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do kyungsoo

nkyungsoo: I dont know if this is gonna be hella long or not but we shall see. an interesting character in my life. But also very meaningful, I cherish our friendship so much not sure if you know or not but I really don’t want to lose it no matter what. If I do I’ll have to force myself to get over it but it may be the one of the hardest things I’ve made myself do. Sometimes you can be a little cold in how you talk, but you’re also a very warm person when you need to be and do your best to help people if they just so happen to be unhappy or stressed around you. You probably hate the term but it makes you one of the warmest souls in this place. You listen to me running my mouth consistently without any complaints and to anyone else I’m sure it’s annoying as but you listen really well. We go back and forth a lot but you look out for my well being when I’m too focused on worrying about others. Like an aloof guardian a*g*l or something, so cheesy I know, my favorite is mozzarella, but its true! I’ll always support you in whatever you do and for the hundredth time I will always be open ears. I may say things against you often but you’re really dear to me so thank you for being there for me.