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violentdesire 6 months ago
Juyeon left. Thank you and take care~
chanseowoon 7 months ago
Can I get hwang minhyun as second character?
chanseowoon 7 months ago
Hello can I have Im Jinah/Nana?
epiqhany 8 months ago
hi can i have park chanyeol? thanks!
realstraykids 8 months ago
hello, can i have im nayeon please
8c631981b7de5ba6493b 8 months ago
Ok its been a while and I can finally upvote ><
So just stuck on who to be
[comment deleted by owner]
violentdesire 8 months ago
|| Hello, hi! May you please reserve THE BOYZ' Juyeon [for me] and Soloist Jung Jaewon for my friend? Thanks so much.
a253dba2f9525e26a7f5 8 months ago
lee seungjun /j-us pls?
Babylon 8 months ago
may i please reserve kim sungjoo?
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