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Rules~? Who wants rules~? No one but it will help make our lives challenging and exciting.

One: IC Drama is loved, OOC Drama won’t be tolerated, Let admins know if there is a problem so we can figure out something out (I don’t believe in kicking people out but getting to the bottom of the problem~).

Two: STAY ACTIVE there will be activity checks.


Four: Let the DICE, decide your fate. Go to the Island Port to roll the dice and know if you will be the LUCKY ONE or the UNLUCKY ONE. [If you roll lucky, you may choose any character except human and kitsune] [Unlucky characters are human and kitsune]

Five: If you get 3 in the dice roll you can choose either to be a human or a kitsune. Whatever you will choose you are automatically included in the bidding as the ITEM.

Six: Dating is Banned for at least 1 week.  ( has no limit).

Seven: You can't date your own character

Eight: We're no longer erasing anything (walls) due to the past problems regarding it.

Point System

Let’s make these points work

If you want to buy a human or a kitsune then you must have at least 2,000 points: Why? So this rp stays active, and people will want to join, and people talk in rooms. > you can't buy your own chara.

If you want a character race its 1,500 points. Why? So this rp stays active, and people will want to join, and people talk in rooms. > for Kitsune/Human who like to goes under transformation, kindly reserve and buy themselves in Admin Room

This is mainly for humans and kitsunes, if you do not want to be owned anymore you can buy yourself back with 2,000 points: Why? So this rp stays active, and people will want to join, and people talk in rooms.

If you want to buy a house 500 points for 4 rooms: for every additional part of the house ~ additional 50 points.

Refer a friend: You will get additional 100 points for every friend that you will refer. your 2nd Chara & 3rd Chara excluded

If you want a second character, it is  Free: There are still some free things in this world but you can only have your 2nd chara after a week and it is still depends on your activeness.

Advertise this rp, you will be rewarded 150 points.

If you wanna be a couple there's a registration fee of 1500 points. Talk to each other in terms of paying the registration fee. (Benefit: Couples can transfer point to each other.)

If an official couple wants to get married they need to pay 6000 points. The payment will include the new room for their wedding ceremony (this room will not be deleted and be under their house (if there's one) for them to cherish the day of their vow.

 Auction Rules

The Fun begins

WEEKLY AUCTION: Every two weeks an Auction will be held and all HUMANS and KITSUNES will be up for a bid plus an unlucky race who happens to be picked by the wheel of unlucky lucky creature.

ITEMS : Refer to Human and Kitsune that are up for the bidding. All human and kitsune are expected to write a short bio in your profile.

BIDDER : All creatures are expected to participate in every bidding.

WINNER : Whoever won the item, she/he will have him/her for two weeks. You can do anything to your winnings but you CAN’T kill nor do serious damage to the item. Failed to do so will deduct points from you. If you killed the item, all your points will be transfers to him/her and if you seriously damage him/her half of your points will be transferred to him/her. We strongly suggest that if this happens the items, it needs to be reported in the ADMIN ROOM.


(1) If a Human or Kitsune is already OWNED, he/she is no longer included in the auction.

(2) No buying/purchasing is allowed while the auction is ON GOING. If you want to buy any human or kitsune please go to admin room and post/reserved the name of the item that you want to buy so he/she will not be included in the auction.

(3) You can buy a human or kitsune after announcing the winning bidder.

Buying Human/Kitsune

You want a human or Kitsune to be yours, read the rules.

1. Reserved the Human/Kitsune in Admin Room. Reservation only lasts for two weeks, after two weeks your reservation will be canceled.

2. Buying of Human/Kitsune will be after ANNOUNCING the winners of the bidding.

3. Human / Kitsune that unavailable / sold / in a relationship / bought themselves out are no longer included in the auction.

4. Human/Kitsune can`t say NO, but they can always buy themselves out, and the buyer can`t also say NO if the human/kitsune decided to buy themselves out.

5. After buying the Human/Kitsune the buyer may do anything they want even letting the Human/Kitsune free but again the buyer can't do any serious harm or  kill them. Freed Human/Kitsune are placed back into the auction. 

6. Human and Kitsune can't buy themselves out if the Auction is ongoing. Buying yourself out will only be allowed after announcing the winners of the bidding and if the item is not owned.

7. If the one who reserved Human/Kitsune have won the Auction toward the item, they can buy their winnings at the same time.

8. Human/Kitsune that have been freed/returned by their master will be included again in the Auction, same goes to the pet that has left by their master.

9. Every master who freed their pet will not be allowed to buy or bid on that same pet again.

10. Only human or kitsune who bought themselves out will be considered free and will have the same privileges as other creatures.

11. Master can't buy a Human/Kitsune that has just arrived. Reserving/Buying is banned for 3-4 days.

2 months 

One month

one. Please inform an admin if you want to extend.

two. Please return after a day of your inactivity.

three. After a week of Inactivity, we will post in your ACCOUNT WALL to know if you are still interested in keeping your chara.

four. After posting you have a week to respond and if no response, we will automatically remove you.


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Luscinia 2 days ago
Hello, can I get Chungha?
-nope- 4 days ago
can I get back Eli?
i'm dropping lucas, wooyoung, and taehyung. but san is staying. 'm going on a purge cause i finally hit the point where i spread myself a bit too thin both on rpr as well as irl
TaeTaesQueen 1 week ago
Can I have Baekhyun please
IGotYesJam 1 week ago
Oh it’s been a while ! How are you all ?
Mikhun 1 week ago
Just wanna to stop by to say hello and stuff
mizudori 1 week ago
can you a&r Dahyun?
sadistic_child 1 week ago
Lee Seoeun please ;;
Can you add and reserve BlackPink's Jisoo for me please?
ImKristine 2 weeks ago
Can I be Nana Komatsu?
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