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happy first month!
happy first month!
just to let you know that i am not very good with words yet i hope you'll still read this cheesy gift i made for you :") and sorry if this one will be a bit length-y or whatnot, still i'm pretty sorry- so here goes- o u o
dear wheein, i never imagined to have you to be honest. you were this lady that everyone adores and i never thought that you'll be with me, the one that is always in the shadows when you're around, talking someone who is so very very annoying aka my alter ego irene, and you have your own circle of friends. fate does things that people can't even explain; and there, we talked. i don't even remember what was the topic we made before, but all in all, you're being so cute that it never failed to make my heart swoon. then, after that, i always wait for you to pop in the room, feeling all so- i don't know, gay, as you call that; you're just, so perfect and so vulnerable and so fragile, and just- p e r f e c t. i always thought that "wow, lord why is she so cute?" "who on earth couldn't stand her cuteness?" "cool? pft, where when all i can see is cuteness?". i never regretted to ask you even if i was so blind not to see them; thank you for my dear science class for being such a piece of - and to sehun hyung that acts as a cupid between us- then here you are, a blessing in disguise from the heavens above. i wonder what's with me that you liked, or even admired, then again i appreciate all of them. you know that i love you so much, right? if so, i won't stop showing you how much i do; you're the only girl in this world that could capture my heart, the only one that i would marry even in my second life. i know that i am not the perfect one; i hope you'll still accept me with all of my flaws, imperfections, and lacks. i love you, i love you so so much. you're the most precious thing in this world, and i couldn't dare ask for more than else but you ♥ i love you so much, babe. happy monthsary! ♥
ps. i never got the chance to ask you on what you like so i made a random guess. i hope you'll still like it ♥