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Rule I : No god modding, what so ever. If you haven't heard of what god modding is, please pm me.
Rule II :   is allowed, but highly ignored(?) You really shouldn't have time for that .-. Relationships, all types, are allowed.
Rule III :  One account per person unless you want to play a story character.
Rule IV : To join you must favorite and rate up.
Rule V: This is a 3rd pov au, which means you aren't really the idol.
Rule VI: SOOC should be in ( ), [] , { } , //
Rule VII: Please, don't ignore ANYONE. Talk to everyone!
Rule VIII: Have fun, and spread the word~ 



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Rororo 8 years ago
It looks like you need a little help doing this xD
Anyway.. I could help you with the database..
Taengoo [A] 8 years ago
for anyone reading this; i'm making a database orz
if you'd like to help, please i beg of you, message me @[email protected]
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