagne; reasons which were all a blur at the moment, but important none the less. He handled his liquor a bit too well and because he didn't mind the taste, Jimin usually found himself over indulging to the point where a few drinks became several bottles. Tonight, however, after an extremely stressful day at work then coming home to find his entire supply of ramen depleted, Jimin finally gave in.

Somewhere along the line, Jimin came up with the brilliant idea to visit his friend- if the could even be called a friend, honestly- whom had eaten all his ramen. Except... well for some reason once he got inside the apartment complex, Jimin could no longer recall which room his friend resided in. No matter, one look from the street, several minutes of counting the windows and Jimin had finally located the bastard's apartment. And since he was already outside, Jimin saw no reason to go tottering back up the long flight of stairs or try navigating his way internally. No, it would be so much simpler if he went up the fire escape!

Fortunately, in spite of his inebriated frame of mind, Jimin had just a bit of poise left at his disposal. How long the escalation took was indiscernible, time meant next to nothing to the brunette by then. And damn, he could've gotten the window open much quicker had he brought a coat hanger or even better glass cutter. A few jiggles, a little grunting and wallah-- the window slid straight up with no problem. The corner's of Jimin's lips twisted as he dipped into the apartment silently. Everyone must've already been in bed; the place was pitch black, an advantage he planned to use to the fullest. Before he went any further though, Jimin turned to shut the window. He didn't want to be responsible for letting in a draft, or worse, a bat.

[[Sorry for the length??? Wasn't sure where to put this at wh e e z e]]
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