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Latest Active Roleplays

「 We Got Married ✉ — & Roommate 」 // currently revamping // join us again? // editing rooms

by roseate Last post on 9-1-2014
Tags: straight wgm nonau 1stand3rdpov roommate sbs

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The Seoul Academy of Love [Open || Accepting]

by Annyeong Last post on 9-1-2014
Tags: roleplay kpop romance fun auroleplay 1stpov school

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♥ωє gσт мαяяιє∂ ♥ // need active people here // check the wishlist//

by Princess-A Last post on 9-1-2014
Tags: romance exo matchmaking anypov straightonly

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“ ғorever yoυɴɢ ” ⇨ NOW ACCEPTING ALL IDOLS/ACTORS/ULZZANGS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. ┊ non-au, yaoi/yuri/straight roleplay ┊ Check the wishlist and come grant our wish! ; u ;

by symmetrical Last post on 9-1-2014
Tags: kpop yaoi yuri 1stpov straight nonau

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EXOtic University for the Elite ||EXO Themed Roleplay||AU||Yaoi||Under Construction||

by Zizhangie Last post on 9-1-2014
Tags: exo yaoi 3rdpov 1stpov

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`恋愛ハンター “L O V E ♡ H U N T E R”↬ { RE-OPENED + ACCEPTING + HIRING } ✧ looking for more active people - check out our wishlist - let us admins love you down hard *coughs* esp kai - JOIN US!! - hyung don hyung wants aoa!!

by michaelangelo- Last post on 9-1-2014
Tags: 1stpov nonau crack events nonaurp detailed1stpov

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❝BE MY VENUS❞. ↬ a matchmaking roleplay ; active and open ! ↷ b.a.p , exo , secret , girls day and got7 are wanted . join us we will shower you with a lot of love .check the wishlist before applying @(*^ェ^)@ bomi want heechul to come here.

by lovesick Last post on 9-1-2014
Tags: romance matchmaking bap nonauroleplay yaoiyuristraight

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Ottokaji?! ❃ ¦ [ Opened and accepting! WE NEED A ZITAO PLS! Hoya needed to complete Infinite! We need more BTS members and we need more warm and hugable peepz! *coughs* Girlspls *coughs* And we need complete GOT7. So please, JOIN US NAOOOO! ]

by Glacial Last post on 9-1-2014
Tags: exo yaoi yuri infinite straight nonau crack

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*´¯`*.¸¸.*´¯`* үσυ'яε мү ρεт яσℓερℓαү *´¯`*.¸¸.*´¯`* [WE NEED MORE HUMANS!]~~ OUR MONTHLY COMPETITION NOW OPEN! LEVI IS BEING REQUESTED URGENTLY!

by Erowind Last post on 9-1-2014
Tags: kpop exo aurp hybrid yaoiyuristraight 3rdand1st

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EXO's Personal Assistant

by Nicole_Catherine Last post on 9-1-2014
Tags: romance exo smentertainment baekhyun kai luhan xiumin

Skylar Mizuki has gotten a job working with SM and they have put her living in the same dorm as EXO, because she has become their Personal Assistant. She is the assistant for all the boys in EXO.... Read More

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