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chanbaeks 4 years ago
Roleplay Applicaton


Poster Link:


RP Base: Roleplay Republic

Summary: School which is rule free,clean(well mostly) and wanted to be active.Everybody is kind and herpy & derpy!!!><
BlackPearlYumiko 5 years ago
Roleplay Applicaton

RP Name: ▐ ♦ BlackThorne Academy ♦▐

Poster Link:


RP Base: Roleplay Republic

Summary: The BlackThorne Academy is a fairly typical school for the average teen. We believe the young mind is capable of anything. Here at BlackThorne we offer classes with state of the art equipment and technology.

The adults of the outside world believe BlackThorne Academy to be a prestigious school, while the local children view it to be a preppy school for privileged snobs.

That's what they thought...

BlackThorne Academy is a top secret school for spies/assassins where the students are trained in martial arts, taught real history, learn political secrets, and are given extra credit for cracking CIA codes.

Anything Else: We hold events every month. :D
Hello-Kitty- 5 years ago
Roleplay Applicaton

RP Name: Limitless Academy

Poster Link: no poster


RP Base: Roleplay Republic

Summary: Head spinning, hands waving in the air, sweat dripping, jumping, screaming. You were once like that. Hanging on uselessly to your favorite band. Now, you don't have to hang anymore. You've made it to the school, the school that'll make you just like your idols. You won't have to uselessly cling on, you'll be able to roam free. Free of the boundaries. You can have relationships, . You can be gay, lesbian. You don't have to force yourself into a uality, into not being allowed to love. You don't have to work so hard. This is an academy where you will be allowed to learn how to dance, sing, as well as your usual everyday classes for school whether you are in college or not. This academy is meant to be a party for all, join in and party with everyone. This place is limitless.

Why should they join your RP: This rp, I hope, is fun and active and very lively. Characters can have fun and laugh, and do as they wish as long as they follow the ten rules.

Anything Else: Nope.
sujulover360 5 years ago
Roleplay Applicaton

RP Name: Rosemary Academy

Poster Link:


RP Base: Roleplay Republic

Summary: Hey, there!

This is Rosemary Academy, we are accepting enrollments.

Please, enroll now, it's free and easy, Info below.

What do we do in Rosemary Academy?

Well, you make friends, learn new stuff AND HAVE FUN!

To Enroll now, it's easy, just go to the rules, read them, copy the form and check out the Masterlist!

Why should they join your RP: Well, It's pretty nice and comfortable. I and the other admin really roleplay and help others, but it hasn't got 'that' much people on it, it's like a wasteland because really no one is online.

Anything Else: Nope.
-Namu- 5 years ago
RP Name: Military Invasion

Poster Link: None

RP Link:

RP Base: Roleplay Republic

1st January 2013

After the war the cities have been destroyed, families have been broken up. Women and men are getting kidnapped.

The only reason: Is to use them.

It might happen as in: ►ion

►work in medical institution

►to produce kids

►guinea pig for experiments

The new ruler of this country is the army!

Are you ready to face the new government?

Why should they join your RP: Everything beside killing is allowed. The topic is something different :)

Anything Else: This is a Roleplay! MPREG is allowed!
Lee_HyunJae 5 years ago
RP Name: The Alice Madness

Poster Link: none

RP Link:

RP Base: Roleplaying republic

Summary: Far away from the city Seoul, a place called Wonderland exist. Now you may think of this as a normal visualize Wonderland. No, bear in mind that once you enter here, you have to survive. Be a two face person, make alliance, betray, and maybe even kill. Whatever it takes for you to survive and hopefully be the last one standing.

Why should they join your RP: Because you can kill people. Joking. To improve your writing and meet new people and have fun.

Anything Else: None
sennaminsoo 5 years ago
RP Name:|| Irresitible Lips||

Poster Link:

RP Link:


In a more secluded part of Seoul, there's a large mansion that others deem untouched. In reality, this is the real home of idols. Many come here to escape. To find peace. To live their romantic lives away from the public eye. Here, the true couples come out.
Come join us as we live through our daily lives, the lives that idols wouldn't want their fans to see.

Why should they join your RP:All idols live together in one large mansion. You can bring your otp's to live, whether they've had real life interaction or not.

Anything Else: None.
ilikeyoursmile 5 years ago
RP Name: ♬♫ Wedding Bells ♬♫

Poster Link:

RP Link:

RP Base:

Summary: Have you ever wanted to experience marriage life?
Have you ever wanted to have someone who cares for you,
or for you to care for them?
Have you ever wanted to go on romantic dates?
Have you ever wanted to be cheesy with someone?
If your answer is yes,
Well wait no more,
Join We Got Married now!

Why should they join your RP: Wedding Bells is a place where an rp-er can experience marriage life with another rp-er. There will be missions for them to complete which will earn them points if they complete it successfully and within the time limit. They are allowed to have their own family too, when their couple is permeanant.

Anything Else: Nope, thank you.
lala0_0 5 years ago
RP Name: After the Night

Poster Link:

RP Link:

RP Base:

Summary: After the Night is a 3rd AU ty roleplay. One to take you away from your routine to an unexpected filled of love, lust, desire and temptation life.
One you only can experience here
Being here you aren't that young K-pop idol, here you're someone else with a totally different life style, age and job. You only carry that physique and facial feutures of that idol.
No one to stop you, no one to keep you down and no one to decide for you.
Nothing can stop you, you and only YOU will be the one to decide your nights and your After the Night

Why should they join your RP: After the Night is a place where rp-er will have more space for their fantasy, no one will stop them if they wanted a lot of drama and no one will stop them if they just wanted a fluffy and cuddly love life. It's a place where everyone decide what they will and want without being forced to be hold down some rules about not being able to have drama, being pregnant or any other related stuff.

Anything Else: Nope
dragonbaba- 5 years ago
RP Name: No.6 [3rd POV Roleplay]

Poster Link:

RP Base: No. 6 [Anime]

You're in the future and humanity has destroyed most of the habitable land on the earth. All that's left is a large piece of land that has been divided into several districts, one of which is District NO.6. Something is going on inside the government of NO.6, something sinister. No one living in the district knows about it though, they simply live their perfect lives inside the place they saw as perfect. Outside this district is a wasteland city called the West District, a city where NO.6 dumps their garbage. Fugitives or people that don't wish to live in the district actually live here. It's not as nice as No.6, but people grow close here and they are free to do and say what they wish. All they want is to be equal and not hidden from the citizens of No.6, who aren't aware of the district behind the wall of their city.

Will you be the one to bring safety and friendship to the West District and the District of No.6? Make friends, find love, go on an adventure, even go up against the government!

Do whatever you please in the District of No.6 or the West District!

Why should they join your RP: Well if you liked the anime No.6 you're sure to like our roleplay ^^ and even if you don't you'll like it just as well ^O^

Anything Else: -
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