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supine- [A] 12 hours ago
╱ : checked by admins and in need of more males to join! pls don't forget to fav the rp, cuties! ty uwu
fullsuns 2 days ago
zhong chenle please
kimkibumz 3 days ago
lee taemin please!
kimjiwoos 3 days ago
choi yena please!
-Shady 4 days ago
Its taken me two days but I finally decided on my second, oh look im taking over the commentm section >:)
Kyutaro 4 days ago
i hate to be a pain in the nooting but i need an indefinite semihiatus due to health reasons... i am so sorry
seilah 5 days ago
lee chaeyeon jsy
-Shady 5 days ago

-clears my throat- hello , to you all , I do not believe we have met yet HOWEVER if you like to see more of this then please come to us, we are very warming and welcoming SO JOIN FOR YOUR NOOT NOOTS OR ELSE
-Shady 5 days ago
Am I ready , yes I am , can I take up a second, its your boyo deongyeon
wujuskies 6 days ago
tmw you really have no idea on who to be... my bRAIN
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