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1. favorite before applying. upvoting is optional but appreciated! Reservations last 1 day. after being accepted, put a display picture asap, and reach 50 points day of being accepted.
2. this is a only place, men only. all of faceclaims must be 20+! internationals are welcome! We reserve the right to refuse problematic celebrities, deceased and those wish to not be roleplayed!
3. you can have up to three characters. you can unlock the second by advertising the rp in a blog post. The third when your first two characters reach 350 points each. you can't have more than one character from the same group. 
4. Please use rooms and do try to be inclusive. Facechasing and userchasing is not allowe! Also make an effort to make friends. 
5. This is basically nonau, you are an idol! But semi to justify the availability of secluded away-from-media place (be it club, be it mansion, whatever suits you) where the idols freely chill at whenever free away from eyes and cams.
6. There's no dating ban but we do recommend to make friends and get to know your partner before diving in! Also, do not ignore friends and others once in a relationship! move-in couples are welcome! state it in your application and post the date and relationship status in the couple room.
7. keep to personal rooms, walls and pms. PW is the quote seen in the picture above.
8. ic drama is allowed, but discuss ooc. avoid ooc drama, if you have an issue try to confront the person in private. if you cannot resolve it on your own, contact an admin.
9. this is not a necessarily soft place. we do not shy away from some controversial topics or dirty jokes, please consider that before joining, thank you. however, we expect you to be respectful of others.

10. inactivity is set to 9 days. first warning is 2 days, second warning is 1 day. There is no third warning.
11. hiatus? leaving? pm admin.
12. use the rooms (you can request rooms to rp in in the respective room) and have fun!

1. check the masterlist if your fc is available!
2. comment with full name
3. reservations last 1 day.
4. favorite before applying!
5. put a display picture as soon as you can!
6. reach 50 points within 3  days.

full name :: [ ex. X ayumu ]
age :: [ ex. 24 ]
group/occupation :: [ ex. model ]
password :: [ read rules ]


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TaeKook 4 months ago
Ateez or Oneus help me please
Kim4Shim 4 months ago
Could I ask for lee yongbok? Aka felix of stray kıds?
Loeyprone 4 months ago
Reserving Kim Minseok ^^
localfrickboy 4 months ago
Park sunghoon please!
glizzy_mcguire 4 months ago
bestie dont hate me but can i change m y reservation to na jaemin
glizzy_mcguire 4 months ago

gimmie yoon keeho from p1harmony

and what do i get for bringing a friend?
motives_ 4 months ago
Choi yeonjun pl ss
timoti 4 months ago
hello, may i reserve kim taehyung? :3
gusgus 4 months ago
kim seokjin pls!
deceptive 4 months ago
park yuri, please
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