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An alpha is naturally born with the qualities of a leader, though sometimes there might be some, who skip this rule. to present as an alpha, you usually have someone in your close family who also presented as an alpha, but this isn't mandatory for all alphas. Alphas are usually physically stronger and taller than most betas and omegas, and a lot less common than the other two. 
after presenting, their gland scents evolve and they start being able to tell apart the scents from omegas, betas and alphas. their scent is often strong but it varies with each alpha. their mate will emmit a special scent that will affect them more than others and they will be able to tell they're mates. after being bonded to someone, an alpha will no longer react to the scent of other omegas heats.
alphas go through rut, which lasts for approximately a week every month. they experience extreme ual frustration and the need to mate mostly with omegas, but also with betas. an omega's heat might also trigger an alpha's rut as well.  when going through their rut, alphas get more possessive of their close ones, or even their things. they get more aggressive and competitive, often getting into fights . to suppress their rut, an alpha can take 'rut suppressants' though these will not fully avoid the rut, they will make it a lot more bearable and make the scent a lot softer.
alphas possess the ability to impregnate but can not get pregnant. they can also bond with another alpha, a beta, or an omega,
betas are the largest group in society. they were born to follow their leader, but also to oppose when they disagree with something, which makes them stand in between the alpha and omega dynamics.
They are often smaller than alphas but bigger than omegas, and don't get affected much by scents. they do emmit a scent that can be picked up by alphas and omegas, but their scent is slightly weaker than other's, and although not as strongly, they also can pick up on other's scents. a lot of betas don't have a mate, but the ones that do, can easily tell their mate apart by their scent just like alphas and omegas do. after getting bonded the betas will no longer react to other's scents.
betas can experience heats or ruts, this differs with each beta, their heats and ruts are not as strong or influential as an omegas or an plhas, but they might get influenced by other's, which depending on the beta, might make them more possessive or submissive.
betas can impregnate, but not all can get pregnant, yet a few chosen ones are born with the ability to do so, though they might choose not to. A small number of betas are able to both impregnate and get pregnant, and depending on their mood, emotions, stress levels, and some even year season, experience both ruts and heats. alternating randomly between the two and never knowing what to expect each month.
Omegas are the second biggest group in society, and usually present earlier than betas or alphas. although this is not true for all omegas, a lot of omegas are commonly smaller and weaker than both alphas and betas, making them easy preys for alphas and some betas.
omegas are more likely to come from families with other presented omegas, but this isn't a rule.
Just like alphas, the omegas scent glands evolve after presenting, and they will be able to distinguish alphas, betas and omegas by their scent, as well as omegas in heat, and alphas in rut. Their scent is usually softer than alphas, though it is more predominant than in betas, and different with each omega.
Omegas go through heat for a week every month, and their scent changes to attract more alphas and betas. they feel ually frustrated and their body temperature raises making them feel really hot. during their heat, omegas get really submissive and won't offer much resistance if approached by an alpha or beta wanting to mate. it's their most fertile time, since omegas can get pregnant, and this will be the best time to try for a pup. omegas can take heat supressants to make their heat more bearable, but their scent won't be completely avoided and it will still be detactable by alphas and betas as well as other omegas. the heat supressants are also birth control as long as taken accordingly, every morning at the same time since one day before heat starts to one day after heat ends.
the scent changes according to different things, such as emotions, status, health, etc.. when feeling deep emotions the scent will become more intense as well. when feeling stressed or restless, the scent will be a bit more unpleasant while when aroused the scent will become sweeter and more comfortable.
scent changes when an omega is in heat, or when an alpha is going through rut. the scent also changes slightly after officially bonding, and after getting scent marked you will carry the other person's scent for a short ammount of time. while pregnant your scent also changes for the duration of the pregnancie.
just like heat or rut supressants, there are also scent supressants, when you want to keep your identity a secret, though this is not an easy thing to do. it will require more than just heat suppressants, be it scent marking, other subtype's perfume, etc... any type of supressants should be taken carfully as one can not take them all the time or it will eventually end up damaging their health.

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