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01. Favourite the RP BEFORE reserving a character or your comment will be ignored, comment your character’s full name and stage name – reservations last 24 hours.

02. Inactivity is set to 5 days — you have 24 hours to clear the warning before you get kicked; however, feel free to rejoin us!

03. Be mindful of the topics discussed in the main chat— use the designated rooms for specific topics (eg games, RATED topics) respectively— OOC conversations should be indicated with brackets or directed to the OOC chat (cabin).

04. Friendly banter / IC drama is allowed as long as it's consensual — however, OOC drama and harassment (bullying, bashing, ect.) will NOT be tolerated - you will receive one warning if found doing so, and if non-compliant to our warning, you will be kicked.

Please get consent before proceeding with any rated plots, and use a trigger warning [tw] if the topic is sensitive. If someone tells you they're uncomfortable with certain topics, stop immediately and respect their limits– safe word: MAYDAY.

05. All orientations and nationalities are welcome— individuals who are minors, married, deceased, controversial, or have mentioned that they don't wish to be rped are not allowed.

06. Max 6 charas— both you and your FCs must be born after 2003, and all of your characters have to be from different groups– however if there are 7 or more members in the group you can request for the 2nd from the same group.
— 2nd = upvote
— 3rd = all charas have 1k pts
— 4th = blog post
— 5th = all charas have 2k pts
— 6th = all charas have 3k pts + blog post.

07. Going on hiatus? Check out the hiatus room which can be found under the 2nd tab (deck) and request from there. If you're leaving, please PM AN ADMIN instead of posting a comment.

08. There is a dating ban of 1 week. Before starting a relationship, please get to know each other first! Facechasing / userchasing is prohibited. Marriages and pregnancies are up to each couple so long as it's consensual. Move-in couples are accepted. Please include your status and date in your application.

09. Strictly no bubble rping allowed and ensure you talk to everyone, not just people within your clique. Stay respectful and kind and enjoy your stay with us!

10. Passwordo: safeword + the emoji you would like next to your character’s name.


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nanners 1 month ago
_FrappuccinoDelight 2 months ago
Can I join?
newbie24 2 months ago
can i get my onew back? :')
Fe4rless 2 months ago
Can I reserve someone?
Kiki_Do_You_Love_Me 2 months ago
May I reserve someone?
-slump 2 months ago
not me just staring at my screen debating whether i should join or not odojdfoj
pendejo 2 months ago
can i get momo? :^)
wassowasso 2 months ago

to join or not to join
kirbytadori 2 months ago
shouya pls
c3d87639ae30fa03c05b 2 months ago
joining for the gartic games only :hand: :zany: can i have mark lee since he’s inactive? if not, i’ll take lee hoseok!
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