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Inactivity is set to 7 days. Hiatus can be up to a month.
You may have up to two characters. Ask an admin if you want to change character or customise your screen name.
Have in your own walls and pms, don't do it in any rooms.
Pregnancy is allowed for any orientation for those who want it. Any disputes over a pregnancy and it is void. It's just an option there for the people who want it.
No advertising other RP's. Go somewhere else.
I will kick people out if they are being a major douche, so be nice. 

The application is just

Join if you want to. Don't join if you don't want to.


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compass 10 months ago
baek yebin pls
illusions 10 months ago
got7's park jinyoung please?
f624c6ce76daa4406fc1 10 months ago
Ah yes , dahyun and yunas room mate ! Greetings ! Now who to be like
b69cd30deb003fac11e2 10 months ago
Please give me um
jindda 10 months ago
seokjin kim pls
acuteassmess 10 months ago
rp: save money, live better
is internationals allowed?
jiasstory 10 months ago
bae joohyun please
a3dbf7b945285306601c 10 months ago
can i get im jinah?
guacamole 10 months ago
kim taehyung, please?
pepega 10 months ago
park jimin por favor
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