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(1) Favourite the RP before you comment to apply for a muse. Upvotes are optional but they are loved.
(2) We don’t tolerate OOC drama. Be kind to everyone. Even if you have a bad day, someone else doesn’t deserve to be at the end of your wrath. If we receive a complaint from anyone, we will conduct an investigation. If found that you are not willing to cooperate, you will be instantly kicked out.
(3) We emphasise on everyone is a family and a friend. Be nice, try to chat with everyone who comes into the chatroom. Don’t just say hello to your friend and ignore others. That’s rude. If we receive a complaint, you’ll get a warning. Proceed to do it a second time, you’re out.

(4) IC drama is allowed, however, talk to your RP partners, make sure that everyone agrees to it. And don’t bring the plot into the main chatrooms.

(5) The second character comes after 300 posts and an upvote. The third character comes after a blog post and 1000 posts. Comment or PM the admin to proceed with acquiring your second and third muses.

(6) For hiatus, the period allowed min is 2 weeks and the max is 1 month. If you don’t come back once your hiatus period and the 48 hours (refer rule 8) are up, you will be removed.

(7) Dating ban is 2 weeks. Yeah, talk to everyone first before you start slithering into each other’s PM or wall, you nasty. Move-in couples are NOT ALLOWED. RATED THREADS ARE TO BE CONDUCTED ON WALLS AND PMS ONLY.

(8) Inactivity is set to 8 days. Remove the inactive sign in 48 hours. Thus, on the 10th day, if there is still an inactive sign, you will be removed. Password: Rephrase Rule 2 and Rule 3. Send in a writing sample of yours so we can match it to someone who has a similar writing style.


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buffalosauce 2 weeks ago
This may sound kinda stupid but I'd like to ask anyways so not to go in misunderstanding
Could you please explain further the idea of the rp?? It seems hella interesting but like I wanted to make sure before creating a chara for the rp-
I do have a faceclaim in mind already however
x-back 2 weeks ago
can i have kang seulgi please ? :0
pathetique 3 weeks ago
hiya! i know i haven't been around long nor have i been active but i will be leaving ;;
pathetique 1 month ago
jung yein pls!
stationary [A] 1 month ago
// an epidemic has arisen as usual in picnic; we're all getting sick one by one, walk-in and prepare for the worst
AshFlower 1 month ago
' o '
ardenjin 1 month ago
let me know when I can apply once the first event is over— I’d like to reserve lee jieun though :)
windowsxp 1 month ago
i see taeyong avail, can i?
stationary [A] 1 month ago
// closing applications for now as we're gearing into our first event. we will open the application process again at a later time. thank you and we're sorry for any inconvenience.
shmakespeare 1 month ago
jang sunghoon, please!
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