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one favourite the roleplay. two this is a full on crack nonau rp. three mpreg and marriage is allowed and encouraged. four second character can be aquired only if your first has at least 150 pts but you can't have 2 characters of the same group five the password is 'sausage'. six please be active as much as you can and use the rooms. seven drama is allowed although limited but ooc is an absolute no. eight enjoy your stayy

name. group. timezone. password


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bazinga [A] 3 years ago
Why doesn't Cinderella play soccer?
renard_ 3 years ago
just applied as le jjk :D
saltedcaramel 3 years ago
ten will be on hiatus till 5th april.
kairamelo 3 years ago
applied as jongin
grayfox 3 years ago
jackson will need a hiatus til march 24th for work
jongkrump 3 years ago
Jonghyun left. Thank you for having me.
-Tae-Tae- 3 years ago
I applied for park jimin From Bts
Sugarly 3 years ago
Been here since day 1 <3
Thanks for the great rp
Daniel will be leaving this rp as of now
Kinjaz 3 years ago
Dongmin left. Thank you.
saltedcaramel 3 years ago
ten left, thanks for all the fun memories created here ^^
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