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Here, baby



◆ malfoy's ancestor [dongwoon s.] 9 seconds ago Reply 

Sry joojoobae
This place aint the typical you see here
It's a gem

◇ heeyeon a. 17 seconds ago Reply 

Not the lit "fast cray cray" lit but the "we all homies" lit

◇ heeyeon a. 56 seconds ago Reply 

This place is actually lit

◆ malfoy's ancestor [dongwoon s.] 4 seconds ago Reply 


psychology 50 minutes ago Reply Replies All
birthday present from me

◇ nana k. 14 seconds ago Reply 

this rp has FOUR sj members we're obviously the best rp

◆ jongin k. 6 seconds ago Reply 

it's a great place

◆ taeyong l. 32 seconds ago Reply 

true story dis rp is great tbh

◆ sehun o. 12 minutes ago Reply 

disappearing act no. 345 has been implemented in this rp so it's ok

◇ kim sohye 38 seconds ago Reply 

thank you for being my family uwu

◇ kim sohye 5 seconds ago Reply 

Utsn: a place where the young ones are adulting and the adults are going through puberty

◇ park sooyoung 36 seconds ago Reply 

this place is gr8


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eurydice- 12 hours ago
hello, soojin, hyejoo and tao will go on hiatus till the 20th. Thank you uwu
Augusthree 2 days ago
Can i get chungha plsss
mephisto 3 days ago
hi cuties! may I please request a hiatus for minghao, seokwoo, san and lucas for the maximum time allowed? thank you.
nahbae 3 days ago
Chaeyoung and lisa will go on hiatus till the 20th!
fallenheart 4 days ago
could jessica jung be added pls bby?
mammon 6 days ago
yeji, minkyung and joy needs to go on hiatus until 27th of hiatus pls, and thank you!
piixiedust 6 days ago
Could i get a hiatus on taeyeon pls?
KyotoGhibli 1 week ago
Yoo hoo any admins on ;;
Nyeeps 1 week ago
Whispers in ugly

Can I be let back in? I left it a few days to have a think
piixiedust 1 week ago
Im back for taeyeon sorry
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