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  IC chat。
   something random..

IC drama is allowed but don't over do it.
Oh and please no here, a big no no, thank you~
Lastly have fun and be nice~!
Lay 3 years ago
hello? /turns my head everywhere/
anyone in here?
Let's RP...
Oh Sehun 4 years ago
anyone here? *shouts*
Chanyeol 4 years ago
I love you byun baekhyun <3
Chanyeol 4 years ago
@Baekhyun hey heyy..
*caress your hair lightly as I keep you close*
It's okay.. I love you no matter what.
Baekhyun [A] 4 years ago
@Chanyeol /hugs you tighty/
No I'm so sorry Chanyeol~
I was a emotional sensitive pabo~
/keeps close to you/
Chanyeol 4 years ago
@Baekhyun *rubs your back gently*
I know.. I know. I love you so much too
*shakes my head a bit*
Shh I'm the one who should be sorry Baekhyun..
You don't have to hmm?
Baekhyun [A] 4 years ago
@Chanyeol It's okay~
*hugs back*
I love you so much Chanyeol~
*hugs you tighter*
I'm so sorry~
*whispers as I keep close to you*
Chanyeol 4 years ago
@Baekhyun *hugs you tightly and sighs*
I'm sorry if I hurt you.
I'm sorry.
Baekhyun [A] 4 years ago
*yawns and sighs softly*
Time to sleep forever and ever
Lee Donghae 4 years ago
Xiumin 4 years ago
@Luhan That wAsnt very nice.
But okay I guess.
Luhan 4 years ago
@Xiumin -smiles and ruffles your hair-
Don't be sorry~
I was just teasing you~
Xiumin 4 years ago
@Luhan I'm sorry okay.
-nudges and sighs-
Luhan 4 years ago
@Xiumin -chuckles-
Kinda late reaction hyung~
Xiumin 4 years ago
@Luhan Luhan!!
-hugs tight-
Luhan 4 years ago
@Xiumin /jumps on you
Xiumin 4 years ago
Anyone want to talk...
Park Jungsu 4 years ago
Jungsu and Siwon would like to introduce our beautiful baby girl, Ailee. Born 4th June 2015.
D.O 4 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 6
Sehun 4 years ago
@Kai -grins back at you-
at least I'm not alone
Kai 4 years ago
@Sehun Hello ~ * grins *
I'm new here too ~ * waves back *
Sehun 4 years ago
hey people I'm new here please take care of me
D.O 5 years ago
*walks in and look around*
Hello Im D.O kyungsoo!*bows politely*
Kai 5 years ago
Lee Jinki 5 years ago
@Kim Heechul hi heechul hyung
Kim Heechul 5 years ago
Does anyone want to talk to me? I'm lonely


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Kim4Shim 1 year ago
is this place still alive? I would like to join
lovelybunny 1 year ago
Is this place still open?
daldagoori1 3 years ago
Applied as Sehun :)
lizzie21 3 years ago
idk who to be!!!???
choi_99 3 years ago
lay left. he's the only one in here..
mustache- 3 years ago
Lee Donghae will finally be taking his leave, thanks for having me.
Good luck with the roleplay o/
KREASUS 3 years ago
I've been getting too busy, so Sehun will take his leave. Thanks for having me ^^
choi_99 3 years ago
Is Lay the only one left in here?
DeadPan 3 years ago
Kris left, no more muse. Tnx for letting me stay. *bows*
Brokenhopes_deadsoul 3 years ago
Chanyeol's twin will make his leave...thanks for having me ^^
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