Calling All K-Pop Roleplayers (open, accepting; read the rules before applying! in need of active room people to help chanyeol at the backyard)

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Calling All K-Pop Roleplayers
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Welcome to Calling All K-Pop Roleplayers! One of the first 100 roleplays in Roleplay Republic which still stands strong after so many years. An everlasting and well known place under veteran roleplayers in the community - established in the 15th of December in 2012 by pinktokkimin. Immigrate yourself and get to know a lot of nice people in and out of character.
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July 24, 2016
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Wanted List
#GUN (Song Gunhee) because Mino & Yookyung have the perfect role for him
— looking for all kinds of artists
people who are active in rooms and help Chanyeol out with the strawberries
— basically everyone who wants to join


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Masumi_Yuki 1 week ago
applied for kim woobin
KookieBTS 2 weeks ago
I applied for Jeon Jungkook.
babychoding 2 weeks ago
Is it okay to reapply as Myungsoo?
darkseoul 2 weeks ago
Reapplied as Jonghyun Jinwoo and JHope . I miss all my babies :)
shinrin-yoku 3 weeks ago
O/ cutting down on charas
cheilanlotus 1 month ago
Hi~ Can I apply as TWICE Momo?
_AiAstin99 1 month ago
Hey there! I applied as BAP's Youngjae
Hello--Again 1 month ago
Can we apply as more than one character?
smdctr528 1 month ago
So I reapplied as Sohee.
ShinySHINeeAmazingFx 1 month ago
re-applied as baek sumin
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