A new year, a new call for PMRPs

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I'm looking for a pm rp partner/ kakao rp partner :)

I don't have a plot ready but I'm interested in themes like age gap, omegaverse, vampire plots, religious cults, transgender characters, sugar daddy/sugar baby, age regression, hybrid au, omegaverse etc.

If any of this resonates with you or even if you have a different plot idea hit me up as well ^^ we can probably figure something out ~

 I do:

- 3rd POV only

- only

- I mostly rp as StrayKids or Got7 (but you are free to choose a different faceclaim)

- bottom or top (mostly switchy tops tbh but I'd be down for a change!)

- er for fluff

- or hardcore if you wish *winks*

- But it can also be very fluffy  

If you have other suggestions just tell me ~

Please contact me if you're interested KakaoID: @llamagalaxy2311 Or via PM

~ Peace Annemarie00


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KimHeechul 3 months ago
The religious cults has piqued my interest
Altruism 3 months ago
Sorry for the delay. I’m replying tonight.
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