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dec 11th, 1999。
nursing/med. student。
gmt +1/+2。
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i mirror lol。
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former drunkentiger。
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》english is not my first language so please forgive me for all the erorrs. 》i'm not exactly the greatest writer out there (rip) but i always try my best. 》i tend to get quite busy at times so if we are rping and i'm not replying to you but you often see me around in the chat room or something, please know that i'm not ignoring you i'm just too drained to reply at that moment. when i roleplay i like to roleplay properly - i don't want to send you a ty reply just for the sake of it, i would rather sit down, take some time and send you something, at least, remotely good. 》now about genres... i can do anything but heavy drama and angst. i can't handle it very well, it just stresses me out when it gets out of hand. though... i like to sip tea hehe okno. 》  i prefer plotting over winging since i can't wing for life. 》 don't trust the online sign, i'm very forgetful, especially when it comes to passwords and like that so i never log out :") 》 about ads - no yuri & only, everything else is fine. i will probably delete the ad after i check it out because i like to keep my wall clean. but i promise i take a look! 》 i guess that's it? for now? i don't know what else is there to be said????? 》 if we have interacted before or you just want to be friends, don't hesitate to hit me up with a friend request. i'm always up for meeting new chingus :D 

Likes: food, flowers, rain, spring, music, memes, soff aesthetics, beige shades and tones, criminalistic tv shows, books, poems, anime and manhwa, marvel, cats, doggos, otters, clothes, makeup, fanfiction, lame puns and pickup lines, moodboards, art...
dislikes: easily -hurt people, self-pity, onions, coffee, snakes, maths...
》 bts - park jimin
》loona - jung jinsoul, kim jungeun, ha sooyoung, kim hyunjin
》blackpink - park chaeyoung, jennie kim, kim jisoo
》red velvet - bae joohyun, son seungwan
》(g)i-dle - seo soojin, cho miyeon
》april - lee naeun
》apink - son naeun, jung eunji
》twice - son chaeyoung
》wjsn - kim jiyeon, son juyeon,
kim hyunjung, lee jinsuk, cheng xiao
》elris - lee yukyung, kim sohee
》iz*one - kwon eunbi, kang hyewon
》clc - kwon eunbin, jang yeeun, chong tingyan, oh seunghee
》fromis_9 - park jiwon, lee chaeyoung, jang gyuri
》mamamoo - jung wheein
》exid - ahn heeyeon
》aoa - kim seolhyun, shin hyejeong
》dreamcatcher - kim minji, kim yoohyeon
》gugudan - kang mina
》weki meki - kim sookyung, kim doyeon
》momoland - lee dabin, sung jiyeon, lee joowon
》oh my girl - yoo shiah, kim jiho
》ulzzangs - jeon youngjun, park bosung, lee namsoo, kim jungeun, lee soobin, han jeongjoo, lee haneul, yang yujin, jo cowsel, jung hyang and many more
》 ladies code - choi ashley
》lovelyz- lee mijoo
》soloists - lee hayi, kim chungha, jang dahye, song jieun, lee sunmi
》dia - lee jooeun
》internationals - dua lipa
》actress - kang minah, lee sungkyung, kim heejung
》trainees - go yujin, shin ryujin
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