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rules are in the description. ♡




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Danieloholic 2 months ago
Yooj took the left door
jirrijirri 2 months ago
hahaha ♡
struggling 3 months ago
jiho gtg, thanks for having me!
pink_snow 3 months ago
kei has left
-fairybread 3 months ago
jaemin has to go
tsukino 3 months ago
i'm so sorry but my buds are gonna go ;;
lilmeowmeow 3 months ago
jimin gotta go, sorry kook love you man.
sirenita 3 months ago
gowon has to dip, thank you for having me lovelies best of luck!
sunshinesmile 3 months ago
I'm really sorry jongdae will take his leave! Take care y'all!
Artidote 3 months ago
Semi-hiatus for Seokjin pls
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