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Jeon Jungkook
"When you're crazy you learn to keep quiet." - Philip K.
About Me
Growing up, from the outside it seemed like Jeon Jungkook had it all. Any outsider would take a snapshot of the life Jungkook lived and have said it was cushy, the definition of a life of luxury and relaxation. And it was true, to an extent. Jungkook was born into a royal family and raised as a royal. He was given extreme wealth and a comfortable life, a set future--as long as he obeyed the single rule that was set out to him from a young age. Ignore the world around you.

As a child, Jungkook was good at obeying that rule. He was young, pure hearted, satisfied in exploring his little bird cage of a world. But as he grew older, Jungkook grew more inquisitive, more interested in the gilded bars that trapped him. He began poking around in areas where he shouldn't have, began seeing things he shouldn't have. 

The first time "they" punished him, Jungkook thought he was going to die. "They" didn't specifically do anything to him--not like those patients that they prized so dearly (they were hand picked after all.). But they left him at the edge of his sanity, leaving Jungkook feeling more powerless than he had ever imagined. He eventually recovered physically and outwardly, he fell back into complacency, but his sanity never completely recovered, and that feeling of powerlessness became something that Jungkook detested with a burning passion.

From then on, Jungkook pursued his goal at banishing that feeling so that he never had to feel it again. The next time he poked around, he was much more careful, throwing up his carefully constructed facade so nobody could see the raging, vengeful creature inside. The next time he examined the walls of his cage, he merely slipped past them rather than pushing and banging like an ignorant child. The boy's intelligence and cunningness quickly outgrew his emotionally and mental maturity--and the combination of his teetering sanity made Jungkook dangerous. In the wrong hands, this boy could become a weapon.

But Jungkook only had one goal in mind. There was really only one way for him to truly escape that feeling of powerlessness. The royals were nothing but puppets, the rebels--not strong enough to satisfy his cravings. When Lieseil Inc reached out to Jungkook to use him as, not a subject but as an asset, the man readily accepted. 

And thus the powerless became the powerful.

Jungkook can be described as a relatively well behaved man.. Outwardly that is. He seems to be quite plesasant and extremely amicable. He very rarely gets angry and seems very patient. Most people would tend to think of him as something they could easily step all over, especially in this type of dystopian world. But underneath his relatively calm and bright demeanor, Jungkook is a cunning figure who is too used to getting his way. stopping at nothing in his pursuit of goals, wants, and sense of justice no matter what the consequences. With his warped mental state, Jungkook is something who has yet to grow emotionally or mentally, hence his twisted ideals, but someone who has flourished intellectually. If anything, that just makes him more dangerous.
Preset Plots
Old Friends. Royal. ( 0/1 )
You and Jungkook grew up together and used to be the best of friends. But after what happened, you two slowly drifted apart after the Jungkook that emerged was no longer the bright inquisitive boy you knew. Years later, when you are handpicked in Lieseil and Warhol's newest batch of victims, you are brought together again.
Peas in a Pod. Patient/Star. ( 0/1 )
Let's be honest. Crazy meeting crazy just ends up in more crazy. You and Jungkook are like two peas in a pod, something that Jungkook thought would never be possible. There's something just a little bit off kilter about you both.
Personal Experiment. Anyone. ( 0/1 )
Not everything is wonderful in utopia. Sometimes little accidents happen too. A brawl here, blackmail there. Jungkook is your saving grace. But in return for saving your life he'll just like you to try a few little experiments he's been working on. Under the wraps of course.

Rescue. Patient. ( 0/1 )
Maybe it's because you remind Jungkook of himself so much but for some reason, he just wants to help you. There's something about seeing you every time he comes for experiments that just leaves him pitying you. But he's teetering on the edge of doing what he loves or helping out someone in need.

Annoyance. Rebel. ( 0/1 )
You must have made a mistake of some sort. Because you seem to think that Jungkook is one of the crazy patients in this ed up utopia. Or a trapped royal or something. Definitely not a star. Because if you knew he was a star you probably would have killed him or captured him instantly. Instead you keep incessantly bothering him when he has better things to do (but he actually does like the company.)
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Out of Character Rules
01. I am a student so I reply quite slow, sometimes actually I'll disappear for long periods of time but if that happens I'll try to notify before it happens. That's just life but I will try to get to replies at least once a day.
02. Timezone is GMT -5.
03. I do 3rd POV mainly but I can also do detailed 1st. I tend to not like much else.
04. Please keep OOC and IC apart, if we're writing and you want to talk IC as well, I usually use brackets so I would appreciate if you do the same.
05. If I sound scary, I'm not! Feel free to chat with me over anything honestly.